the Avalanche

The Avalanche is another in the GI Joe team's long tradition of heavy duty, cold weather combat vehicles. It takes after the HAVOC somewhat, in that it is a heavily armed and armored, tracked vehicle that can also support a small VTOL aircraft, providing its own air support.

The Avalanche has the following vehicular characteristics:

Armored Construction (s): the Avalanche is built with a hardened, solid steel frame, a shatter-resistant driver canopy, and anti-piercing armored treads. This gives the Avalanche an effective material strength of 12, and offers its occupant like, or +3, protection from attacks.

Freeze Blast Cannon (i): this unique weapon draws in moisture from the environment around it to recycle it as voluminous blasts of bone-chilling ice and slush. Each burst of this improvised weaponry inflicts intensity 10 cold damage per debilitating (and potentially lethal) blast.

Ice Mine Deployer (i): the Avalanche may deploy a full field of ice mines with digital accuracy, littering an area with intensity 11 fragmentary (slashing damage) explosives. These defensive weapons are excellent for area denial and hot, vehicle-on-vehicle combat.

Missile Launchers (i): the Avalanche has two synchronized, computer enhanced, pinpoint trajectory launch bays. They fire surface-to-air missiles intensity 10 damage each, raised by +1 for each additional projectile that simultaneously strikes a target.

Propulsion (a): the Avalanche has the ability to move fast under ideal conditions. Assuming no problems due to the terrain, the Avalanche can use the full, intensity 2 strength of this power, allowing it to cruise along at up to 60 miles per hour.

Pulse Cannon (i): mounted on the side of the Avalanche's freeze blast cannon, this 'cannon' is actually a one-shot missile launcher. While the Avalanche's other projectiles are surface-to-air missiles, this one can strike any target on land, sea, or air. It otherwise works per the above.

Telecommunications Suite (i): the Avalanche has a two-way, audio/video communications system. Using a powerful UHF/VHF antennae, it has an intensity 5 - 25 mile - communications range, which features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Attack Craft

Perhaps the largest surprise equipped within the Avalanche's already curious arsenal, this secondary vehicle is a supersonic, vertical take off and landing aircraft. It can be used to supply the Avalanche instant air support, often in an unexpected fashion, and has these capabilities:

Backblast Cannons (a): the Avalanche's attack craft is outfitted with twinned 55mm assault cannons, allowing it to inflict considerable damage. These weapons, fired simultaneously, inflict the pilot's Agility +7 damage in a fully automatic, overwhelming hail of lead.

Flight (a): once launched, the attack craft can scout ahead of the Avalanche to spot trouble, and can also be surprise air support in a pinch, as most tracked vehicles don't contain such airborne oddities. The attack craft can either hover or fly at up to intensity 10, or Mach 1.

Laser Light Identification System (i): these basic, yet handy laser emitting 'tags', allow the attack craft of the Avalanche to identify itself to friendly sensor systems that detect it, acting as a 'cookie cutter' IFF unit which prevents friendly fire incidents.

Missile Launchers (i): the attack craft is equipped with two top-mounted, synchronized, computer enhanced, pinpoint trajectory missiles. They inflict intensity 10 fragmentary (slashing) damage each, though both can be fired simultaneously to increase their total damage by 1.

Reinforced Construction (s): the attack craft is built with a hardened, solid steel frame and a shatter-resistant driver canopy. This gives the Avalanche an effective material strength of 10, and offers its occupant like, or +2, protection from attacks.

Extra Goodies:

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