GI Joe: 1993 Personnel and Equipment


Ace: a gambler through and through, Brad likes nothing more than a good poker game - hence his code name. It's fitting in two aspects, as Brad is also the Joe team's crack fighter pilot, who's downed more Cobra jets than you can shake a stick at! Availability:

Ace (MSH Classic)

Ace (4C System)

Ace (Marvel Saga)

Backblast: after growing up in the shadow of New York City's greatest airport, Edward J. Menninger decided he'd had more than enough. Hating airplanes after years of exposure to their loud noise and bright lights, he enlisted to get a job blowing the things up! Availability:

Backblast (MSH Classic)

Backblast (4C System)

Backblast (Marvel Saga)

Barricade: an urban combat expert by trade, Phillip was trained long and hard in his art - which made joining the GI Joe team almost easy for him. A late comer to the group, he nonetheless works hard to prove his mettle - and to protect his fellow Joes when he leads them into a hostile city...! Barricade comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Bazooka: a former tank jockey until his sudden epiphany about untrained yahoos immobilizing million dollar hardware with two hundred dollar handheld rockets, Bazooka instead became a missile specialist himself, plying his trade for the GI Joe team! Availability:

Bazooka (MSH Classic)

Bazooka (4C System)

Bazooka (Marvel Saga)

Beach Head: one of the hardest, meanest Rangers ever to come out of Fort Benning, Wayne is a perfect addition to GI Joe, as his never-ending quest for personal perfection tends to rub off on others - even if it does so in a somewhat abrasive fashion! Availability:

Beach Head (MSH Classic)

Beach Head (4C System)

Beach Head (Marvel Saga)

Bullet-Proof: Earl has done his time as a D.E.A. operative in some of the world's biggest drug hot spots, including the Golden Triangle. Earning his nickname the hard way, he's been recruited onto the GI Joe team to lead its very own drug interdiction force, the D.E.F.! Bullet-Proof comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Colonel Courage: the Colonel considers most self-professed 'clean freaks' lazy slobs. He's airtight on military protocols and regulations, and insists that those under him live to his exacting standards. The Joes tolerate this because he does all their nasty paper work... Colonel Courage comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Cross-Country: born to parents who both worked with large, heavy vehicles for a living, one could almost say Robert had a genetic imperative to do the same. It sure looks like it when the man is behind the wheel of his HAVOC - or anything else, really! Availability:

Cross-Country (MSH Classic)

Cross-Country (4C System)

Cross-Country (Marvel Saga)

Cutter: despite growing up as far as you can from an ocean in the States, Skip nonetheless became a Coast Guardsman. Inexplicably nagging his way onto the GI Joe team, Skip became their resident skipper on missions, whether or not he piloted the WHALE! Availability:

Cutter (MSH Classic)

Cutter (4C System)

Cutter (Marvel Saga)

Deep Six: having deep-seated people problems, Malcom joined the Navy to serve as a deep sea diver, and 'to be alone'. He did so well on long-term missions that he ultimately landed a job on the GI Joe team - a (thankfully) small unit of elite soldiers. Availability:

Deep Six (MSH Classic)

Deep Six (4C System)

Deep Six (Marvel Saga)

General Flagg III: son of the late General Flagg, the original leader of the GI Joe team, James Longstreet Flagg the Third was well into his military career when his father was murdered by Major Bludd. When the opportunity presented itself, James gladly joined the Joes for payback! General Flagg III comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Frostbite: born in crisp, cool Galena, Alaska, Frostbite grew up to handle the snow and ice like second nature. This taught him how to easily do almost any job under such conditions, whether fixing a leaky oil pipeline or driving the Snow Cat into battle! Availability:

Frostbite (MSH Classic)

Frostbite (4C System)

Frostbite (Marvel Saga)

Iceberg: growing up in the intense heat of the Brownsville, Texas summers, Clifton decided he wanted to serve in a much colder climate upon enlisting. He found his element once he was assigned to Alaska, and quickly became one with his frozen environs. Availability:

Iceberg (MSH Classic)

Iceberg (4C System)

Iceberg (Marvel Saga)

Keel-Haul: commander of the USFlagg and an accomplished fighter pilot, Vice-Admiral Everett P. Colby is an impressive - and high ranking - member of GI Joe. Analytical and aggressive, he makes a fine commander for the Joes' mobile base of operations! Availability:

Keel-Haul (MSH Classic)

Keel-Haul (4C System)

Keel-Haul (Marvel Saga)

Law & Order: after years as a Houston beat cop, Christopher enlisted to find a more fulfilling way to be a policeman, taking his trusty dog Order with him. His sheer devotion to the job ultimately got him placed on the Joe team - if under odd circumstances. Availability:

Law & Order (MSH Classic)

Law & Order (4C System)

Law & Order (Marvel Saga)

