GI Joe: 1994 Personnel and Equipment


Beach Head: one of the hardest, meanest Rangers ever to come out of Fort Benning, Wayne is a perfect addition to GI Joe, as his never-ending quest for personal perfection tends to rub off on others - even if it does so in a somewhat abrasive fashion! Availability:

Beach Head (MSH Classic)

Beach Head (4C System)

Beach Head (Marvel Saga)

Dial-Tone: an electronics whiz and ham radio expert before graduating high school, Jack enlisted to further his knowledge - but found military life an end unto itself. His sheer joy in working with his hobby helped him become the best RTO out there! Availability:

Dial-Tone (MSH Classic)

Dial-Tone (4C System)

Dial-Tone (Marvel Saga)

Flint: enlisting after he grew bored with the life of an academic, Flint utilized both his innate intelligence and brash confidence to excel in various elite specialties - which ultimately saw him being recruited onto the GI Joe team by Duke himself! Availability:

Flint (MSH Classic)

Flint (4C System)

Flint (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe: Joseph Colton was the founder and leader of the original GI Joe team. He literally has decades of combat experience, both that which has been publicized and that which is highly classified. Aside from possibly Duke, he may be the only man to serve on both incarnations of the GI Joe team! GI Joe comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Ice Cream Soldier: most Cobras go up against the Ice Cream Soldier not expecting all that much, due to the rather silly code name he's adopted. However, Tom-Henry is a flamethrower-wielding commando who's happy to exceed their expectations on the battle field every single time! the Ice Cream Soldier comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Lifeline: though some of the more action-oriented members of the GI Joe team may believe otherwise, Edwin is one of the group's most valuable members. An avowed pacifist, he will go out of his way to save another's life - even risking his own! Availability:

Lifeline (MSH Classic)

Lifeline (4C System)

Lifeline (Marvel Saga)

Shipwreck: born and raised around the San Diego Naval Grounds, young Hector X Delgado was practically fated to become a sailor - and he joined the Navy to do just that. He was good enough at his job to eventually become a Joe - and even a Navy SEAL! Availability:

Shipwreck (MSH Classic)

Shipwreck (4C System)

Shipwreck (Marvel Saga)

Snow Storm: originally a Cuban native, Guillermo works in about the last place you'd expect him to - the polar ice caps! He hates the cold, but he wound up being so darn good at hunting Vipers in the snow and ice that the Joes talked him into keeping at it! Snow Storm comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Stalker: though he started out as an urban warlord in Detroit, Lonzo cleaned up his act and joined the Army, quickly becoming one of its very best operatives. A qualified Ranger, helicopter pilot, and field medic, Lonzo is an invaluable GI Joe operative! Availability:

Stalker (MSH Classic)

Stalker (4C System)

Stalker (Marvel Saga)

Windchill: an avid hunter and ski mobile rider, Jim Steel was attempting to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Biathlon team when he was instead recruited onto the GI Joe team by Blizzard himself. Tempted by promises of high-octane thrills, Jim has indeed seen his fair share of action ever since. Windchill comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Shadow Ninjas:

Bushido: though he dresses like a samurai, Bushido was actually trained by Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. A newer member of the Ninja Force, he has trained to become the very first snow ninja, and excels in hand to hand combat no matter how cold it gets outside! Bushido comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Nunchuk: originally a student of the mysterious Blind Master, Ralph eventually came under the tutelage of Storm Shadow himself after his first sensei vanished, well, mysteriously. Soon after, he was skilled enough to join the GI Joe team, as a part of their Ninja Force! Nunchuk comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Snake-Eyes: a singularly mysterious man, the commando known only as Snake-Eyes has experienced nothing but tragedy in his life. However, he's persevered through the years, and become a true force to be reckoned with - as would any other ninja master! Availability:

Snake-Eyes (MSH Classic)

Snake-Eyes (4C System)

Snake-Eyes (Marvel Saga)

Storm Shadow: Tommy Arashikage, originally Cobra's greatest ninja, eventually broke free of that organization's influence. Turning his life around, he has since joined the GI Joe team, and works to make amends for his many dark deeds! Availability:

Storm Shadow (MSH Classic)

Storm Shadow (4C System)

Storm Shadow (Marvel Saga)

Star Brigade:

Countdown: chess master, electronics engineer, fighter pilot, shuttle commander. All of these things and more describe David, the Joe known as Countdown. Of course, while they paint the picture of a supremely capable GI Joe operative, they don't describe how boring the man can be. Countdown comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Effects: a demolitions expert and special effects wunderkingd, Aron Beck was brought onto the GI Joe team's Star Brigade in order to wield his impressive skills against Cobra. With pyrotechnics and sheer trickery, he's able to send the goons packing more often than not! Effects comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Gears: a technological genius, Joseph Morrone is the whiz-kid that saved the life of Greg Scott by transforming him into the one and only Robo-Joe! Advancing even that fellow's exoskeletal technology to a new level, Joseph (as GI Joe operative Gears) has built a small, powerful fighting armor! Gears comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Ozone: David is a dedicated ecologist who was mortified to learn that villains like Cobra were actually weaponizing toxins in order to use them against innocents. Wanting to protect both the earth and his fellow man, David joined the GI Joe team in order to fight these eco-terrorists! Ozone comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Payload: growing up in Cape Canaveral, Mark always wanted to go to space, and worked towards this goal his entire life. After becoming a bona fide astronaut, this former fighter pilot was picked to fly GI Joe's firt space craft, the mighty Defiant! Availability:

Payload (MSH Classic)

Payload (4C System)

Payload (Marvel Saga)

Roadblock: aspiring to be one of the world's greatest chefs since he was a child, Marvin put himself through the Escoffier School in France. Subsequently enlisting in the Army to learn from their chefs as well, Marvin became quite the machine gunner, too! Availability:

Roadblock (MSH Classic)

Roadblock (4C System)

Roadblock (Marvel Saga)

Sci-Fi: Seymour does everything slow; no matter how hard you try, you simply can't get the man to hurry anything along. Of course, that's what you want in someone who has to focus energy weapons onto targets a mile away: a whole lot of patience! Availability:

Sci-Fi (MSH Classic)

Sci-Fi (4C System)

Sci-Fi (Marvel Saga)

Space Shot: an inexplicable interstellar freighter pilot with a stubborn streak a mile wide, George A. Roberts was recruited onto the GI Joe team despite the activities of his mysterious benefactors. He's been put to good use since the day he survived the GI Joe entrance exam! Space Shot comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Blockbuster: a large 6WD vehicle, the Blockbuster is designed primarily for Arctic combat, but can be deployed in just about any environment (though its white paint job may hinder that some). It's armed with a massive pom-pom launcher and Gatling cannon bank, so watch out! The Blockbuster comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Manta Ray: built for night-time missions, the Manta Ray is an inflatable commando raft with a built in, 'bullet-proof' deck that rests atop the infatable portion of the craft. It's armed with a powerful missile launcher and is rated as a 'shark-proof' vehicle! The Manta Ray comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Razor-blade: a smaller helicopter, the GI Joe team's Razor-blade is just a little bit larger than its Locust, and about the same size as a Sky Hawk. However, its man purpose is not assault but rescue, for it's equipped to save folks in remote locations should they need it! The Razor-blade comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Star Brigade:

the GI Joe Power Fighter: an advancement of Robo-Joe's own space combat technology, the GI Joe Power Fighter is a small mech - a miniaturized (and much cheaper) version of the Armor Bot that the Joes can use to dominate any battle in space with! The GI Joe Power Fighter comes in Classic and Saga styles!

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