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Like most of Cobra's other undersea operatives, Secto-Vipers are normal humans, lacking special powers of any variety. They are highly trained and motivated, to be sure, but are at best high-tech villains, thanks to the equipment their organization grants them.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Atmospheric Diving Suit: Secto-Vipers are known by their distinctive ADS. These primarily yellow suits are not built for speed, but nonetheless allow Secto-Vipers to function underwater without difficulty, possessing an eight hour air supply - great for impromptu repairs on their BUGGs!

the BUGG: the defender of Cobra Island shores, that organization's Battling Underwater Global Guards, or BUGGs, are amphibious vehicles that can lurk on the ocean floor or deserted beaches. These dual-terrain monstrosities are detailed in their own vehicle entry.

Laser Pistol: while their BUGGs are their primary combat implement, Secto-Vipers carry a backup piece in the form of this ray gun. Using a blue-green laser ideal for combat undersea, this coherent light beam inflicts rank value 6 Armor Piercing Energy damage anywhere it is fired.




Advanced Guns: carrying directed energy weapons in the field, Secto-Vipers are well-trained in their proper usage. Whether handling coherent laser emitters, ionized particle blasters, or any other energy caster, a Secto-Viper may do so at a +1 RS to their Coordination trait.

Boating: though the BUGG itself does not float, several of its sub-vehicles do. As such, Secto-Vipers are trained in the proper operation of most sea-faring vehicles, allowing them to lend a hand in a pinch, and they may resolve Handling ACTIONs while doing so at a +1 RS.

Driving: since their role in Cobra involves the operation of a wheeled contraption, even if it is amphibious, Secto-Vipers are trained in its proper use - along with that of several other ground vehicles. They may resolve Handling ACTIONs while driving at a +1 RS.

Guns: like all Cobras, Secto-Vipers are trained how to effectively discharge firearms. Whether wielding standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols, Secto-Vipers may fire these weapons as though their Coordination was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts style A or B: a Secto-Viper will generally have one of these self-defense skills, but not both. A allows them to Pound or Concuss a foe regardless of their comparative Brawn or Fortitude, while B allows a +1 RS to strike their foes in unarmed combat.

Military: all Cobra operatives possess this skill, even if the organization they belong to isn't a real military. It nonetheless has a structure, however Byzantine, and Secto-Vipers are taught how to effectively fight in groups, if they somehow haven't been previously.

Repair / Tinkering: as operators of a very expensive ride, Secto-Vipers are trained in the maintenance of it - and numerous other Cobra vehicles. When attempting to modify or repair a device, Secto-Vipers may resolve ACTIONs called for at a +1 RS.

Underwater Combat: Secto-Vipers spend most of their time on the job beneath the waves, and as such are well-versed in various techniques required when fighting underwater. When attempting battle in such environs, Secto-Vipers may do so without the usual penalty.


The Secto-Vipers are a small group of highly trained operatives, who defend their island nation from enemies both within and without - this makes them highly valued by the Cobra Command. As such, they can generally consider the group a reliable contact overall.

Their zeal in defending their adopted home causes them to harrass friends as well as foes, however. As such, Secto-Vipers tend to make enemies of some of their fellows in the course of their duties, which may cause them to avoid helping Secto-Vipers in need.


The Secto-Viper's field uniform is an Atmospheric Diving Suit! It is primarily yellow in hue, with black sleeves, black trim on the boots and codpiece, and a black mask beneath their bulbous diving dome, along with red cables and hoses scattered throughout.


Secto-Vipers are a small and highly speicalized group, whose ranks are generally drawn from those Cobras who either have diving, mechanical, or security experience in one form or another. They are trained rigorously in whatever skill(s) they need to perform their job, however.

And this job involves providing security for Cobra Island itself! A new nation, forged in an induced tectonic upheaval, Cobra Island is small, features treacherous shores, and has any number of enemies, both foreign and domestic. And protecting it takes special personnel.

Secto-Vipers are just that kind of Cobra, who view themselves as homesteaders, and go above and beyond to protect their adopted homeland. In their zeal to defend this twisted, terorrist nation, they relentlessly canvass every square inch of Cobra Island's beaches.

This helps to stymie would-be invaders and infiltrators considerably, but also annoys their fellow Cobras considerably. Many of their fellow operatives have had their off-duty leisure time repeatedly disrupted by overly rigorous Secto-Viper patrols, who are just doing their jobs.

But since Cobras in general are the type to readily hold a grudge, this can occasionally get individual Secto-Vipers in a pickle during firefights, their allies being less than urgent in their efforts to assist them. Secto-Vipers take this in stride, though, as it's all part of the job.

Extra Goodies:

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