the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP)

The JUMP, or Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit, is like many other GI Joe devices in that it is highly experimental. It is essentially a back-mounted rocket pack that gives the Joe wearing it exceptional air-based mobility, and possesses these characteristics:

Ex 20
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Attached to the JUMP as a sort of sidearm is a laser rifle similar to that which Flash himself wields, one that can be discharged to inflict Good (10) Armor Piercing Energy damage with each deadly burst, and can fire about ten shots before it needs to be recharged.

The JUMP, with its top speed of 150 miles per hour, can fly for up to two hours at a time. The controls for the pack, along with an infrared sight (for a +1 CS to hit) are located on top of the laser rifle - allowing its pilot to effectively fly and shoot at the same time.

The JUMP's operation is enhanced by these features:

Control Station: this computer is linked to the JUMP, allowing it to run diagnostic tests on the unit, as well as properly monitor the rocket pack while it is in use. It can track the JUMP with Excellent (20) ability, doing so as long as the pack is within 100 miles.

Gear Cases: the JUMP has, spread about its other features, various cases filled with useful gear. It has a fully stocked first aid kit, tool kit, and a few spare parts should the rocket pack get damaged slightly while being used in the field.

Launch Pad: this VTOL platform, especially designed for use with the JUMP, is built from a lightweight magnesium frame, but topped with a titanium landing pad, which can easily resist the flames and thrust generated by the JUMP taking off and landing.

Refueling Stations: the JUMP is usually mounted on a special rack adjacent to its launch pad, one that hooks into the fuel pump of the rocket pack, and the power pack of the laser rifle. Assuming a ready supply of fuel and electricity, the JUMP can be used in the field long-term.

2016 Variations

Sky Patrol JUMPs

Though GI Joe has made use of the JUMP on and off over the years, this mostly involved using extant supplies of the vehicle. The Sky Patrol fixed this in '16, manufacturing several new JUMPs from scratch, though these didn't come with their chromium radar stealth technology.

Cobra JUMPs

Not installing its top secret, metal-based radar invisibility technology into its new JUMPs was ultimately a good plan, becase Cobra took advantage of Sky Patrol's new manufacturing to steal its plans and make their own, red and silver variations on the vehicle soon afterwards.

Extra Goodies:

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