the Sky Sweeper Jet

The Sky Sweeper Jet (not the original Sky Sweeper, used by Battle Force 2000) is a stealth fighter designed similarly to the B-2, but, you know, smaller. It's highly diminutive, giving it even less of a radar signature than its ancestor (whose 'footprint' was already pretty small).

Of course, the Sky Sweeper Jet's main feature isn't its radar invisibility. No, this thing is built with espionage in mind, and can launch a tiny air vehicle with Cobra markings on it (for stealthy insertions or the like). The Sky Sweeper Jet has these vehicular characteristics:

Body Armor (s): in addition to being quite fast and sneaky, the Sky Sweeper Jet is rather durable. The craft is built to withstand heavy Cobra anti-aircraft efforts, and has an effective m.s. of 12, offering its pilot like, or +3, protection from injury.

Communications Array (i): the Sky Sweeper Jet is equipped with an extremely powerful, gigahertz-frequency, frequency-wobbler radio system. This makes for intensity 9 radio transception (with a 500 mile range), that features intensity 10 signal encryption - not bad at all, that.

Flight (a): the primary characteristic of the Sky Sweeper Jet is that it is an aircraft. The 'flying wing' design of the Sky Sweeper Jet allows it to fly in a stealthy manner, doing so at speeds that top out just over the speed of sound (750 miles per hour, or intensity 10 flight).

Invisibility to Radar (i): the Sky Sweeper Jet's very shape, along with the placement of its engines, its 'black ball' radar-absorbing paint, and heat-dispersing geometry affords it considerable invisibility to radar systems, shielding the craft from such with intensity 12 ability.

Machine Guns (a): on each side of the Sky Sweeper Jet's cockpit lies a machine gun. These guns are always fired in tandem, inflicting one's Agility +7 in damage when discharging short bursts of lead, or their Agility +8 in damage when both are fired continuously.

Missile Launchers (i): the Sky Sweeper Jet has two missile launchers, each hidden within the frame of the craft until secret panels open up (to maintain its stealth). These missiles inflict intensity 11 fragmentary damage when fired singly, raised by +1 when both strike a target at once.

Radar Array (w): the Sky Sweeper Jet has a radar unit, but usually depends on passive radar signal detection to preserve its stealth capabilities. When active, however, its radar can detect targets with intensity 5 ability, functioning within a 100 mile range.

Spy Plane (i): instead of holding bombs, the bomb bay of the Sky Sweeper Jet contains a very small aircraft, almost a micro-jet. This vehicle only has two front-mounted, linked machine guns (-1 to those listed above), and is highly fragile (m.s. of only 7).

But then it's even smaller than a Firebat, essentially being a sealed, sled-like vehicle with small wings in the rear to act as control surfaces, and a powerful jet to push it through the air. The Sky Sweeper Jet's spy plane has intensity 7 flight (about 300 miles per hour).

2004 Variations

the Sky Sweeper Jet

While the first iteration of the Sky Sweeper Jet featured Navy blue coloration, and its spy plane was maroon in hue, the 2004 model switched this up. While everything else remains per the above, the '04 Sky Sweeper Jet is matte black in hue, and its spy plane comes in gunmetal gray.

2016 Variations

the Hydra

Its technology standing up over the years, the technology behind GI Joe's Sky Sweeper Jet was eventually stolen by Cobra, and reconstituted into its Hydra. This Cobra blue aircraft features updated electronics and a similarly-hued spy plane, but is otherwise identical to its predecessors.

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