Cobra's 2016 Personnel and Equipment


Aero-Vipers: pilots of Cobra's Hydra Fighter-Bomber, the Aero-Vipers corps constantly train their bodies to withstand the same punishment that their Strato-Viper counterparts can absorb - but they manage to do so without surgical augmentation! Availability:

Aero-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Aero-Vipers (4C System)

Aero-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Battle Android Troopers: BATs are mass-produced in various Cobra Island factories, using factory seconds for microprocessors and mechanical components built in third world sweat shops. Though dumb as hammers, BATs are heavily armed and dangerous! Availability:

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (MSH Classic)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (4C System)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (Marvel Saga)

Heli-Vipers: fearless aerobatic stuntmen, the Heli-Vipers are the stars amongst Cobra's rotary-winged pilot operatives. Personally chosen by the Commander himself, each of these elite operatives prove their worth in an insanely dangerous qualification course! Availability:

Heli-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Heli-Vipers (4C System)

Heli-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Interrogator: an international man of mystery, little is known about the background of the Cobra operative called the Interrogator. His frightening ability to pry secrets out of other people is notorious, however, which is why he is feared by friend and foe alike! Availability:

Interrogator (MSH Classic)

Interrogator (4C System)

Interrogator (Marvel Saga)

Night Creepers: amoral contractors who often provide their services to Cobra, the Night Creepers are a deadly mystery. Investment bankers, mercenaries, burglars, and spies, this lethal band of high tech ninjas perform covert ops work for the Commander! Availability:

Night Creepers (MSH Classic)

Night Creepers (4C System)

Night Creepers (Marvel Saga)

SAW-Vipers: bearers of Cobra's Squad Attack Weapons, SAW-Vipers bring the firepower. They're strong enough to haul their heavy weaponry and ordnance anywhere needed, and are usually more than happy to discharge every bullet they bring along! Availability:

SAW-Vipers (MSH Classic)

SAW-Vipers (4C System)

SAW-Vipers (Marvel Saga)


Air Devils: while Night Vultures sometimes fight Cobra's enemies while looting their lines, their Air Devils have the inverse job. They descend upon the enemy to sabotage personnel and equipment however they can, and only relieve their gear as an afterthought. Availability:

Air Devils (MSH Classic)

Air Devils (4C System)

Air Devils (Marvel Saga)

Night Vultures: covert insertion operatives, the ranks of the Night Vultures may be joined by any Cobra who can demonstrate the ability to survive a five mile glide without warning - and then return with as much loot as they can carry from enemy territory! Availability:

Night Vultures (MSH Classic)

Night Vultures (4C System)

Night Vultures (Marvel Saga)

Sky Creeper: leader of the Night Vultures, Sky Creeper has spent his life committing various crimes with gliders. After being recruited by the Dreadnoks in prison, Sky Creeper wound up joining Cobra, ultimately finding himself in charge of their ADDERS! Availability:

Sky Creeper (MSH Classic)

Sky Creeper (4C System)

Sky Creeper (Marvel Saga)


the Hydra: developed after years of watching the Sky Sweeper Jet in action, Cobra's Hydra made use of reverse engineering to reproduce that fighter-bomber's capabilities precisely. Of course, they naturally renamed and recolored their own version, but still. Availability:

the Hydra (MSH Classic)

the (4C System) Hydra

the Hydra (Marvel Saga)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP): though Cobra has produced many jet packs over the years, they never quite managed one as reliable as GI Joe's JUMPs - that is, until Sky Patrol modernized its manufacturing techniques, thus allowing Cobra to steal them! Availability:

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (MSH Classic)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (4C System)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (Marvel Saga)

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