Rip Cord


Hand Size:
4 (25)


As are all his teammates, save for a few bizarre outliers, Rip Cord is a normal human. Having no magical origins, deific mystery, or even psionic tutelage in his background, Rip Cord has only his skills and his equipment with which to fight the forces of Cobra.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Explosives (i): helpful for destroying enemy structures and vehicles, these C-4 plastic explosives pack quite a punch. They can inflict up to intensity 12 fragmentary damage per blast (depending on how much is used), and can bring down just about anything.

HALO Gear (a): essential for jumping out of airplanes, Rip Cord always has this gear with him on missions, at least until he touches down. It includes two parachutes (one main 'chute, one spare), a breathing mask, and a shovel to bury this stuff when necessary.

Helmet (s): a useful battlefield accessory, this headgear helps to increase Rip Cord's mission survivability considerably. In essence, it offers him intensity 8 (or +2) protection from physical assaults that strike him in the cranium, if not the rest of his head.

Knife (s): in the event that he's got to cut something (or somebody), Rip Cord always has a utility blade secreted on his person. Made from m.s. 12 metals, it can be used to cut through items of like m.s., and allows him to inflict his Strength +2 slashing damage in melee.

SLR-W1L1 Rifle (a): his primary combat weapon, at least when he's knifing or detonating folks, Rip Cord always carries one of these on missions. He can fire this weapon to inflict his Agility +5 damage in a short burst, or his Agility +6 damage in a full-auto spread.

Sidearm (a): a backup for his rifle, Rip Cord carries one of these pieces on him at all times. He can fire this one-handed firearm to inflict his Agility +4 damage in a single shot, or his Agility +5 damage in a magazine-expending burst of leaden doom.


Aerial Combat (a): Rip Cord's claim to fame, this skill represents his ability to effectively battle the forces of evil while parachuting in from above. While fighting in the air, Rip Cord may reduce the difficulty of any combat actions that he is called upon to attempt by one level.

Boxing (s): a part of his essential, basic Army training, Rip Cord has learned how to defend himself if unarmed. In weaponless melee, Wallace can divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Demolitions (a): his secondary military specialty, this skill represents Rip Cord's job once he gets down to the ground. When attempting to blow a person, place, or thing to bits, Rip Cord may reduce the difficulty of applicable card play by one level.

Guns (a): one skill he picked up in Army basic, this skill describes Wallace's mastery of most ordinary firearms. Whether he's using a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Wallace may do so at a reduced difficulty level.

Military / United States (w): serving as a handy origin of sorts, this skill represents the ability granted by Rip Cord's Army training. It imparts unto him an instinctual understanding of military protocols and procedures, and allows for several additional military contacts.


As a long-standing member of the GI Joe team, Rip Cord can consider his teammates reliable contacts, even if he tends to be the one getting them into trouble. The Joes look after their own, however, so they usually overlook this unfortunate tendency.


Thrill-Seeker, with a secondary calling of Guardian: unlike many of his fellow Joes, Wallace joined the Army for the thrill of jumping out of airplanes - the other benefits were incidental. He's very protective of those he loves, and will go to insane lengths to help them out.


Wallace's first GI Joe field uniform consists of a green pair of camouflaged pants, a collared, long-sleeved green shirt with a similar camouflage pattern dyed on, black leather boots, black leather gloves, a black helmet, and green webbing and belts to hold his gear.


Rip Cord is young and spirited, not quite worn down by the woes of the world as several of his teammates are - despite the horrible end of his romance with Candy. He's a very driven man, and has been known to go to extreme lengths, even disobeying orders, to help his friends.

Real Name: Wallace A. Weems, grade E-4
Occupation: GI Joe HALO jumper
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Halo Jumper
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Rip Cord has always enjoyed flying, and joined the Civil Air Patrol in high school. While there, he discovered the joy of skydiving, and wanted to do it as much as possible. Naturally, joining the Army was a quick means of doing so - those guys are always jumping out of airplanes.

If you believe their commercials, at least. Anyway, Rip Cord worked his way through various Army schools and ultimately wound up becoming a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jumper for the Airborne Infantry. After a few years, Rip Cord was offered a position on the GI Joe team.

This because the team was going through growing pains, and most of the original members were given desk jobs so the force could administer itself (as opposed to relying on outside help). Since it needed a bunch of new folks, Rip Cord was one of several who was recruited at this time.

One of his very first encounters with Cobra operatives happened not while on a mission, but when he took his pal Spirit to a mall near the Pit to cheer him up. Spirit had been hurt somewhat while on a mission to protect Snake-Eyes in the High Sierras, and was out of sorts.

While there, Spirit saw a dead man - Fred, one of Cobra's Crimson Guardsmen, who he personally buried on that mission. Confronting the man, who turned out to be Fred II, Spirit got clocked in the head by the original's wife, who was carrying a purse full of hand grenades!

Pursuing with Spirit and Blowtorch, who also accompanied Spirit to the mall, Rip Cord's VAMP was destroyed by said purse of hand grenades. Trying to keep up with the jerks, Rip Cord and his fellows borrowed a van from 'Bongo the Balloon Bear' to do so.

