the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK)

The FLAK (Field Light Attack Cannon) is essentially a really big gun. This Howitzer cannon is a 105mm assault weapon that can be used to attack all kinds of targets, from stationary enemy fortifications to mobile land and air vehicles. However, it isn't very mobile.

While the FLAK lacks wheels for convenient transportation, it does make up for that in sheer, field-proven versatility. The FLAK itself fires shells that, on impact, inflict damage per a +8 weapon, damage that is equally applied to everything within near missile range of their impact.

This assumes that the FLAK is load with conventional ammunition. The FLAK can be armed with smoke canisters (to obscure enemy vision), flares (to light up a given area), rocket-assisted projectiles, and more - all of which function at intensity 10.

The FLAK is assisted in its functions by these additional features:

Remote Laser-Assisted Sighting Camera (w): the FLAK's combat efficiency is enhanced by this electronics suite, which eases the acquisition of target solutions for the cannon's operator, increasing his ability to hit mobile targets by 1, and stationary targets by 2.

Stabilizer Legs (a): the FLAK is fully equipped with hydraulic stabilizer legs, enabling it to be utilized in almost any solid terrain. Deepest desert, darkest jungle, or iciest tundra - it makes no difference, as the FLAK can fire the same in any of these terrains.

2013 Variations

the Night FLAK

Though it has proven effective for decades, the GI Joe Night Force team saw fit to make a slight variation on the FLAK for its own use in 2013. Functionally identical, the Night FLAK nonetheless features a stealthy black paint job for nocturnal operations.

Extra Goodies:

FLAK Saga System 13 Text File Download

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