the GI Jane

During GI Joe's earlier years, the team lacked the convenience provided by the USS Flagg, making the transportation of personnel and equipment to and from various locations somewhat more bothersome. However, they had the benefit of a freighter christened the GI Jane!

Serving as a mobile platform of sorts from which GI Joe could launch missions, the GI Jane saw plenty of action in the team's second and third years of operation, at least until it was destroyed by a concerted Cobra attack. The GI Jane had these known capabilities:

Body Armor (s): a venerable ship, the GI Jane is built out of good old steel. This ship has an effective material strength of 10, and provides its occupants like, or +2, protection from injury if attacked (assuming they can use parts of the ship as cover).

Cargo Space: as a freighter, the GI Jane is able to carry a very large amount of cargo. A large portion of this is often GI Joe hardware, so it's possible the ship will have access to the abilities of multiple additional vehicles and devices at any given time.

Communications Array (i): the crew of the GI Jane can keep in touch with operatives in the field or GI Joe headquarters via this powerful radio transceiver. It can broadcast with intensity 7 ability, having a maximum range of 100 miles.

Cranes (s): the GI Jane is equipped with multiple cargo cranes, the better to quickly load and unload equipment and supplies for missions with. These heavy duty devices can lift just about anything that can fit inside the Jane (think the equivalent of intensity 15 Strength).

Gatling Cannons (a): each side of the GI Jane is equipped with a 30mm Gatling cannon, automatically aimed by radar to home in on incoming missile fire. These weapons will inflict the skipper's Agility +7 damage to whatever projectiles are on their way towards the Jane.

Hydrofoils (a): in a pinch, the GI Jane's skipper can extend hydrofoils to acquire a speed boost. When operational, these devices will enhance the Jane's super swimming rating by +1 for as long as they are in use, at the cost of an increased handling difficulty.

Helipads: both the bow and the aft of the GI Jane is equipped with a hangar, from which the Joes can launch aircraft as large as a Dragonfly. These vehicles are stored inside the Jane when not in use, and protected from the elements by top-mounted cargo doors.

Passengers: as a rather large frigate, the GI Jane can hold a large array of passengers. Its exact complement is unknown, but it has room for dozens of crew, and possibly hundreds of passengers in a pinch (depending on how much cargo it holds at the moment).

Radar (w): the GI Jane is equipped with a powerful radar system, that allows it to identify objects in the ship's vicinity. It functions with intensity 4 ability, doing so within a maximum range of ten miles (essentially the horizon).

Super Swimming (a): being that the GI Jane is a ship, its primary purpose is plying the waves. It may do so at a speed of 33 knots, or 37 miles per hour, gviving the Jane this power at intensity 2, after a fashion.

Extra Goodies:

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