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Like the large majority of the Joes, Alvin R. Kibbey is 'merely' a normal human. However, he is an exceptionally bright and effective human, having been trained in all manner of communications technology, and can speak in seven languages.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Colt 1911A1 Sidearm: since he presents an appealing target in a firefight (as a communications officer), Breaker always carries a firearm with him on missions. This powerful gun can inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage per shot, raised by +1 RS in a semi-automatic burst.

Communications Gear: since it's his job to radio in status reports and requests for assistance, air strikes, etc., Breaker carries this pack with him whenever on a mission. It has rank value 20 communications range (100 miles, give or take), and a built-in fax machine!

This unit is primarily a back-mounted affair, though it also has a helmet-mounted headpiece, so Breaker doesn't have to hold a phone while using the radio. This also allows him to use the radio while in a firefight - rather useful, that.

Grenade: Breaker typically carries one grenade on his person during Joe operations, should he need to blow something up... a lot. This device will inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage to everyone and everything inside the sector it detonates within.

Helmet: if not otherwise replaced by some equipment on a mission, Breaker usually wears a standard-issue Army helmet while 'on the job'. This item offers him rank value 10 protection against any attack that strikes him on any part of his head besides his face.

Survival Knife: in the event that he must cut a rope, parachute or somebody else, Breaker carries this blade on his person as part of his standard uniform. He can use it to inflict rank value 6 Slashing damage, or cut through materials of up to m.v. 30.


Unpleasant Habits: Breaker is constantly chewing gum and blowing bubbles, a trait that, more than anything else, just grates on the nerves over time. This tends to make people treat him as if his Repute were -2 RS in value. Not that his friends seem to mind all that much.


Electronics: having been highly trained in the use and maintenance of all NATO communications gear, Breaker can use any such devices easily. Also, he can patch them back together in the event that they get broken (or, occasionally, shot). He does so at his Intellect value +1 RS.

Guns: as part of his basic training, Breaker has been schooled in the use of various standard, semiautomatic, and fully automatic firearms by the US military. He can use these weapons at his Coordination trait +1 RS. This skill doesn't cover advanced energy weapons, however.

Languages: one aspect of Breaker's communications training was an intense immersion in several languages. In addition to English, Breaker can speak six other, as of yet undefined languages. However, it's likely that Russian is one such language, all things considered.

Martial Arts style A: Breaker's basic training has given him the means to utilize his body as a natural weapon. His specific unarmed combat training allows him to inflict Pound or Concuss results against a body regardless of his or his opponent's comparative Brawn or Fortitude values.

Military: having been a member of the Army for years, Breaker can draw upon that experience instinctually. This allows him to easily interpret military commands, the chain of command itself, and military protocols. Also, he gains the Military as a free contact.


As a member of the GI Joe team, Breaker can rely upon those heroes for aid in a pinch, especially since he's seemingly on every one of their missions. Furthermore, as a Joe, he can request aid from most any military branch while on a mission, as the Joes are that important.


Like most of the original Joes, Breaker wears a simple pair of Army greens while on the job, adorned with twin shoulder harnesses to hold his gun, a grenade, and a survival knife. Also, he wears shiny black boots and a black belt (but not a karate black belt, mind you).


When he first joined the Joe team, Breaker was a rather naive, almost innocent fellow, and his constant gum-chewing and bubble blowing put you in mind of a simple teen-ager. Not that he cared, of course, because he knew he was an effective communications officer.

Over time, Breaker grew into a seasoned veteran, though he hardly gave up his youthful enthusiasm and cheer, and gleefully participated in most Joe missions, even if they were rather dangerous. After all, he was in it for the adventure!

Real Name: Alvin R. Kibbey, Grade E-3 (later E-5)
Occupation: GI Joe communications officer
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: presumably single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: like his good pal Clutch, Breaker often sported a full beard, or the occasional stubbly look.


Always fascinated with CB radio as a youth, Breaker found he enjoyed the idea of being able to talk to everyone. Everyone. This is why he worked hard to master languages... as many as he could. In fact, by the time he enlisted in the Army, Breaker had mastered seven!

He didn't make a big deal of this, though, simply going through the motions to get a job doing what he loved - talking on the radio. Training as a communications officer, Breaker eventually made a critical misstep, and was caught decrypting top secret transmissions.

