the Adder

A small, mobile weapons platform, the Adder allows a single Cobra operative to deploy, target, and fire powerful, surface-to-surface missiles. Sporting a long, thin profile, the Adder is just wide enough to accommodate its driver, but long enough to keep them out of its missiles' thrust.

Available in Cobra's trademark, dark blue coloration, the Adder features a six-wheeled chassis, its four rear tires acting to support and stabilize its destructive payload both before and during its launch. Cobra's Adder has an m.s. of 10, and the following capabilities built-in:

Command Link (i): this dual-purpose radio transceiver allows the Adder's operator to update its missiles' trajectory on the fly, should it be necessary. It also allows for intensity 5 communications, having a 25 mile range, that benefits from intensity 8 signal encryption.

Phased Array Radar (w): the better to track its various targets as they move to and fro, ostensibly to avoid being struck by its projectiles, the Adder is equipped with a powerful, phased array radar. It works with intensity 5 ability, tracking surface-bound targets within 25 miles.

Propulsion (a): having a burdensome payload, the Adder isn't all that fast. Nonetheless, it can eat miles somewhat fast, having a top speed of sixty miles per hour (intensity 2). This assumes an actual road to drive on, though, so it likely moves at half speed over less developed terrain.

Quick-Delivery Tires (s): all six of the Adder's wheels are reinforced against bullets and other piercing damage, ensuring it can reach a launch site even under enemy fire. Its self-sealing tires benefit from intensity 16, or +4, protection against punctures of various types.

White Heat IIs (i): the sole armament on the Adder, its two White Heat II surface-to-surface missiles allow its operator to effectively combat enemy armor and installations. White Heat IIs SSMs inflict intensity 13 damage each, raised by +1 if both strike a target simultaneously.

Extra Goodies:

the Adder Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Adder:


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