Hand Size:
4 (25)


Like most of his fellows on the GI Joe team, and unlike most of his fellow Ninja Force operatives, Bushido is but a normal human, lacking super-powers of any stripe. He has no wacky ninja magic abilities or the like, just extreme martial arts skills and tolerance for the cold.


Resistance to Cold Attacks (s): though physically normal, Bushido has trained himself extensively in cold environs, and now his body is slightly more resistant to the stuff. Thanks to his regimen, Bushido has intensity 4, or +1, resistance to cold attacks and the effects of cold weather.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Axe (s): ah, the axe. Everyone can use one - but Bushido can use one well! He may wield this weapon to inflict his Strength +3 in slashing damage, which he may boost to +4 if he uses this weapon two-handed; it's all about the delivery with this weapon.

Helmet (s): though a ninja, Bushido inexplicably wears a samurai helmet into battle (don't tell Budo). This medieval headgear provides Bushido intensity 8, or +2, protection from physical attacks, as it covers his entire head (save for a few bits of his chin).

Kama (s): oddly, sickles come in handy, even for modern-day ninjas. Sure, they have blades aplenty, but you can use a sickle to inflict damage like a knife and to climb when necessary. Also, they reduce the difficulty of actions to block, trap, or disarm a foe's weapons.

Knives (s): Bushido carries several shorter blades into combat. These include two dueling daggers and a long, flat blade. He can use these to either parry sword blows, to inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage, or to cut through items of up to m.s. 12.

Nage Teppo Grenades (i): these are essentially smoke bombs. Bushido can fling these to, upon their detonation, fill an area with thick, obscuring smoke of intensity 8 opacity. This is great for either dropping the enemy into confusion or when he needs to make a quick exit.

Sidearm (a): despite all his pointy bits, Bushido always carries a sidearm with him while active with the Joes. He can discharge a single shot from this weapon to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, or his Agility +5 in damage when firing a semi-automatic burst of lead.

Swords (s): Bushido always carries two swords into battle: a katana and a wakizashi. He can use either of these blades to inflict his Strength +4 in slashing damage, though the former is primarily for attacking and the latter is generally used as an honor blade.


Boxing (s): Bushido excels when fighting with his various weaponry, but he can also fight bare-handed. Whenever he fights without a weapon in hand, Bushido may divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, attempting the second as a contingent action.

Guns (a): one talent Bushido did pick up in the military, this skill describes his ability to wield most standard guns with competence. When firing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Bushido may do so at a reduced difficulty.

Martial Arts (a): Bushido is an exceptional martial artist, having trained with many ninjas. He may may reduce the difficulty of actions intended to lower falling damage, catch thrown objects, or strike in unarmed melee combat, by one difficulty level.

Martial Arts Weapons (s): Bushido makes use of a large variety of 'ninja' weapons while on the job with GI Joe, and has trained in their use. Whenever he's holding any of the melee weapons listed above, and many others, Bushido may use them without peanlty.

Military / United States (w): though the military is not the origin of his many fighting skills, it has at least given him the opportunity to practice them in the field. His military training has also given Bushido an inherent understanding of the Standard Operating Procedures.

Survival (w): though it may seem odd, Bushido has trained himself to be a cold weather ninja, and as such he's needed to learn how to survive in such climates with ease. His training has given Bushido the ability to subsist indefinitely in strange environs without support.


Peace of Mind, with a secondary calling of Soldier: Bushido fights for what he believes is right, and while he may be passionate about it he does not let it show. In fact, he goes out of his way to rein his emotions in, and to remain logical at all times.


Bushido's Ninja Force costume evokes the dread chill of the north. It includes a cyan shirt over a white T-shirt, loose-fitting cyan trousers, white shoes, white gloves, white wrist and ankle wraps, red and white belts and holsters, and a cyan and white samurai helmet.


Lloyd is a meditative type, not given to outbursts - verbal or otherwise. He always keeps his cool, no matter how hairy the situation around him is; he is the rock that others can lean on in a calamity. He's also very fond of his blood brother, Banzai.

Real Name: Lloyd S. Goldfine, Grade E-5
Occupation: GI Joe operative
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Ninja Force (GI Joe sub-team)

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: unrevealed
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Bushido has a deep respect for family tradition and pride, which is why he wears his father's samurai helmet. But the trick is that Bushido is not a samurai, oh no. He is an accomplished martial artist to be sure, but he has studied with ninjas, and uses their techniques.

Like his blood brother Banzai, Bushido is cool and collected in a fight, no matter how harrowing it may be. He has trained himself for years in the cold, to heighten his awareness of the environment and everything within, eventually spending time in Iceland remote.

Seeing his potential, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow trained Bushido even further, and when he was deemed ready, they recruited him for their Ninja Force; of course, as that's a GI Joe group, the would-be Ninja Force operative had to prove himself on the GI Joe training course.

After surviving a brutal examination and the GI Joe Obstacle Course, Bushido was indeed made a part of the team. Once he made the cut, Bushido donned his father's helmet anew, even though he isn't a samurai and regardless of what the actual Joe samurai, Budo, may think about it.

Walking a fine line between the GI Joe team's martial arts masters and their cold weather specialists, Bushido is happy to assist either group when a mission demands it - sometimes working with both at the same time. It's this versatility that makes him popular on the team.

He's no one-trick pony, that's for sure. And since the Night Creepers have copied his techniques and made their own snow ninjas, it's clear that Bushido is definitely onto something. Either way, no matter the circumstances, whenever they need him for a job he's more than ready to help!

1994 Variations


Inviso-Power Suit (i): an upgrade to Bushido's original costume, this uniform is equipped with specialized optic devices. Possibly based on Zartan's designs, these costumes effectively render their wearers invisible, doing so with intensity 10 ability.


Lloyd's Shadow Ninja costume evokes the dread chill of the north. It includes a cyan shirt over a white T-shirt, loose-fitting cyan trousers, white sneakers, white gloves, white wrist and ankle wraps, red and white belts and holsters, and a cyan and white samurai helmet.

While cosmetically identical, the difference is that Lloyd's second uniform is equipped with high-tech Inviso-Power. What this means is that the suit is essentially a cloaking device, allowing Nunchuk to fade in and out of visibility, per the suit description above.

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