Leatherneck: Wendell has a long history in the Marines - he's about as intense a 'Jar Head' as you can get. He's so hard core that he attracted the attention of GI Joe, who snapped him up as soon as they could, and put him to work against Cobra immediately! Availability:

the Leatherneck (MSH Classic)

the Leatherneck (4C System)

the Leatherneck (Marvel Saga)

Long Arm: Thomas is a first strike expert and explosive ordnanace disposal operative that is usually the first to enter a structure - he neutralizes any opposition and disarms any booby traps they may've left the Joes. He loves his job, but he knows each day of work could be his last... Long Arm comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Mace: Thomas S. Bowman is a high-ranking member of Army intelligence, one who does extensive undercover work in criminal cartels world-wide. His experience in such matters and adept ability to maintain multiple secret identities simultaneously made him a shoe-in as a GI Joe operative! Mace comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Major Altitude: though not actually a Major, Robert D. Owens is nonetheless a top-shelf helicopter pilot. Graduating at the top of his class at the Aviator School and Flight Warrant Officer School, Robert achieved his life-long dream of becoming a GI Joe soon after these achievements! Major Altitude comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Muskrat: born and raised in the swamps around Thibodaux, Louisiana, Ross grew up tough and quick. He breezed through his Ranger training and Jungle Warfare school as a result of his background, and easily earned his place within GI Joe upon being invited! Availability:

Muskrat (MSH Classic)

Muskrat (4C System)

Muskrat (Marvel Saga)

Mutt & Junkyard: an amazing animal handling ability caused Stanley to gravitate towards military K-9 units upon enlisting, which ultimately led to his assignment to the GI Joe team! There, he and Junkyard provide security on base and in the field. Availability:

Mutt & Junkyard (MSH Classic)

Mutt & Junkyard (4C System)

Mutt & Junkyard (Marvel Saga)

Outback: Stuart is the consummate survivalist - though as a survival and jungle warfare instructor, that's his job. He's at his happiest when he's living off the land, days away from civilization, and immersing himself in the wilds that surround him! Availability:

Outback (MSH Classic)

Outback (4C System)

Outback (Marvel Saga)

Snow Storm: originally a Cuban native, Guillermo works in about the last place you'd expect him to - the polar ice caps! He hates the cold, but he wound up being so darn good at hunting Vipers in the snow and ice that the Joes talked him into keeping at it! Snow Storm comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Wet-Suit: loud and arrogant, Brian forced his way through both Navy basic and his SEAL training. He then performed his saboteur duties with a gleeful passion, which got him a job on with GI Joe - his destructive joy made him very good at his job! Availability:

Wet-Suit (MSH Classic)

Wet-Suit (4C System)

Wet-Suit (Marvel Saga)

Wild Bill: William Hardy is one of the single most friendly people you'll ever meet, not to mention the greatest helicopter pilot youll ever know. He's crashed more aircraft than most pilots actually fly, but then he's also seen more combat than them, as well! Availability:

Wild Bill (MSH Classic)

Wild Bill (4C System)

Wild Bill (Marvel Saga)


Ambush: Aaron has been one those quiet kinds of guys ever since he was a wee youth. In fact, he always seems to slip through the cracks, and folks tend to forget he's around - which isn't helped any by the fact that he's a master of camouflage...! Availability:

Ambush (MSH Classic)

Ambush (4C System)

Ambush (Marvel Saga)

Low-Light: lost in the woods for three weeks during a hunting trip gone wrong, Cooper overcame his fear of the dark, animals, and loud noises - and how! He grew up to become one with the night, and is an expert tracker, night spotter, and sniper! Availability:

Low-Light (MSH Classic)

Low-Light (4C System)

Low-Light (Marvel Saga)

Arctic Commandos:

Dee-Jay: a disc jockey in Boston with a penchant for tinkering with both electronics and electronic music, Thomas ultimately decided he wanted more in life than fame and fortune. Enlisting soon afterward, he found what he was looking for - in Battle Force 2000! Availability:

Dee-Jay (MSH Classic)

Dee-Jay (4C System)

Dee-Jay (Marvel Saga)

Stalker: though he started out as an urban warlord in Detroit, Lonzo cleaned up his act and joined the Army, quickly becoming one of its very best operatives. A qualified Ranger, helicopter pilot, and field medic, Lonzo is an invaluable GI Joe operative! Availability:

Stalker (MSH Classic)

Stalker (4C System)

Stalker (Marvel Saga)

Sub-Zero: Mark's an angry man. He just enjoys being mean to his fellow humans. As such, when he joined the Army he felt the need to become a cold weather specialist because, since he hates the cold, it only serves to make him angry all the time. The trick is getting him to save all that bile for Cobra... Sub-Zero comes in Classic and Saga styles!

