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As are the vast majority of GI Joe operatives, Agent Delta is naught but a normal human. While he has exceptional skills and experience in both military and clandestine activities, the man has no special powers or high tech equipment to speak of.

Known Powers:



Additional Equipment: Lorcan occasionally has additional gear handy, depending on whatever shady task he's perpetrating at any given time. This can range from body armor to automatic weapons to rocket propelled grenades to explosive devices - whatever's related to the job at hand.

Knife: when all else fails, it pays to have a blade handy for the purposes of knifing someone. Lorcan keeps that advice in mind, using this m.v. 40 weapon to inflict Slashing damage in melee or to cut through items of like m.v. when necessary.

Sidearm: in the even that he doesn't have the time to set up a perfect shot, Lorcan carries a backup piece. He can fire this secondary weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, +1 RS in a semi-automatic hail of lead.

Sniper Rifle: an expert marksman, Lorcan has been tapped for all manner of unsavory tasks by Cobra Commander over the years - often to kill targets from afar. Lorcan can fire this bolt action rifle to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage with each deadly shot.




Crime: after finding himself under the thumb of Cobra Commander, Lorcan picked up a variety of illicit abilities as a matter of necessity. He should receive a +1 RS on efforts to disguise himself, hide from or spot police, or even when picking locks or breaking and entering.

Detective / Espionage: in addition to his time in the conventional military, Lorcan has worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for a number of years - which is likely why he was chosen to infiltrate Cobra in the first place. His Intellect should be considered +1 RS in clandestine matters.

Guns 2: above and beyond the skills of most military men, Lorcan has practiced with firearms until he was an expert with such. The man may wield any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol as if his Coordination was +2 RS higher than is indicated above.

Martial Arts style B: a must for all military men, this skill describes Lorcan's ability to defend himself without weaponry. He may attempt any unarmed fighting maneuver, from punches to kicks to head butts, as if his Melee was +1 RS in value.

Military / United States: the source of his combat talents, this skill serves as an origin of sorts for Lorcan. It describes his innate understanding of the Army's Standard Operating Procedure, and he can easily function in any modern fighting unit with little difficulty.


Lorcan has few contacts to speak of. He's legally dead as far as most of the world is concerned, so no one would likely even believe him if he told them who he really was. His few reliable contacts include Duke and the Joes he worked with during World War III.


Lorcan didn't really have a costume, per se, much less a uniform; he was undercover most of the time. When seen during World War III, his ensemble included a long-sleeved black sweater (or T-shirt), blue jeans, black combat boots, and sometimes an Army green vest.


Lorcan is haunted by the actions he committed to maintain his deep cover within Cobra. Though he's been in deep with those terrorists over the years, he seems finally ready to repent and make up for the terrible deeds he executed for the greater good.

Real Name: Lorcan Rourke, Grade Unknown
Occupation: former soldier
Legal Status: citizen of the United States, presumed deceased until recently
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: several
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Cobra

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Back when the GI Joe team was first forming, General Flagg tapped two special operatives to function in a sort of stealth role in regards to the team's operations. The first was Shooter, a sort of backup sniper while the Joes were in the field, and the second was Agent Delta.

Agent Delta was in fact Lorcan Rourke, a highly skilled soldier that Flagg thought would do well as an undercover operative in the new Cobra organization - a group that was very high on the GI Joe team's target list. Of course, to go undercover, Rourke had to build a new identity.

To this end, he was imprisoned within Fort Leavenworth, his new identity having been charged with treason. After befriending another prisoner named Tomas, Lorcan and several other prospective 'recruits' (including his new friend) were broken out of prison by a band of Cobra troopers.

Put to the test, many of these prisoners died during Cobra's trials, but Lorcan and Tomas made it into Cobra's good graces. However, Lorcan's updates to General Flagg had not gone unnoticed by Cobra, and the group discovered that one of its 'newbies' was a mole.

While trying to narrow down where their leak was, Cobra's operatives discovered Tomas speaking on a cellular telephone with someone, and determined that he must be the traitor. In order to make him prove his loyalty, they then ordered Lorcan to kill his friend.

In order to maintain his cover, Lorcan was forced to kill Tomas - though in that instant, he realized how far he'd fallen. A broken man, Lorcan fled the Cobra compound in the Appalachian mountains shortly thereafter, but he wasn't free of Cobra... not by a long shot.

Having taken a personal interest in Lorcan, Cobra Commander kept tabs on his 'escaped' minion, and would regularly assign him special, odd 'dirty work' jobs - all the while being unaware that Lorcan was actually a plant of General Flagg's in the first place.

Lorcan felt unclean to the point that he couldn't go back to the Army, who subsequently decided he'd been killed when his cover was blown. Thus 'free' of his former life, he had no choice but to engage in Cobra Commander's dirty work for all these years.

Just what crimes he committed during this time is unknown, and Lorcan isn't about to come clean about his dark deeds, but he finally reached the breaking point when he was ordered to assassinate the Israeli prime minister. Having had enough, Lorcan contacted the Joes.

His intel helped the GI Joe team to stop the assassination, and they decided to 'hang onto' Lorcan for the time being. Lorcan then accompanied the Joes during their attempt to escape an assault by Cobra's Plague team, and made it back to a now-occupied America.

Yes, World War III was on - and the United States was Cobra Commander's main target. After fighting off the Plague on the shores and streets of New York City, Lorcan and Duke made their way back to an impromptu GI Joe headquarters, to plan their moves against Cobra.

With the help of several other Cobra defectors, including Storm Shadow and Destro, the Joes were able to discover Cobra Commander's final gambit, a scorched earth policy that would be enacted if he himself lost to the Joes and the rest of the States' armed forces.

Defusing this even as they retook the NSA headquarters that the Commander was using as a staging ground, the Joes ultimately won out against their intransigent foe, and Lorcan even managed to stop one of Cobra's new recruits, Vanguard, from going too far against his homeland.

With the Commander's capture, Cobra itself crumbled. While there were a large number of Cobra operatives at large, their leadership structure had been destroyed. The Joes resumed their actions to bring all of these villains in, but they would have to do so without Lorcan.

As Cobra was no longer a threat, he no longer felt the need to fight them any longer, and disappeared into the shadows once more. Whether or not he will resurface to face off against any renewed Cobra actions (as they're never gone forever) remains to be seen...

* Note: Agent Delta was a creation of the Devil's Due GI Joe comic book continuity. As their work since the end of the original Marvel run has been 'disavowed' by the series' new publisher, Agent Delta's history may diverge greatly in the new branch of time - if he exists at all!

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