the Assault Quad

The Assault Quad is a small, lightweight (1,500 lbs) all-terrain, 4WD vehicle. With a range of 230 miles and its heavy armament, the Quad is perfect for dealing with small groups of infantry. The Assault Quad has an m.s. of 10, and these vehicular characteristics:

Box Missile Launcher (i): this rear-mounted weapon has ten missile bays, each of which can hold one miniature rocket. These rockets come equipped with a lethal, fragmentary warhead, which inflicts intensity 9 slashing damage, and adds +1 for each additional rocket used.

Communications Suite (i): the Assault Quad is equipped with a radio transceiver system, allowing the driver to send battle-field data to a central command, and then receive new orders in turn. This functions at intensity 5, and has a maximum range of about 25 miles.

Grill Missile Launcher (i): supplementing the Quad's box launcher is this secondary missile system, concealed beneath the vehicle's grill. This launcher can fire a single, short-range incendiary missile at the driver's target, which inflicts intensity 10 SD fiery (energy) damage.

Halogen Lamps (i): the Assault Quad's headlights are quartz-halogen bulbs that can illuminate an area with intensity 8 power. In addition to being able to brighten up one's ride, they can also be used in a pinch to launch a surprise, blinding attack under the right circumstances.

Propulsion (a): the Assault Quad has the ability to drive at intensity 3 speeds during ordinary road conditions (about 85 miles per hour), though this is reduced to intensity 2 (60 miles per hour) when driving off-road. Of course, at this reduced rate of travel, the Quad can go almost anywhere!

Machine Gun (a): mounted on the front left side of the Quad is a small, rotary barrel machine gun. This weapon can be used to fire a short burst of ammunition which inflicts the driver's Agility +5 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +6 in damage.

Passengers: while most folks usually look at the Assault Quad as a one-man vehicle, it does have the ability to carry passengers - one, in fact. This is because the Quad has a fold-down stand for a body to hang on in the rear, though this can be a precarious position while off-road.

2004 Variations

Venom Striker

Liking the effectiveness of GI Joe's Assault Quad, Cobra naturally fielded their new and improved counterpart just two years later. Painting it cherry red, giving it a scaly look, and replacing some of its weaponry, the Venom Striker is equipped with this variant functionality:

Quadruple Cannon (a): Cobra's Venom Striker substituted these paired emitters for the Assault Quad's box missile launcher. They emit four continuous beams of energy which combine on their target to inflict one's Agility +6 in Armor Piercing energy damage with each deadly attack!

Assault Quad

After Cobra modified the design for the original Assault Quad, GI Joe in turn stole those alterations for their own use. This gives the vehicle much less long-distance firepower, but replaces it with a much more immediate threat, nixing its box launcher to acquire this function:

Quadruple Cannon (a): the Assault Quad's second iteration allows it to live up to its name in two ways. Replacing its box launcher, they emit four continuous beams of energy which combine on their target to inflict one's Agility +6 in Armor Piercing energy damage with each assault!

Venom Striker, Mark 2

Intent on outdoing GI Joe once they stole their modifications to their stolen Venom Strikers, Cobra engineers recreated the Venom Striker as a BTR vehicle. It seems to have the same capabilities as the original Cobra derivative, with the addition of its modular characteristic:

Shape Change (a): when they feel the need, Cobra operators of the Mark 2 Venom Striker can reconfigure it in the field, from one distinct mode into another. Its typical operating mode is that of a 4x4 ATV, though it can be transformed with minimal effort into a... wheeled luge?

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