the Razor-blade

The Razor-blade is a small, chromed GI Joe helicopter that is primarily designed as a rescue craft, though it has one weapon just in case. The Razor-blade is small and quick, and is capable of lightning raids against ground-based opponents. It has these vehicular characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the Razor-blade is built to withstand severe punishment. It has an effective material strength of 10 for the purposes of taking damage, and its pilot benefits from a 'rocket proof' canopy, receiving +2 protection from physical attack.

Communications Array (i): the Razor-blade is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 6 communications power (with a 250 mile range) that benefits from intensity 10 signal encryption.

Flight / Levitation (a): the Razor-blade is a helicopter. This vehicle is designed to hover in place if necessary, or to take off or land without a runway. It can however also move very fast horizontally, with a top speed of around 180 miles per hour (intensity 6 flight)!

Missile Launcher (i): its sole armament (aside from ramming attacks!), the Razor-blade has a right-mounted missile pod. This box-launcher can store up to four air to ground missiles at once, though it only fires one per turn. These missiles each inflict intensity 11 damage.

Rescue Backpack (Passenger): the Razor-blade itself has no room for passengers. However it is a rescue craft, and a rescue backpack can be mounted on its skids. This can be used to strap in a Joe (or anyone else) who needs rescuing, allowing them to be carried off.

Extra Goodies:

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