the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV)

The Rough Terrain Vehicle is an odd ride the Joes tested out on at least one occasion. It's a prefabricated all-terrain freight hauler (like an off-road tractor trailer), that is designed to be assembled on-site by a minimum crew of six, doing so in about a half hour.

The RTV is made of little steel, being constructed from plastic, aluminum, and foam composites. It looks like a bizarre, futuristic moon-rover, having six extra-large tires, a telescoping cab, and a built-in crane used to load and unload cargo. The RTV has these vehicular characteristics:

RV 6
RV 10
RV 40
RV 20

.30 Cal Turrets: the forward cab of the RTV is armed with four powerful gun mounts, each of which can be fired to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage in a semi-auto burst, +1 RS in a full-auto volley. They're supplemented with enough ammunition to fire for quite some time.

Cabin Pivot: the RTV's driver compartment is mounted on a telescoping arm mechanism, allowing it to elevate up to ten feet over the body of the RTV itself, and twenty feet over the ground in general (assuming a level surface). This gives it exceptional fire superiority in a pinch.

Communications Suite: the RTV is armed with a fully functional, multi-frequency radio transceiver. This device can radio another system anywhere within 1000 miles, doing so at an effective rank value of 40. It also has communications scrambling technology of like effectiveness.

Crane: the RTV can likely carry at least ten tons worth of cargo, and the crane that loads it has to be able to manipulate a like amount of weight. As such, this crane can be assumed to have at least rank value 40 lifting brawn for these purposes.

Off-Road Tires: these massive tires, ten feet in diameter, are built to withstand the roughest terrain, and can take the RTV almost anywhere. Filled with self-sealing foam, these tires are of m.v. 30, and can withstand a like amount of damage before being destroyed.

Extra Goodies:

RTV 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

GI Joe directories featuring a version of the RTV:


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