Hand Size:
2 (10)


It's easy to mistake Nullifiers for superhuman beings, for they are immensely strong and bulky, and seem larger than life - especially when wearing their even bulkier armor. But they lack special powers, having only their training and their high tech gear to rely upon in battle.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Acceleration Tolerance: relentless training in the depths of Castle Destro have given the Nullifiers tolerance to extremes of acceleration and deceleration. They may reduce the difficulty of card play called for when subjected to these, and similar forces, by one level.


the AGP (i): this fast and light aircraft can start and stop on a dime, maneuvering in a fashion that requires the immense strength and endurance that only Nullifiers possess. Like most of Destro's creations, this revolutionary vehicle is described in its own entry.

Body Armor (s): all Iron Grenadiers wear protective uniforms, and the Nullifiers are no exception to this rule. More durable than the common Iron Grenader ensemble, Nullifier uniforms provide intensity 8, or +2, protection against physical assault and the effects of high acceleration.

Helmet (s): even more protective than their heavy duty body armor, the helmets that Nullifiers wear provide their heads considerable defense against injury. They offer Nullifiers intensity 12, or +3, protection against physical assault, along with similarly effective Screened Senses.

Sidearm (a): carried in a holster worn on their right hip while not in use, Nullifiers retain a backup piece should they have to fight outside their AGP. It can fire a single round to inflict their Agility +4 in damage, or a short burst of such to inflict their Agility +5 in damage.


Advanced Guns (a): often utilizing directed energy weapons while on the job, Nullifiers are well-trained in their proper usage. Whether handling coherent laser emitters, ionized particle blasters, or any other energy caster, a Nullifier may do so at a reduced difficulty.

Aerial Combat (a): skilled dogfighters, Nullifiers can readily dominate the skies, whether piloting their AGP, other aircraft, or even when in freefall. They may reduce the difficulty of combat actions attempted while airborne, whether it is offensive or defensive in nature.

Boxing (s): while heavily armed and armored, Nullifiers can readily defend themselves even without their special toys. They may divide their pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which occurs as a contingent action.

Detective / Espionage (i): when they join the Iron Grenadiers, Nullifiers are trained in numerous subversive techniques. They can use this skill to sabotage and/or spy upon nations targeted by Destro, acting to bolster the arms sales of his MARS corporation.

Guns (a): the better to demonstrate their use to prospective clients, Nullifiers are continuously drilled in the use of all modern firearms. Whether standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, a Nullifier may discharge a firearm at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary.

Military (w): Nullifiers are highly disciplined, with most developing such via some military outfit or another, and Destro supplements this with his own training regimen. As a result, Nullifiers invariably function well in a fighting unit, whether Destro's or any other.

Piloting (a): the reason they pump all that iron, Nullifiers can fly Destro's most unforgiving aircraft: the AGP. Whether piloting it or any other modern aircraft, a Nullifier may resolve card play called for in the course of such activities at a reduced difficulty.


Elite members of Destro's Iron Grenadiers, his Nullifiers can readily consider that organization a reliable contact. They withstand relentless physical and mental training to further Destro's goals, after all, which makes them valuable to both him and his personal army.


Greed, with a secondary calling of Soldier: like the vast majority of Iron Grenadiers, the Nullifiers are primarily in it for the money, being paid a handsome sum by Destro to rule the skies in his stead. Some Nullifiers sign up simply to prove they can fly the AGP, however.


The Nullifiers' original ensemble is a heavy duty, thickly padded, full-body armor suit! This combat gear is primarily light brown in hue, with fuchsia padding on the shins and hips, fuchsia hoses along the lower arms, and a fuchsia visor over its large brown helmet.


Nullifiers are by far the most physically imposing of the Iron Grenadiers. They pump iron for at least six hours each day, eating naught but an unsatisfying, high protein gruel to help them build and maintain the staggeringly large physiques required to fly their AGPs.

They supplement this harsh bodybuilding regimen with the same training that conventional Iron Grenadiers undergo, making them capable subversive operatives in addition to frightening combatants, whether they are encountered in melee, ranged, or aerial combat.

Constantly aching from their extreme weight lifting, as well as suffering from anxiety due to job stress, Nullifiers readily lash out at anyone that irks their ire. This is why Destro and his lieutenants unleash the Nullifiers on the Iron Grenadiers' foes at every opportunity.

Nullifiers are highly valued by the Iron Grenadiers, after all, but the last thing the organization needs is a bunch of muscle-bound troublemakers in the ranks, roughing up their fellows simply because they lack an outlet for all the pent-up aggression their training regimen engenders.

2006 Variations


Knife (s): putting their considerable strength to use, Nullifiers began to carry a blade with them in combat this year. These are made from m.s. 13 materials, and can be used to either cut through items of up to like m.s., or to inflict +2 slashing damage in melee.

Submachine Gun (a): because more is more, Nullifiers also started wielding firearms which can fire a single round to inflict their Agility +4 in damage, a three-round burst to inflict their Agility +5 in damage, or fire them continuously to inflict their Agility +6 in damage.


The second suit of Nullifier armor functions like the first, but is primarily black in hue, though it features red padding on the front legs and the chest, gray boots with black trim, a golden right wrist guard, a golden breast plate, and a golden helmet with a red visor.

Their third combat ensemble is a variation on the second. Also mainly black in color, this Nullifier armor has blue padding on the front legs and the chest, gray boots with black trim, a silver right wrist guard, a silver breast plate, and a silver helmet with a blue visor.

Extra Goodies:

Nullifiers Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of Nullifiers:

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* Note: 2006 saw two versions of the Nullifiers (Versions 2 and 3). The 2004 'Nullifier' figure was built from the Flak-Viper mold, and shared the same file card details save for only the name, so I consider that figure Version 2 of the Flak-Viper.

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