the Shark 9000

While he may prefer the Killer WHALE while engaging in coastal battles against Cobra, Cutter finds the Shark 9000 to be the next best thing. It's a high-speed patrol boat with multiple machine gun mounts and even a torpedo bay. But wait, there's more!

The Shark 9000 is a boat, but its high speed prop can actually move the vehicle on land if necessary, acting as something akin to an unducted propeller for short periods of time, and has an enhanced hull to support this operation. The Shark 9000 has these vehicular characteristics:

Communications Array (i): the Shark 9000 is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range), that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Machine Gun Turrets (a): on each side of the Shark 9000's aft deck are two machine gun turrets. These rotary-barrel guns can discharge a short burst of rounds to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Passengers: the Shark 9000 can haul more than just its pilot (usually Cutter). It has two turrets for additional Joes, as well as 'sure grip deck supports' to allow two additional Joes to hang onto each side, and room for an extra Joe in the shark-pedo bay in a pinch.

Reinforced Hull (s): the Shark 9000 has a material strength of 10, but its hull is boosted by +3 to allow for limited run-time on land if necessary! It also provides its occupants intensity 4, or +1, protection from attack, if they're not hanging onto the sides.

Shark-pedo Launcher (i): the Shark 9000 is armed with a dual torpedo launcher. Each of the projectiles it fires can inflict intensity 11 damage, but if two 'shark-pedoes' are launched (and hit) a target simultaneously, they inflict +1 damage.

Super Swimming (a): the Shark 9000 is fast. It can move at speeds of up to 69 knots (around 60 miles per hour) on the water, though it can also operate on land for a limited amount of time at up to 30 miles per hour (intensity 2 and 1 speeds, respectively).

Water Cannon (i): the Shark 9000's non-lethal weapon is an immense water cannon, mounted atop its flying bridge. This weapon is fueled by either the water below or a reserve water tank, and can bring up to intensity 12 concussive force to bear on a person or vehicle.

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