the Desert Fox

Intended for use in the harshest of desert climates, the aptly named Desert Fox is a 6WD all-terrain vehicle. Designed as a fast attack, front-line assault or advanced recon vehicle, the Desert Fox has an m.s. of 10, and is fully equipped with the following vehicular capabilities:

Anti-aircraft Cannon (a): housed in a turret behind the two passenger seats of the Desert Fox, this rear-facing cannon can swivel in 90 degrees horizontally or vertically. It can fire a short burst to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, raised to +7 when fired full auto.

Body Armor (s): the Desert Fox is built tough. It has an armored radiator, a stiffened roll bar, and three-layer modular wheels (with self-sealing foam and a 'bullet-proof' rating), a total package that provides the vehicle and its occupants intensity 8, or +2, protection.

Communications Array (i): the Desert Fox is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Deflection (i): the Desert Fox's front end is engineered with a ballistic shape in mind, to better avoid incoming damage. Any attack coming from the front of the Desert Fox has to contend with a -2 worth of deflection, no matter its type or origins.

Lightning Lamps (i): these hood-mounted, high-intensity off-road head-laps allow the Desert Fox to operate night or day. They can fill the space within near missile distance with intensity 8 light, and in the right conditions can provide an excellent blinding attack.

Propulsion (a): there's no two bones about it, the Desert Fox is fast on its six wheels - why else do you think Skidmark likes it so? The Desert Fox has this ability at intensity 4, allowing it to move at approximately 120 MPH.

Scorpion Anti-tank Missiles (i): the Desert Fox has two surface-to-surface anti-tank missiles mounted on its roll cage. These powerful projectiles inflict intensity 11 damage each, adding a +1 if both strike a target at the exact same time.

Xenon Lamps (i): in addition to its regular driving lamps, the Desert Fox has a second set of lights - this one mounted on the roll cage of the vehicle. These also provide intensity 8 illumination, but can be used with the others to boost the total value by +2.

1993 Variations

the Dino Hunter

When the GI Joe team had the seemingly improbable task of hunting dinosaurs on Cobra Island (remember, Cobra does employ the likes of Dr. Mindbender), they needed a rugged vehicle with which to tussle against the reptiles - and to flee fast if things got out of control.

This is why they returned to an earlier design, the Desert Fox. Giving its muted brown coloration a seriously blue and white overhaul, the Joes equipped it to take on Cobra's genetic terrors. The newly christened Dinosaur Hunter has been modified as follows:

Quick Capture Grappling Hooks (s): replacing the old anti-aircraft gun, this weapon can be used to harmlessly grapple large targets, doing so by firing twin grappling hooks that are attached via a high-tensile rope. This weapon can secure a target with intensity 14 Strength.

Sonic Anti-dinosaur Missiles (i): the Dino Hunter has two surface-to-surface anti-dinosaur missiles mounted on its roll cage. These powerful projectiles can be used as blunt instruments, inflicting intensity 10 damage, and often do after fulfilling their primary purpose.

Unlike most missiles, however, these devices are not meant to be lethal. You see, they can emit a powerful burst of sonic energy, attenuated carefully to produce an intensity 10 stunning effect. Those exposed to this effect must resist with their Willpower score instead of Strength.

Extra Goodies:

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