Mobile Battle Bunker

The Mobile Battle Bunker is just that, a mobile weapon platform that doubles as a bunker in a pinch, depending on what mode the device it is in. It can 'compact' to be a nigh-impregnable metal shelter in the field, or expand to be much more offensive, deploying missile launchers and other weaponry in the process. The Mobile Battle Bunker has the following vehicular capabilities:

Battering Ram (s): this large, cow-catcher style bumper is built from reinforced steel, giving it an effective material strength of 16. This allows the driver of the Mobile Battle Bunker to literally ram objects that impede its forward progress with little worry of damaging the already tough vehicle, or even slowing it down while on the move, actually.

Body Armor (s): the Mobile Battle Bunker is heavily armed, but more importantly, it is heavily armored. It provides the benefit of intensity 16, or +4, protection from attack to everyone that is hunkering down inside it if it is in the bunker mode, although this protection is reduced to a mere intensity 4, or +1, if the Mobile Battle Bunker is in its extended, offensive mode.

Centralized Communications Transmitter (i): using the very frame of the Mobile Battle Bunker as its antenna, this communication equipment allows it to communicate 'stand-alone' with significant range. Functioning at intensity 6, this allows the Mobile Battle Bunker a 50 mile radio communications radius, which helps it to relay data back and forth from a central command center.

Double-Barreled Mortar Cannons (a): these weapons, usable in either of the Mobile Battle Bunker's modes, can swivel up and down; otherwise, they can only hit whatever is directly in front of the vehicle. Each twinned cannon can be fired to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage per double blast, or both can be fired at a single target to increase this damage to their Agility +8.

Dual Pulsating, Twin Machine Guns (a): these weapons, mounted on a large turret on the top of the Mobile Battle Bunker, can be fired to devastating effect. Equipped with a 5,000 round drum, these twinned guns can be fired to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 in damage per double blast, but have the ability to swivel in 360 degrees as well as up and down (as opposed to the more limited mortars).

Missile Launcher (i): while the Mobile Battle Bunker is in its extended body mode, it can make use of a heavily stocked missile launcher. This rack can be loaded with up to five missiles at any given time, and of course the Mobile Battle Bunker has several more stored in the event that a target survives this first barrage. These missiles inflict intensity 12 damage to everyone within near missile range of their impact site.

Propulsion (a): the Mobile Battle Bunker lives up to its namesake, handily functioning as a mobile mini-fortress for the GI Joe team. It can move along most any terrain at intensity 2 speeds (approximately 60 miles per hour) while in its compact, more defensive state. While it has less armaments in this mode, it can cross a battle field in almost no time at this rate.

Rear Bumper (Passengers): the rear bumper of the Mobile Battle Bunker is similar to the battering ram up front; while it can't be used for ramming, it provides similar protection to the rear of the vehicle in a pinch. However, it can be folded down in the event that the vehicle needs to carry more personnel; they must hang on for dear life as it drives but it at least gives them somewhere to stand.

Retractable Body Design (a): the Mobile Battle Bunker can contract for driving purposes or extend out into a mobile weapons platform. While extended, several additional personnel can man the Mobile Battle Bunker, and the vehicle can also make use of its missile launchers. Of course while extended, the Mobile Battle Bunker is limited to intensity 1 ground speed (approximately 30 miles per hour).

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