One bizarre car chase later, the Joes lost this zombie Crimson Guardsman, but Rip Cord had made a new friend in the form of Bongo, who was actually Candy Appel. The two dated for a time, but their relationship ended when Candy's life was put in jeopardy by Cobra.

When GI Joe found out that her father, Professor Appel, was another Crimson Guardsman, they detained her for questioning. However, she was liberated by Buzzer, after a fashion, when that Dreadnok took her hostage during his escape from the Pit.

Escaping soon enough, Candy was killed along with the Soft Master, Snake-Eyes' former ninja master. Those two, as well as Cobra Commander's son, Billy, were journeying to Springfield, which happened to be Cobra's headquarters in the United States.

When she vanished with Buzzer, Rip Cord assumed that she was taken to the newly formed Cobra Island. Soon after, when he was assigned to a reconnaissance mission with Ace, Rip Cord punched out and went looking for Candy on Cobra Island proper, despite Hawk's orders otherwise.

Things went south upon landing when Rip Cord was spotted by Zartan. This 'zen cosmic biker ninja' then proceeded to fight it out with Rip Cord on a deserted beach, and ultimately defeated him. Taking his appearance, Zartan then let himself be 'rescued' by a Joe commando team.

Ever the comedian, though, Zartan dressed Rip Cord up as himself, and the Joe was found by Cobra forces soon after. Taking him to the Terror Drome, they left him to Professor Appel's tender mercies, bu Appel quickly realized that Zartan was, in fact, Rip Cord.

Not knowing himself where his daughter was, Appel loaded Rip Cord into a Firebat, and had it fly on autopilot to Springfield - but not before Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow arrived. They were looking to kill Zartan, and as far as they could tell, the man was right in front of them.

They went for it, but Appel shielded Rip Cord, a maneuver that cost him his life. Soon enough, though, Rip Cord's Firebat deliverd him to Springfield, and the Dreadnoks (thinking him their boss) took him to a local hospital since he was in rather awful shape.

When he woke up, Rip Cord went nuts, attacking Buzzer and screaming 'I want my Candy!' Thinking him delirious, the Dreadnoks drugged him up and stole him away in an ambulance so Cobra wouldn't think he was batty and fire him. When he woke up, Rip Cord continued this deception.

Convincing the Dreadnoks to take him back to Springfield, Rip Cord phoned his location in to Breaker, who then informed the rest of the Joes where Cobra's headquarters was. He was quickly detected by a Tele-Viper, however, who dispatched Firefly and the Dreadnoks after him.

They subsequently hooked him up to Doctor Mindbender's Brain-Wave Scanner - while it was still absorbing information to form his greatest creation, Serpentor - and peeked into his head. Realizing the Joes knew where they were, Cobra began to evacuate the town immediately.

Led by the newly created Serpentor, who had the benefit of Rip Cord's memories and modern military knowledge, Cobra's rear guard managed to lead GI Joe away from their extraction efforts. The team nonetheless found Rip Cord before Cobra's sabotage blew up the building he was in.

With Springfield demolished as a part of Cobra's effort to erase evidence of their occupation, GI Joe took serious heat for invading and destroying an entire town. Though ultimately exonerated, the Joes suffered some serious losses in the immediate aftermath of that operation.

While he wasn't punished in the fallout from all the bedlam he caused, Rip Cord has since participated in fewer missions with GI Joe - at least, those whose details have been made public. He presumably remained with GI Joe until it was disbanded at the end of 1994, however.

(Historical Divergence)

Taking a break from the fighting life, Rip Cord founded his own skydiving center in his native town of Columbus, Ohio. When the Joes got back together recently, Rip Cord didn't immediately return to the fold, but eventually made it back in 2003, alongside ol' Airborne.

The two served as dual HALO specialists for the team, and even wore the same basic uniform. Rip Cord himself participated in several special missions led by Duke, one of which saw his team getting chewed up pretty badly - and all so Duke could pull a fast one on Destro.

This didn't sit well with Rip Cord, and he told Duke so quite bluntly once they got back to base. His confidence in Duke's leadership shattered, Rip Cord slipped off the roster again, though he did return to active duty when Cobra instigated World War III.

No matter how disgruntled you are, you can't really ignore an all-out attempt at global conquest, after all. Whether or not he'll remain now that Cobra has (supposedly) been defeated once and for all is hard to say. It would likely depend if he was asked to work with Duke again or not.

2003 Variations


Spy Troops Disguise (a): shortly after rejoining GI Joe, Rip Cord was given a special disguise to use inside Cobra territory. While it provides him no special combat perks, Rip Cord's Spy Troops disguise allows him to pose as Copperhead, one of Cobra's elite operatives.


Rip Cord's second GI Joe uniform includes green trousers with blue padding in places, brown boots with extra blue ankle padding, a green jacket over a green T-shirt with brown shoulder pads, blue webbing for his gear, and a green helmet with blue goggles strapped on top.

His new, Spy Troops gear includes a green and yellow helmet, a green vest, and various other accessories that lets him pose as Copperhead, one of Cobra's water moccasin pilots. Most people don't pay much attention to Copperhead, so this disguise is perfect for spy work!

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