International Action Force:

Big Bear: filling the role of Horror Show in the Oktober Guard after a fashion, Big Bear was recruited onto the team after the death of most of its original line-up. Big and surly, Big Bear more than makes up for his attitude with his effective performance. Availability:

Big Bear(MSH Classic)

Big Bear (4C System)

Big Bear (Marvel Saga)

Big Ben: an elite British S.A.S. soldier, David is just as competent as your average American Special Forces trooper. Though trained differently, he's just as good as his fellow Joes are in the eradication of Cobra forces, no matter what the nefarious terrorists are up to...! Big Ben comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Budo: though he was content to spend his time enjoying heavy metal and tinkering with his Harley, young Kyle was surprised to learn his great-great-grandfather was a samurai warrior. Given the family's ancestral home, he has strived to live up to this legacy. Availability:

Budo (MSH Classic)

Budo (4C System)

Budo (Marvel Saga)

Spirit: a psychologist and Vietnam veteran, Charlie is an expert woodsman that brings considerable talent to GI Joe. His fellows fail to understand him now and then, but they respect his skill and his ability to keep them alive! Availability:

Spirit (MSH Classic)

Spirit (4C System)

Spirit (Marvel Saga)

Mega Marines:

Blast-Off: the single greatest fire fighter the state of Missouri ever knew, Jeffrey D. Thompson single-handedly put out a forest fire after his fellows were incapacitated by smoke - earning him a place on the GI Joe team. Of course, now he sets fires as well as exinguishing them - go figure. Blast-Off comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Clutch: after this Asbury Park gear-head finally grew up somewhat, he enlisted in the Army, eventually becoming an expert in vehicular combat. After decades with the Joes, he's become their resident grease monkey, and a sort of anti-Dreadnok! Availability:

Clutch (MSH Classic)

Clutch (4C System)

Clutch (Marvel Saga)

Gung-Ho: raised in a swamp, until forced to fend for himself on the streets of New Orleans with naught but a blade, Gung-Ho found his time in Parris Island like unto a vacation. Perhaps that's why the GI Joe team so eagerly recruited him! Availability:

Gung-Ho (MSH Classic)

Gung-Ho (4C System)

Gung-Ho (Marvel Saga)

Mirage: exceptionally proficient with line-of-sight weaponry, Joseph was recruited onto the GI Joe team, and then into their elite Mega Marines sub-unit, in order to fight Cobra's freak-show genetic experiments - a fight that continues to this very day, it would seem...!! Mirage comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Ninja Force:

Banzai: seeking purpose and direction, Robert J. Travalino walked the earth, and went on adventures. In Tibet, he encountered a reclusive ninja master who helped forge him into a weapon that could decide his own destiny. And Robert has since decided to become a GI Joe ninja! Banzai comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Bushido: though he dresses like a samurai, Bushido was actually trained by Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. A newer member of the Ninja Force, he has trained to become the very first snow ninja, and excels in hand to hand combat no matter how cold it gets outside! Bushido comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Scarlett: having trained as a martial artist since she was nine years old, and then being put through more 'dirty tricks' training in the Army, Shana's combat prowess and ability to gain intelligence on various Cobra operations is second to none! Availability:

Scarlett (MSH Classic)

Scarlett (4C System)

Scarlett (Marvel Saga)

Snake-Eyes: a singularly mysterious man, the commando known only as Snake-Eyes has experienced nothing but tragedy in his life. However, he's persevered through the years, and become a true force to be reckoned with - as would any other ninja master! Availability:

Snake-Eyes (MSH Classic)

Snake-Eyes (4C System)

Snake-Eyes (Marvel Saga)

T'Gin-Zu: a student of various martial arts forms for over two decades, Joseph R. Rainone has proven himself to even elite ninja like Storm Shadow! Taken under his wing, that Arashikage warrior has brought Joseph into the ninja clan, and subsequently the GI Joe Ninja Force! T'gin-zu comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Star Brigade:

Countdown: chess master, electronics engineer, fighter pilot, shuttle commander. All of these things and more describe David, the Joe known as Countdown. Of course, while they paint the picture of a supremely capable GI Joe operative, they don't describe how boring the man can be. Countdown comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Hawk: head of the GI Joe team since its inception in '82, Clayton Abernathy has proven time and time again that he's a capable leader, tactician, and victor in the seemingly eternal war against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Availability:

Hawk (MSH Classic)

Hawk (4C System)

Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Duty: possessing keen hand-eye coordination, the ability to multitask, veritable ambidexterity, and a perfectionist's attention to detail, Heavy Duty is comfortable whether he's composing music or firing on Cobras - and is equally good at both! Availability:

the Heavy Duty (MSH Classic)

the Heavy Duty (4C System)

the Heavy Duty (Marvel Saga)

