the Mudbuster

The GI Joe team's Mudbuster is another in a long line of their 4WD all-terrain vehicles. This beast comes in cyan, and is armed with a brutal ramming bumper and a launcher which fires missiles or a vehicular grappling hook. The Mudbuster has these characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the Mudbuster is built tough. It has an armored radiator, a stiffened roll bar, and modular 'monster truck' wheels (complete with self-sealing foam), a total package that provides the vehicle an m.s. of 10 and provides like, or +2, armor.

Communications Array (i): the Mudbuster is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range), which features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Launcher (i): the bed of the Mudbuster is armed with a launcher which can rotate in 360 degrees. It can be loaded with a conventional missile payload or an immense grappling hook, which can be used to uproot trees or even pull down small structures!

The hook ties to a winch which can pull with a Strength of 14, enough to topple some buildings and tip over most vehicles. The missile, on the other hand, inflicts intensity 10 fragmentary damage to everything within near missile distance of where it detonates.

Passenger Space: though it's not huge, the Mudbuster has room for many Joes. It can hold two in its armored cab, one Joe on each side via the running boards, several Joes in the rear cargo space (it is a truck), and at least one hanging onto the rear bumper in a pinch.

Propulsion (a): the Mudbuster is not only tough, but it's quick on its monster truck tires. The thing has a maximum speed of over 100 miles per hour on level ground (intensity 4), though it usually peaks at 60 MPH on less predictable (i.e., bumpy) terrain.

Rollbar (s): supplementing the protection of the Mudbuster's occupants, its rollbar also provides them extra defense against crashing damage. In the event of a crash (likely) or roll, the Mudbuster's occupants gain an additional +1 protection from crash damage.

Smash 'n Bash Bumper (s): the Mudbuster's huge front bumper is hard - it has a +2 m.s. for the purposes of ramming attacks. Furthermore, it can actually project outwards, striking targets while the vehicle is immobile to inflict intensity 12 crushing damage!

Extra Goodies:

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