the Imp

The Imp is a squat, compact assault vehicle. Painted crimson and tracked to traverse almost any terrain, the Imp gives the impression of an almost demonic presence in the field. Heavily armed and armored, it can readily stymie any ground forces, and possesses the following features:

Ambush Missiles (i): the primary weapons of the Imp, its three surface-to-surface Ambush missiles can be fired from its rear-mounted, hydraulic launching arm. The Ambush missiles inflict intensity 13 damage, raised by +1 for each additional missile used, and feature these functions:

* Infrared Targeting (w): the Heat Detective H10-57 heat-seeking guidance system on the Imp's Ambush missiles allow them to lock onto a specific infrared signature, making them strike with intensity 9 ability, doing so at a +2 if their target is particularly hot.

* Mines (i): each Ambush missile can deploy up to twenty-four mines on the way to its target, once launched, muddying the terrain-between it and its destination with explosives aplenty. These pressure-sensitive mines each inflict intensity 8 damage to all within near missile distance.

* Radiowave Generation (a): in addition to their explosive capability, the Ambush missiles feature a powerful electronic countermeasure, in the form of its broad radio jamming capability. This function works against enemy radar and communications with intensity 9 power.

Body Armor (s): thanks to its super-reinforced personnel protection housing, the Imp provides its sole occupant intensity 8, or +2 protection from injury - if they duck all the way inside. If half-exposed, which they are while driving it, this is cut in half.

Communications Array (i): like most Cobra vehicles, the Imp features a radio transceiver that allows its driver to keep in touch with his or her fellows. This gear allows a maximum communication range of twenty-five miles (intensity 5 range), with intensity 8 signal security.

Propulsion (a): riding on its cross-link, hardened steel treads, powered by a Dragon III super-duty, 400 BHP turbo diesel engine, the Imp can move. It has a maximum speed of sixty miles per hour, though this is reduced to 45 miles per hour when driving off-road.

Short-Throw Machine Gun (a): mounted immediately before its driver's seat, this .50 cal spring-mounted machine gun can fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict the driver's Agility +6 in damage, or fire continously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Extra Goodies:

the Imp Saga System 13 Text File Download

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