the Battle Barge

In addition to numerous defenses situated on their Island, Cobra also has considerable equipment deployed in its territorial waters. One example of the technology they utilize there is their Battle Barges, small, circular weapons platforms that are hard to detect - until it's too late!

While they can move about under their own power, Battle Barges typically float around Cobra Island's shores on their foam-filled, poly-sac flotation pods, making little noise and keeping a low profile until its three operators strike any threat to their adopted homeland.

Cobra's Battle Barges each feature these characteristics:

Pr 4
Fe 2
Gd 10
Pr 4

Communications Suite: to get their marching orders and communicate threats to the Command, Cobra operatives manning the Battle Barge have use of its radio transceiver, which has a Good (10) transmission range (twenty-five miles), and features Excellent (20) signal encryption.

Cool It Cannons: the singular armaments on the Battle Barge, the vehicle features three of these water-cooled, 20mm internal loading cannons. Each has a one hundred and twenty degree arc of fire, allowing the occupants of the Barge to fire in all directions at once!

From each of its three ballistic cloth-covered, hydro-stabilized gunner seats, the Battle Barge's Cobra operatives can discharge a short burst of ammunition from these weapons to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage, or fire continuously to inflict Remarkable (30) Shooting damage.

PULSE Radar: mounted on a hydraulic flotation compensator, the Battle Barge's Protection/Ultrasonic Liquid-filled Surveillance Emitter, coupled with magnetic detectors and numerous target sensors, allow it the radar sense with Good (10) ability, having a twenty-five mile range.

Super Swimming: the Battle Barge is not fast, what with it being a barge, but it can nonetheless move through the water under its own power. Its onboard motor allows it to utilize thiis power with Feeble (2) ability, letting it move at around five miles per hour.

Extra Goodies:

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