the Ninja Lightning Cycle

Though they're possessed of incredible speed and skill, the GI Joe Ninja Force sometimes needs to get somewhere even faster. That's when they hop on the Ninja Lightning Cycle. This vehicle is a combat-ready motorcycle of dark purple hue, with neon yellow reinforced tires.

It's built to move fast and quiet, and has a slight stealth component to its operations. Of course, this stealth is negated when the driver of the Ninja Lightning Cycle opens up with the missile launcher sidecar! The Ninja Lightning has these vehicular characteristics:

Ex 20
Mn 75
Gd 10
Sh 0

Communications Gear: the Ninja Lightning Cycle is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for Good (10) communications power (with a 25 mile range), that features Remarkable (30) ranked signal encryption.

Missile Launcher: the sole armament on the Ninja Lightning Cycle is housed in its sidecar. This contraption can fire two surface-to-surface missiles, and if both are fired at once, they can inflict +1 CS damage if both hit. They have these vehicular capabilities:

Ex 20
Mn 75
Ex 20
Excellent (20) Edged Attack (fragmentary)

Plasto-glass Wind Screen: this composite material wind screen helps to keep the driver of the Ninja Lightning Cycle free of road debris. It provides Good (10) protection from incoming frontal attacks - assuming they're aimed at the driver, and not its wheels.

Stealth: despite its bright coloring, the Ninja Lightning Cycle is a stealthy ride. At least in the acoustic sense, for it is built with multiple sound baffles and streamlining to deaden its engine noise. You usually won't hear it until it's within your area (Feeble (2) sound stealth).

2004 Variations

GI Joe

While the original Ninja Lightning Cycle was a fast and maneuverable tool for the Ninja Force, it had a few issues. There was its conspicuous color scheme for one, as well as the missile-launching side car; both of these detracted from its practicality, and its 'cool' factor.

A decade later, the concept was revisited. Repainted primarily in black, with red trim and chrome bits, the new Ninja Lightning Cycle incorporated the launcher into the vehicle chassis itself. Aside from only carrying one missile, it otherwise functions the same.


As they often do, Cobra just stole GI Joe plans for a device instead of spending time developing their own from scratch. As such, Cobra's Ninja Lightning Cycle works the same as the Joe vehicle, though it was recolored in white with gray trim, matching Storm Shadow's colors.

2005 Variations

A year after perfecting the design of the Ninja Lightning Cycle, GI Joe put out another model, this time in Kamakura's colors. It also works the same as the 2004 model(s), but is available in sea green instead of black, replacing its red trim with gray as Cobra had done.

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