the AGP

Much more punishing than his own Despoiler, Destro's Anti-Gravity Pods, or AGPs, require a pilot at the very peak of human strength and endurance to operate. This is because the AGP is little more than a cockpit strapped to two powerful, pivoting jet engines!

These twin thrusters allow the AGP to take off and land vertically, and then glide effortlessly through the air on its delta-shaped lifting wing. However, its jet engines may pivot independently, allowing a skilled pilot to perform seemingly impossible turns with the thing.

Assuming they aren't pulped by the resultant centrifugal forces, that is. Heavily armed and moderately armored for such a small and vast vehicle, the AGP is one of Destro's greatest inventions, and includes the following armaments and other features:

Ex 20
Mn 75
Ex 20
Gd 10

Body Armor: thanks to its layered composite shell and shock-dampened structure, the AGP is a lot more durable than it looks. Supplementing this with its ballistic deflection, wide-view canopy, the AGP can readily justify both its Body and Protection ratings.

Communications Suite: to facilitate information exchange, Destro's AGPs are equipped with top of the line communications gear. It functions with Excellent (20) ability, having a one hundred mile maximum range, and features signal encryption of Remarkable (30) complexity.

Flight / Levitation: the AGP can take off and land vertically, thanks to its pivoting 'anti-gravity' jet engines, and then rocket forward upon its delta-shaped, high-velocity lifting wing. Having these abilities at Monstrous (75) rank, it can fly anywhere between zero to 450 MPH.

The trick with the AGP, however, is that it can pivot its VTOL engines independently, allowing it to turn with what seems like an impossibly small turning radius. Its pilots are allowed a +2 CS bonus when attempting Control FEATs related to turns of any variety.

FLIR: the 'hammer head' leading edge of the AGP houses its Forward Looking Infrared Radar, or FLIR. This allows the Nullifier piloting an AGP to do so via thermal imaging, or in other words, effectively provides them Excellent (20) rank Infravision while facing front.

Recoilless Cannons: two recoilless cannons are mounted on the side of the AGP, on each side of its FLIR. Twinned, they can be used to either fire a short burst of rounds to inflict Remarkable (30) Shooting damage, or fire continuously to inflict Incredible (40) Shooting damage.

STUNGs: four of Destro's Silent-running Titanium Under-radar Negative Gravity missiles, or STUNGs, adorn the AGP, two mounted on each wing. They inflict the damage listed when fired singly, raised by +1 CS for each doubling of such that strikes a target simultaneously:

Ex 20
Sh X 150
Ex 20
Remarkable (30) Edged Attack (fragmentary)

2005 Variations

Stealth AGP

While the original design for the AGP is near-perfect, Destro is never satisfied with second best. That's why he redesigned the frame of his Anti-Gravity Pod using a translucent carbon fiber chassis, which has granted his 'stealth' AGPs this additional ability:

Blending: while it isn't remotely invisible, much less completely transparent, the Stealth AGP is built primarily from translucent materials where possible. This makes it hard to spot at its usual speeds, at least until it is too late, granting it this ability at Poor (4) rank.

Extra Goodies:

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