This, of course, simply to prove he could. This got him the attention of the Army's CID, not to mention one Colonel Clatyon Abernathy, who was in the process of assembling a highly trained special mission force: the team that would eventually become GI Joe!

Personally interviewing Breaker, the Colonel chose him for both his character and ability to serve as the team's radio man, a job he performed well since his very first mission - the rescue of Dr. Adele Burkhart, the 'Lady Doomsday', who was being held by Cobra.

After that, Breaker quickly went on to be a part of most every Joe mission for the next three years, after which he and most of the other original Joes, were taken off active duty for a time, and given desk jobs. For him, however, this sounded like a great time for a vacation!

So, with both Rock 'n Roll and Clutch, he made his way to California, to sample the Malibu beach waves that Rock 'n Roll was bragging about so much. However, they never made it there, because they got in the way of one of the Dreadnoks' vehicular rampages.

After Ripper slashed up Rock 'n Roll's Bel Air, he chased the three thugs down, though they tricked him into swerving off the road with Zartan's hologram-generating motorcycle, and he inadvertently hit the side of a tunnel, which injured all three of the Joes in the car.

Though wounded, the Joes managed to track down the Dreadnoks later, once they'd stopped to thrash up an air base, and even captured Buzzer. Though he eventually escaped, at least the trio of Joes got even with him by breaking his special bike, thus getting him in trouble with Zartan!

After this debacle, Breaker continued on with the Joes, working as the head communications officer for the Pit, the Joe's headquarters. Also, despite his officially being off active duty, he managed to participate in several high-profile operations with the Joe team.

Such missions include the invasion of Cobra-controlled Springfield, their secret American base, as well as assisting Serpentor's army in the Cobra Island civil war. Breaker's last mission, however, was in the deserts of Trucial Abysmia.

On a 'simple' mission to destroy several Cobra Terror Dromes in the middle-eastern country, the Joe team sent in was totally unprepared for the vast Cobra military force present in the country, and Breaker, along with several wounded Joes, was captured by Cobra forces.

Shortly afterward, several prisoners were cruelly gunned down by the so-called Saw-Viper, though some of the Joes managed to get away during this carnage, stealing a Cobra vehicle to get away. Breaker managed to radio the Joes for help, but he was killed right afterward.

You see, the Cobra forces chasing the Joes in their stolen vehicle caught up to it, and utterly destroyed it while it fled. Breaker, along with several other Joes in the vehicle were killed in this blast, and only three of the fleeing Joes managed to escape this fate.

Once this whole nightmare was settled, Breaker's body was recovered, and he was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, along with all the other Joes slain on this mission gone wrong. His old pals, Clutch and Rock 'n Roll, still visit his grave from time to time.

1997 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Mirrored Helmet: this Army helmet comes equipped with a ray-shielded visor, which comes in handy when you work with lasers for a living. Its visor is proof against most light based attacks of up to rank value 40 intensity, protecting Breaker's eyes from all but the strongest beams.

XMLR-1A Laser Rifle: this experimental, shoulder-braced Army weapon is, essentially, the military's first step towards the utilization of energy weapons. It can fire a cutting beam of any intensity up to rank value 30, which inflicts similar Energy damage to Breaker's chosen targets.

Additional Talents:

Advanced Guns: in addition to taking on Flash's original hardware, Breaker has been properly trained in its use, as well as that of various other directed energy weapons. Whenever operating such high tech weaponry, Breaker may improve his attack rank value by +1 RS.


Breaker's second uniform includes green and brown camouflage pants and a green, snap-up vest, complemented with black leather boots, a black belt, and brown shoulder pads. This is assuming that you make use of this anomalous version of Breaker's character (see below).

* Note: Though Breaker died in the Trucial Abysmia incident, another Breaker figure was released in 1997, along with a revised version of the Abysmal events - one that stated that he didn't die so much as was severely wounded, and hospitalized for years.

His version 2 equipment and uniform information have been included for the sake of completeness. Stick with this apparent resurrection or call it an 'earth 2' Breaker, whichever you prefer, but at least with this you have the ability to choose your poison.

Extra Goodies:

Breaker 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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