Cobra: 1988 Personnel and Equipment


Astro-Vipers: those Strato-Vipers with technical ability are often trained in combat under numerous gravitational conditions, as well as satellite and spacecraft maintenance. These Cobranauts are then let loose in orbit to further Cobra's interests! Availability:

Astro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Astro-Vipers (4C System)

Astro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Hydro-Vipers: when conventional Eels simply aren't up for the job, Cobra sends in its Hydro-Vipers! Surgically augmented to both swim faster and better withstand the watery depths, these Demons of the Deep are GI Joe's worst nightmare beneath the waves! Availability:

Hydro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Hydro-Vipers (4C System)

Hydro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Secto-Vipers: defenders of Cobra Island's beaches, each Secto-Viper is responsible for patrolling a patch of that terrorist nation's borders. Using their powerful, amphibious BUGGs, the highly motivated Secto-Vipers are a pain to friend and foe alike! Availability:

Secto-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Secto-Vipers (4C System)

Secto-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Star-Vipers: the most effective Strato-Vipers are given the option of undergoing further surgical augmentation, for the purposes of becoming Star-Vipers! These literal starfighter pilots have access to superhuman reflexes, and their very own spacecraft! Availability:

Star-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Star-Vipers (4C System)

Star-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Toxo-Vipers: chemical warfare is the purview of the Toxo-Vipers, who foul the territories Cobra fights upon to give that organization a tactical advantage. Equipped with minimal safety gear, Toxo-Vipers work fast to avoid gassing themselves in the field. Availability:

Toxo-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Toxo-Vipers (4C System)

Toxo-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Coming Soon: Secto-Vipers!


Road Pig: one of the strongest Dreadnoks, save for Zartan himself, Road Pig is also one of the most violent. And ugliest. And smelliest. But the gang keeps Road Pig around despite all this, and more, because he's something of an ace in the hole for them. Availability:

Road Pig (MSH Classic)

Road Pig (4C System)

Road Pig (Marvel Saga)

Iron Grenadiers:

Destro: the latest in a long line of arms traders, James McCullen Destro XXIV has no problem selling his family's wares to the highest bidder. While personally honorable, he has no problem working with the likes of Cobra and other despotic villains. Availability:

Destro (MSH Classic)

Destro (4C System)

Destro (Marvel Saga)

Coming Soon: Ferrets, Iron Grenadiers, Nullifiers, and Voltar!


the Adder: a small vehicle armed with large, surface-to-surface missiles, the Adder allows Cobra to even the playing field against enemy armor and fortifications. Using its twin, White Heat II SSMs, the Adder's operator can demolish just about anything! Availability:

the Adder (MSH Classic)

the Adder (4C System)

the Adder (Marvel Saga)

the Battle Barge: keeping a low profile as they gently float around Cobra Island, the Battle Barges are easy to miss - at least, until they attack! Armed with three powerful machine guns, the Barges packs a lot more punch than you'd expect for their size! Availability:

the Battle Barge (MSH Classic)

the Battle Barge (4C System)

the Battle Barge (Marvel Saga)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories: bucking the trend of most Cobra equipment at the time, these devices are small, and can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide Cobra various useful capabilities. Availability:

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

the Firebat: a staple of Cobra air power since its initial rollout in 1986, the Firebat essentially consists of a cockpit strapped over a F104 Cobrajet Turbine, with barely enough control surfaces and armaments to let it serve as more than a suicide device. Availability:

the Firebat (MSH Classic)

the Firebat (4C System)

the Firebat (Marvel Saga)

the Imp: a small tracked vehicle, the Imp seems to consistently punch above its weight. With its demonic red paint job and Ambush missiles which can effectively neutralize just about any land-based targets, the Imp is rightly feared by Cobra's enemies! Availability:

the Imp (MSH Classic)

the Imp (4C System)

the Imp (Marvel Saga)

the Stellar Stiletto: the Stellar Stiletto is Cobra's first mass-produced vehicle that can achieve orbit. While they've wielded other spacecraft previously, the Stellar Stiletto was built primarily with combat in mind - whether above or even beyond the earth! Availability:

the Stellar Stiletto (MSH Classic)

the Stellar Stiletto (4C System)

the Stellar Stiletto (Marvel Saga)

Coming Soon: the BUGG!

Iron Grenadiers:

Destro's Despoiler: Destro leads his Iron Grenadiers from the front, which most often requires the high ground to see the big picture. He thus flies his Despoiler into battle, which helps him direct the fight, and serve as a powerful symbol for his troops! Availability:

Destro's Despoiler (MSH Classic)

Destro's Despoiler (4C System)

Destro's Despoiler (Marvel Saga)

Coming Soon: the AGP and the DEMON!

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