the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM)

The Rapid Fire Motorcycle, or RAM, is a small yet quick combat vehicle that the Joes can use in fast strike operations, or where mobility is vital to a mission. It has a material strength of 10, and is equipped with a bevy of useful devices and hardware for the driver's use, such as:

20mm Electronic Gatling Cannon (a): this weapon, mounted almost like a side car (with its own wheel, to boot), can fire bursts capable of inflicting damage per a +7 weapon. It's got oodles of ammo to spare, as well, allowing for several such bursts before it needs to be reloaded.

Communications Suite (i): the RAM is equipped with a radio transceiver system, allowing the driver to send battle-field data to a central command, and then receive new orders in turn. This functions at intensity 7, and has a maximum range of about 100 miles.

Gear Cases (s): the RAM has, spread about it, various cases filled with useful gear. It has a fully stocked first aid kit, tool kit, explosives kit (Remarkable (30) intensity), and a small case for a spare pistol and ammo, should the RAM's 20mm Gatling cannon fail for some reason.

Halogen Headlamps (i): the RAM is equipped with one exceptionally powerful halogen light bulb, allowing it to illuminate an area with intensity 8 light. This isn't a blinding attack, per se, unless somebody's looking right into it, of course.

Passengers: though it isn't properly designed with the task in mind, the RAM can carry one passenger in addition to its driver. This passenger must ride piggyback, of course, and is even more likely to be popped off the vehicle in the event of an impact or even a particularly sharp turn.

Propulsion (a): the RAM moves very, very quickly, whether it does so on or off road. Effectively possessing this 'power' at intensity 4, the RAM can scuttle about at an impressive speed of 95 miles per hour, with a maximum range of 450 miles.

Radome (w): this miniature Radar allows the RAM's driver to track various ground and airborne targets, even if they should be out of sight; as long as no physical obstruction lies between the RAM and the target, the bike's driver can keep tabs on them within a fifty mile range.

Self-Sealing Magnesium Tires (s): the RAM's tires are highly resistant to damage, being filled with a puncture-sealing foam that acts almost instantaneously, and having magnesium wheel frames. This makes them resistant to damage at intensity 13 (effective m.s.).

1986 Variations

the Ground Assault Motorcycle

The GI Joe team's RAMs are natural targets for the Dreadnoks, a fact that has earned them the ire of Rock 'n Roll, no doubt. They make off with these things at every opportunity, and then redecorate them in their own, tacky colors. They otherwise function the same, however.

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