the Power Fighter

After he was put to work in the GI Joe team's Star Brigade full time, Gears began to apply his unique brand of genius to the group's equipment. Already an expert in multiple fields, he started work on shrinking the team's oversized, albeit effective, Armor Bot.

The result is a much smaller mech. While it's more diminutive than the immense Armor Bot, and not a self-sealed system like the Star Brigade Armor, the Power Fighter is a happy medium between the two, offering the following to prospective GI Joe combatants:

Trait Enhancement: the GI Joe Power Fighter enhances the physical capabilities of its wearer (usually Gears) considerably. It will typically add to his or her traits in the following manner, within the limits provided below:

+1 RS

RV 30
+1 RS

RV 20
+3 RS

RV 40
+2 RS

RV 40
+1 RS

Body Armor: the GI Joe Power Fighter is made from sturdy materials, having an effective material value of 30. However, the occupant is only partially protected by its plating, and thus, has but rank value 10 protection from attack, as follows:

RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0 / RV 0

Communications Gear: the GI Joe Power Fighter has a built in communication rig, one with a significant range; space is pretty vast, after all. This gear has rank value 50 communications range (5,000 miles), that features rank value 30 signal encryption.

Laser Cannons: both of the GI Joe Power Fighter's right arms are laser cannons. Each of these is configured differently, but both can be fired to inflict rank value 20 Armor Piercing Energy damage per deadly blast - and have a line-of-sight range in vacuum!

Radar Unit: the GI Joe Power Fighter has a dedicated radar unit built in, with a convenient command screen for its operator that rests in his or her field of vision. It can be used to track targets with rank value 4 ability (1 mile range).

Rocket Launcher: the upper left arm of the Power Fighter is an oversized rocket launcher! It can fire up to three projectiles at once, adding a +1 RS to the listed damage if at least two of the projectiles (in a multi-rocket salvo) hits. They have these capabilities:

RV 20
RV 50
RV 20
RV 30 Slashing (fragmentary)

Slasher Saw: the lower left arm of the Power Fighter has a large, diamond-tipped circular saw mounted on. This weapon can be used to inflict the Power Fighter operator's Brawn value +1 RS in Slashing damage, and is Armor Piercing in nature.

1994 Variations

Cobra's Power Fighter

As Destro did with GI Joe's Star Brigade Armors, Cobra stole technical information regarding the construction of the Joes' Power Fighters as soon as they knew of its existence. This allowed them to build their very own Power Fighters, though they changed things up a little.

While both GI Joe and Cobra Power Fighters have the same capabilities, the former comes in white with blue trim, while the latter features silver or green accents. Furthermore, the weaponry moved around considerably, but everything the Joes' Power Fighter can do, Cobra's can as well.

And, finally, Cobra's changed the circular saw into a chainsaw. Because hey, chainsaws!

Extra Goodies:

the Power Fighter 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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