the Stellar Stiletto

The Stellar Stiletto is Cobra's very first mass-produced spacecraft. It's used shuttle-like vehicles in the past, but the Stiletto was built for high speed combat in outer space - though it handles in the air just fine, too. This little red combat spaceship has these vehicular characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the Stellar Stiletto is built tough - it has to survive combat in vacuum, after all! It's reinforced frame and seven-layer alum-glass heat-resistant canopy give it an effective material strength of 11, and provides like, or +2, protection to its pilot.

Cobra-band Radio (i): Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. The Stellar Stiletto has comm gear with intensity 14 range (25,000 miles), and benefits from intensity 8 signal encryption as well.

Environmental Independence (s): the Stellar Stiletto can support its pilot for about a day thanks to its stored air supply. This translates into intensity 1 environmental independence, where air is concerned; if they don't bring their own food and water, the pilot will have to go without.

Flight (a): there's no doubt about it, the Stellar Stiletto is fast. The thing can fly at intensity 9 speeds in the atmosphere (600 MPH), raised to intensity 16 speeds out in space (15,000 MPH, or Mach 20). And you wonder why its pilots are surgically modified?

Radar Array (w): Cobra's Stellar Stiletto is tied into that organization's satellite network, which acts to enhance its own radar transceiver. It can pinpoint and track targets within fifty thousand miles of its location (intensity 15 radar system).

Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance (s): designed to operate in outer space, the Stellar Stiletto has to shield its occupants from the extreme cold and vacuum present present outside our atmosphere. It can resist these two hazardous forces at intensity 18 levels.

Resistance to Fire and Heat (s): re-entry causes friction - lots of friction. The reinforced carbon carbon (RCC) lining the Stellar Stiletto is especially designed with this in mind, and allows the vehicle to withstand fire and heat of up to intensity 20 before it is endangered.

Slice Missiles (i): the Stellar Stiletto's secondary weaponry is its missiles. It has two Slice (Supersonic Laser-firing InterCEptor) missiles, each of which can fire -1 lasers (per the Stiletto laser, below) or detonate (per the Strike missiles, below), depending on a misison's needs.

Stiletto Laser (a): the primary armament on the Stellar Stiletto, this eponymous laser cannon is mounted under its nose cone. It can be fired to inflict the pilot's Agility +7 in Armor Piercing energy damage per deadly blast, and is powered by the vehicle's rocket thrusters themselves!

Strike Missiles (i): the Stellar Stiletto's secondary weaponry is its missiles. It has two Strike DK-87 long range data-linked missiles, which are computer-controlled once fired. They inflict intensity 11 damage, +1 for each additional missile that hits simultaneously.

1993 Variations

the Starfighter

Taking a page from Cobra's play book, the GI Joe team decided to 'borrow' the design of their Stellar Stiletto, making only minor modifications. First rolling out their new Starfighter while stopping a rogue Soviet-era, asteroid-based weapon, the Joes decided they liked it - a lot.

This little red, white, and blue combat spacecraft is primarily the same, though it has been fitted with updated electronics - and its communications suite has the benefit of intensity 10 signal encryption, instead of Cobra's mere, intensity 8 comms security.

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