Hand Size:
3 (17)




the Joe-Com (i): this is a new device given to all Joes since the group's reactivation. This high-tech wristband functions as an audio/video transceiver with various other goodies built in to help a soldier on the go, and is described in greater detail in its own equipment entry.

Laser Pistol (a): his primary sidearm while in space, this directed energy weapon has proven to be Joseph's friend time and time again. He can fire this device to inflict his Agility +6 in energy damage with each deadly blast - and it has no kickback, like most guns!

Power Fighter (i): a suit of his own design, the Power Fighter is an extension of the armor technology pioneered by Robo-Joe. This powerful exoskeleton is heavily armed, letting Joseph easily dominate a battle in space, and is described in its own vehicular entry.

Space Suit (s): when he has to 'step out' into space, Joseph will usually be seen in his space suit; he typically wears it while on the job anyway (just in case), but it's not always totally sealed up unless he's on a walk. Joseph's space suit has these capabilities:

* Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance (s): a self-sealing, pressurized suit, Joseph's uniform offers him +10 protection against these damage forms, a necessity when working in the cold, hard vacuum of space (if you want to last a while, at least).

* Life Support (s): finally, Joseph's helmet has a built in oxygen rebreather installed within, which helps to recycle his air - so that he need not carry about a bulky supply of pressurized, breathable atmosphere. This device works at intensity 2 for air (two day supply).




Boxing (s): while he prefers to work with his high tech toys, Joseph has been well trained in the fine art of unarmed combat by the military. He can divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Electronics (i): supplementing his engineering skills, Joseph has mastered the fine art of electronics as well. Whenever he needs to design, build or repair anything electrical, Joseph should make applicable Intellect actions at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Marksmanship (a): an essential portion of his military training, Joseph has been taught how to wield most conventional firearms. Whether he's holding a standard, semi-automatic or fully automatic rifle or pistol, or even a shotgun, Joseph may do so at a reduced difficulty.

Mechanics (i): Joseph is a mechanical genius, and has developed powerful combat armor above and beyond anything else used on earth (even better than Robo-Joe's). A world class engineer, Joseph gains the benefit of an autotrump when designing or building things.

Military / United States (w): Joseph has joined the military to learn how to build things - and has gotten a lot more than he bargained for! In addition to his understanding of the SOP, Joseph also has the ability to work well with combat groups of any variety.


Explorer: Joseph loves to expand his knowledge, and is always working on some high tech gizmo or another. It's the real reason he joined the military in the first place; though there's the whole 'line of fire' thing, the Army's got some of the best engineers around...!


Joseph's GI Joe uniform is a functional space suit! It consists of a gray suit beneath blue padding on the chest, upper arms, thighs and torso. It has blue boots and gloves, as well as a blue belt to hold accessories, and a silver helmet with a green visor.


Joseph loves all things high tech. From directed energy weapons to powered armor, bleeding edge technology really gets him going. Famed for his radical creations, Joseph enjoys nothing more than to create new gizmos, but the man isn't all that good in relating to people.

Real Name: Joseph A. Morrone, Grade O-3
Occupation: military engineer, research and development
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Star Brigade (GI Joe sub-group)

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 155 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Joseph has always had an affinity for artificial things, especially where building them is concerned. He's the kind of guy that would wear out Legos, or require regular replacement for engineering kits. He's always cooking up new toys in his mind, and then trying to make them a reality.

Wanting to do this for a living instead of just as a hobby, Joseph enlisted in the military in order to get the training he needed for such. His true genius impressed his superiors though, and they offered him one revolutionary project after another to keep him interested in the Army.

Growing a reputation for being a whiz kid, Joseph is one of the people the GI Joe team turned to when they needed to save the life of their chief armor architect, Greg Scott. Mortally wounded by Destro when that villain stole some of his combat armor plans, Greg was fading fast.

The reason the Joes brought him to Joseph was that they thought perhaps, using the man's armor tech, they could save poor Greg. Using the prototype space combat armor suit that Greg had developed, along with a variety of modifications both technological and biological, Joseph was successful!

Reborn as Robo-Joe, Greg proceeded to lay waste to various Cobra operations in space, whether in orbit or beyond! Encouraged by this, the Joes brought Joseph on as a full-time member, and once he could pass the grueling entrance exams, they put him back to work a.s.a.p.!

Working hard to improve on the already impressive gear that ol' Robo-Joe had built for the team, Joseph had constructed a prototype combat armor suit that was even more versatile and heavily armed - if slightly less armored - than the standard Star Brigade battle suits.

Before the suits could go into production though, they had to be proven in the field. So Joseph joined the Star Brigade proper, and engaged in a variety of missions with the team in order to prove his gear is as good as it seems to be. And while it was, it was never produced.

This is because the GI Joe team was deactivated for several years, leaving Joseph to return to the workbench instead of outer space - a drastic change, to be sure. When the Joes were reactivated a few years later, Joseph didn't leap back into action with the rest of the Joes.

However, he's more than ready to help develop ever-newer technology for the group, in order to keep up with Cobra's shenanigans. Mind you, when the Joes need 'everyone' to deal with one of Cobra's more drastic schemes, Joseph is happy to pick up his laser cannon and get busy!

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