the Monster Blaster APC

The Mega Marines find themselves up against tough opponents all the time, as Cobra's genetics laboratories operate non-stop! As such, they need a heavy duty transport to get them to the fight - and away from it when necessary. That's why these GI Joes have a Monster Blaster.

This armored personnel carrier is the perfect transport for this hardened group of Joes to fight Cobra's Monstro-Vipers, Bio-Vipers and the Cyber-Vipers and Mega-Vipers that corral them! The Mega Marines' Monster Blaster APC has these characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the Monster Blaster is naturally quite resilient. It has a material strength of 13 thanks to its armor plating and monster truck tires, and those inside its armored compartments (and not hanging on the outside) receive like, or +3, protection from attack.

Communications Array (i): the Monster Blaster is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Laser Cannons (a): the Monster Blaster is equipped with three laser cannons. There's an armored one over the driver's seat, and one on each of the rear corners. Each of these guns can be fired to inflict their operator's Agility +5 in Armor Piercing energy damage per deadly blast.

Lock 'n Load Cannon (i): this massive missile launcher dominates the enemy - whether human or otherwise. It can fire one powerful M-44 missile each exchange, and has a large amount handy in the event of a Cobra monster wave. These missiles inflict intensity 13 fragmentary damage.

Passenger Bays: on top of everything else, the Monster Blaster is primed to carry Joes around. It fits four on each side and six on the rear - and that's just outside! The innards have room for two on the rear corners, four under the cannon, and one in the passenger and driver seat.

Propulsion (a): in addition to being tough, the Monster Blaster is fast! It's high powered engine allows it to ferry the Mega Marines, and a crew of additional Joes if necessary, at intensity 3 speeds (or approximately ninety miles per hour).

2004 Variations

the Android Personnel Carrier

For a short time in the early '90s, the GI Joe team deployed a vehicle they called the Monster Blaster, a sort of heavily armed and armored personnel transport that a specialized team of Joes utilized against Cobra's various genetic horrors and their handlers.

When Cobra started dabbling in genetics again, they figured that the Joes were onto something, and decided they could use the Monster Blaster to help corral their newest wave of DNA-scrambled troops. They wouldn't call it the Monster Blaster, though. Or staff it with real people.

Thus, when Cobra stole the designs for the Monster Blaster, they called it the APC, or Android Personnel Carrier. Staffed by BATs, Cobra's ever-expendable humanoid stock soldiers, the APC Transport could easily lead a charge of Cobra's envenomed soldiers and victims.

Or, you know, keep them in line if they turned their rage against their re-creators. While recolored from its original green with yellow trim to black with red accessories, the APC is otherwise identical in function to its technological ancestor, the Monster Blaster.

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