the Star Brigade Armors

When it was beginning its reach into low earth orbit (and beyond) in its pursuit of Cobra, the GI Joe team had technician Greg Scott develop a system of highly advanced combat armor for its use - though a tragic accident saw him being literally wired into the prototype.

Once he recovered from his mess, Scott became the team's first cyborg, the Robo-Joe, and continued to develop his armor technology until he'd produced four more suits. Each are customized for the Joe who wears them, but all have (or can be equipped with) these capabilities:

Ability Boost (w): the Star Brigade armors all enhance the physical capabilities of their wearer some. They will typically add +3 to his Strength score and +1 to his Agility score, with a practical limit of 11 in either.

Body Armor (s): the seemingly obvious benefit to wearing mechanized combat armor, the Star Brigade battle suits offer considerable protection from injury. Each suit offers its occupant intensity 12, or +3, protection against attack forms of all varieties.

Communications Gear (i): the Star Brigade armors all have built in communication rigs, each with a significant range; space is pretty vast, after all. This gear has intensity 12 communications range (5,000 miles) that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Deflection (i): the Star Brigade armors all possess a highly polished, ray-shielded surface. This acts to give them -2 deflection against incoming, energy-based ranged attacks like lasers or such - though it offers no added resistance to them, per se.

Environmental Independence (s): the Star Brigade suits are, in the end, space suits. They provide this power at intensity 4, providing enough food, water and air for its occupant to survive without assistance for up to forty-eight hours at a time.

Lead Foot Magnetized Boots (i): the Star Brigade battle armor suits are equipped with special electromagnets in the boot housings, allowing them to 'stick' to ferrous objects when lacking proper gravity. They can grip a metallic surface with a Strength score of 10.

Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance (s): in addition to the standard protections the Star Brigade armor provides its wearer, it also offers intensity 20, or +5, resistance to both cold and pressure variance, guarding its occupant against the rigors of deep space.

Rocket Launchers (i): the Star Brigade armor that Duke and Heavy Duty (and Destro!) wear both have actual rocket launchers built into the left arms; these launchers prevent articulation, but make up for that in sheer firepower. Their projectiles inflict intensity 11 damage each.

Spikes (s): the Star Brigade armor that Duke and Heavy Duty wear both have spiked right gauntlets, and Heavy Duty's helmet is also adorned with these weapons. These implements allow each to inflict their (enhanced) Strength +2 damage in melee with their battle suits.

1993 Variations

Destro's Armors

Stolen in the event that prompted the creation of Robo-Joe, Destro used the plans for Star Brigade Armor in his very own extreme environment battlesuit. While he sells copies to the highest bidder, Destro wears his prototype himself, which works exactly per the above suits.

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