The Iron Grenadiers' primary armored assault vehicle, the Dual Elevating Multi-Ordnance Neutralizer, or DEMON, is an offensive powerhouse! It is designed for long range mechanized attacks which neutralize enemy strong points or seize ground to facilitate airborne insertions.

When in formation, DEMONs can form an unstoppable wall of devastation and outright carnage that is truly awesome to behold. They are designed for speed, range, and power, leaving amenities such as safety, comfort, and the protection of its operators somewhat lacking.

That's why its drivers, the Ferrets, are chosen for their highly optimistic attitudes. They laugh in the face of danger, and readily accept the risk their job entails for the opportunity to dish out destruction on a massive scale. Their ride has an m.s. of 11, and these features:

Armored Personnel Housing (s): though not armored any better than the rest of the DEMON, it at least features an angled 'Deflector' ballistic wind screen. This, along with all that metal, provides the driver, gunner, and communications officer intensity 8, or +2, protection.

Ceiling Cannons (a): mounted atop the DEMON's cockpit is a triple-barreled laser cannon, one which can be positioned horizontally. It can fire three coherent light beams that, together, add up to inflict one's Agility +6 in Armor Piercing energy damage with each deadly attack.

Communications Suite (i): to facilitate information exchange, Destro's DEMONs are equipped with top of the line communications gear. It functions with intensity 5 ability, having a twenty-five mile maximum range, and features signal encryption of intensity 10 complexity.

Docking Bay (a): should he so wish to, Destro has the ability to link his Despoiler up with any DEMON active in the field. Each DEMON features a docking bay atop its Infinity III laser cannons, which allows him to land his ride on his ground-based weapons platforms.

Elongation (a): its principal design feature, the DEMON can elevate itself above its treads on four powerful hydraulic lifts, essentially doubling its height. Thanks to this intensity 2 ability, the DEMON can easily attain the high ground against comparable vehicles.

Infinity III Cannons (a): mounted over the DEMON's missile launchers is another triple-barreled cannon, this one being capable of being positioned vertically. Its three lasers, when striking a target, add up to inflict one's Agility +7 in Armor Piercing energy damage together.

Propulsion (a): as stated, one of the DEMON's design features is speed. Gliding forward on two wide treads, the DEMON can achieve speeds of up to sixty miles per hour assuming terrain that isn't overly treacherous, giving it this ability at intensity 2.

Tail Guns (a): pointing out the back of the DEMON's cockpit, this dual-barreled laser cannon allows its communications officer to attack targets behind the vehicle. Its two coherent light beams can combine to inflict one's Agility +5 in Armor Piercing energy damage together.

Tri-Cap Missiles (i): the DEMON features six of these projectiles, each of which features three distinct targeting computers, aiding in both reliability and accuracy. They serve as both surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, depending on their operators' needs.

Mounted in two sets of three, half of the the DEMON's Tri-Caps can be fired straight ahead, while the other three can be elevated to fire upwards. These missiles inflict intensity 10 damage when fired singly, raised by +1 for each additional missile that hits a target simultaneously.

Xenon Spotlight (i): mounted outside the cockpit of the DEMON, this solar energy concentrator and collector can instead emit light when the vehicle's operators deem it necessary. It can illuminate an area within near missile distance with intensity 12 light.

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