Ozone: David is a dedicated ecologist who was mortified to learn that villains like Cobra were actually weaponizing toxins in order to use them against innocents. Wanting to protect both the earth and his fellow man, David joined the GI Joe team in order to fight these eco-terrorists! Ozone comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Payload: growing up in Cape Canaveral, Mark always wanted to go to space, and worked towards this goal his entire life. After becoming a bona fide astronaut, this former fighter pilot was picked to fly GI Joe's firt space craft, the mighty Defiant! Availability:

Payload (MSH Classic)

Payload (4C System)

Payload (Marvel Saga)

Roadblock: aspiring to be one of the world's greatest chefs since he was a child, Marvin put himself through the Escoffier School in France. Subsequently enlisting in the Army to learn from their chefs as well, Marvin became quite the machine gunner, too! Availability:

Roadblock (MSH Classic)

Roadblock (4C System)

Roadblock (Marvel Saga)

Robo-Joe: genius inventor Greg Scott was working on advanced, space-worth combat armor suits when his laboratory was raided by Destro. Left for dead by that villain, Greg was plugged into one of his prototype armors and cybernetically altered by the GI Joe team... and Robo-Joe was born! Robo-Joe comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Rock 'n Roll: the Joes' original heavy machine gunner, Craig is from beautiful Malibu, California. He eventually grew up and joined the Army, hoping to make the world a better place, and found that membership in the GI Joe team lets him do just that. Availability:

Rock 'n Roll (MSH Classic)

Rock 'n Roll (4C System)

Rock 'n Roll (Marvel Saga)

Sci-Fi: Seymour does everything slow; no matter how hard you try, you simply can't get the man to hurry anything along. Of course, that's what you want in someone who has to focus energy weapons onto targets a mile away: a whole lot of patience! Availability:

Sci-Fi (MSH Classic)

Sci-Fi (4C System)

Sci-Fi (Marvel Saga)


the Ghoststriker X-16: the GI Joe team's single fastest airplane, the Ghoststriker X-16 is built to move ridiculously quick. It can move at Mach 10, which is so fast that its missiles (or anything else in the sky) can't even keep up with it at its maximum speed! The Ghoststriker X-16 comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Mudbuster: a weaponized monster truck, the Mudbuster comes in a cool teal coloration, and is designed as a 4WD all-terrain fighting vehicle. It has a hydraulic ramming bumper as well as a multi-use launcher in its bed, which can project missiles or a poweful grappling hook! The Mudbuster comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Shark 9000: Cutter's latest ride is smaller than his original, but has similar capabilities. The Shark 9000 is a heavy duty patrol boat armed with a water cannon and a dual torpedo launcher, which can pursue an opponent on the water or - if necessary - on land for short periods! The Shark 9000 comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Dino Hunter: built from a mothballed Desert Fox 6WD, the Dino Hunter is intended to take GI Joe's fight against Cobra's dinosaur cloning experiments right to their doorstep! With powerful non-lethal weapons, it can rescue them from Cobra's depredations! Availability:

Dino Hunter (MSH Classic)

Dino Hunter (4C System)

Dino Hunter (Marvel Saga)

Mega Marines:

the Monster Blaster: considering what they fight daily, the Mega Marines need one tough ride. The Monster Blaster Armored Personnel Carrier fits that bill, as it's big enough to carry oodles of Joes to the fight, and strong enough to win it - no matter how ugly their foes! The Monster Blaster comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Ninja Force:

the Ninja Lightning Cycle: on occasion the GI Joe Ninja Force needs to get somewhere fast - much faster than their already considerable abilities allow them to. At this point they hop onto the Ninja Lightning Cycle - which is fast and quiet - until they open up with some missiles...! the Ninja Lightning Cycle comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Pile Driver: a strange vehicle from the minds of the Ninja Force, the Pile Driver is naught but a mechanized, rotating hammer of immense size. Its operator (usually the dizzified T'Gin-Zu) spins with the hammer as it knocks anyone foolish enough to get too close into the next century! the Pile Driver comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Star Brigade:

the Armor Bot: the ultimate expression of the Star Brigade armor technology, the Armor Bot is a gigantic (36' tall) humanoid vehicle. A high-powered mech, the Armor Bot is armed to the teeth and can walk or drive into battle on earth or amongst the stars alongside the GI Joe team! The Armor Bot comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Star Brigade Armor: as they began their ascent into space in pursuit of Cobra terrorists, the GI Joe team developed basic space combat armor for use by its nascent Star Brigade team. These suits are powerful, versatile, and proof against the extremes of vacuum! The Star Brigade Armor comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Starfighter: based on an older Cobra design, the Starfighter is a quick and dirty space-based combat fighter. Useful for short jaunts into space (either on its own or in the bay of larger craft), the Starfighter packs a lot of punch for its size. Availability:

the Starfighter (MSH Classic)

the Starfighter (4C System)

the Starfighter (Marvel Saga)

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