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Anthony S. Gambello, like the vast majority of the GI Joe force, is but a normal human, if one extensively trained in the principles of electronics technology and the operation of advanced US Army laser rifles. One could consider him a high tech hero, if desired.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Mirrored Helmet: this mostly ordinary military helmet comes equipped with a ray-shielded visor, which is handy when you work with lasers. This visor is proof against laser (or other photon beams) of up to rank value 40 intensity, protecting Flash's eyes from all but the strongest light.

Thermal Pads: worn on his chest, arms, and thighs, these pads diffuse the impact and heat damage caused by explosions or laser weaponry (though the latter offers no impact). These pads offer the protected areas rank value 30 resistance to Heat and Bashing damage.

XMLR-1A Laser Rifle: this experimental, shoulder-braced Army weapon is essentially the military's first step towards the utilization of energy weapons. It can fire a cutting beam of any intensity up to rank value 10, inflicting Armor Piercing Energy damage to Flash's targets.

The trick with lasers is that they can be applied to a target continuously to increase the overall damage they inflict. Though this requires a very steady hand, Flash can increase the damage he inflicts by +1 RS with every doubling of turns he applies a laser to something.

XMLR-1A Power Pack: this heavy-duty battery backpack can be used to power up to twenty turns of full intensity operation for the XMLR-1A before a recharge is necessary, or it can fire a lower intensity cutting beam for up to one half hour before it is totally drained.


Technological Aptitude: this quirk describes Flash in a nutshell, as he's the veritable template of the electronics whiz. As such, he can build, use, or even repair high tech devices as if his Intellect trait was +1 RS - this is in addition to any skill-based bonuses.


Advanced Guns: unlike most of the current Joe team, Flash is skilled in the use of advanced energy weapons as well as your standard slug-throwers. He can use these weapons just like any other gun, and this skill offers him a +1 RS to his Coordination while doing so.

Chemistry: in addition to his training in electronics, Flash has received some essentials in chemistry, including how chemical weapons work, and several means of producing and countering them. His Intellect trait in such matters should be considered +1 RS.

Electronics: while he's working to get his Masters degree in electronics, it's really just a technicality for Flash, as he's a true expert concerning all manner of electronics repair and engineering. His Intellect in such areas ought to be considered +1 RS.

Guns: while his preference does lie in the advanced laser weaponry he's testing out for the Army, Flash can nonetheless use standard, semi-automatic, and full-auto slug-throwers with competency, doing so as if his Coordination trait was +1 RS higher than it already is.

Martial Arts style A: thanks to his basic training, Flash can defend himself against attack should he find himself unarmed. He can inflict Pound or Concuss results against any target, regardless of the comparative Brawn or Fortitude differences between him and his opponent.

Military / United States: a member of the Army as well as GI Joe, Flash is well-versed in military protocols and procedures. His Intellect trait in such matters should be considered +1 RS. Furthermore, this skill offers Flash the military as a free contact.


A member of the GI Joe team, Flash can rely upon that agency for help should he need it; after all, most of the time he'd need their aid would be while on a mission for them. Also, he could likely gain the assistance of any US armed forces present, thanks to his Joe credentials.


Flash, while on a mission, typically wears standard Army greens for the duration, complemented by brown boots and gloves, as well as his mirrored helmet and a series of heavy-duty pads over his chest, arms, and upper thighs, which help to diffuse the force of impact some.


Flash's smart. Real smart. This is one thing you can't help but notice while he's taking apart new enemy equipment, jury-rigging some sort of last minute secret weapon, or merely talking about everyday occurrences. He's one of the best there is at what he does, and he loves doing it.

And that, of course, is playing with high tech toys. Flash constantly messes around with devices that are turned over to him for analysis, often going over the top in his fun. Of course, people let him get away with this, because he usually figures out how things work this way - and fast!

Real Name: Anthony S. Gambello, Grade E-4 (later E-5)
Occupation: GI Joe infantryman, techie
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: presumably single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: brown
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Flash's a true genius.

He's always been fascinated with high tech toys and the like, and when various industries failed his high expectations, he made his own electronic replacements. When offered a chance to play with the top of the line weaponry Uncle Sam was developing, he couldn't resist.

Attending various advanced training schools, Flash excelled in all of them. When he was finished, he was a master of just about all electronic equipment, as well as the Army's experimental laser weapon, the XMLR-1A. This expertise earned him a spot on the new GI Joe team.

An anti-terrorist special missions force, this agency works across the planet to prevent regional or global-scaled terrorist activities, which most notably put the Joe team in conflict with Cobra, a strange new high-tech band of thugs out to conquer the world - by any means necessary!

For instance, Flash was a vital member of the Joe team's rescue of Doctor Adele Burkhart, when Cobra kidnapped her to steal her doomsday weapon secrets. Also, Flash helped to save the lives of several fellow Joes when they were sealed in their own headquarters by a Cobra robot.

Flash was on active duty for over three years, after which time the Joes' expansion required he be pulled out of action to help coordinate the team's administration. Though given a desk job, Flash nonetheless participated in the liberation of Springfield, a Cobra-controlled town.

Furthermore, after the Cobra Island civil war, he participated in the rescue of Generals Hawk and Hollingsworth, who were illegally scapegoated into being 'responsible' for the embarrassing debacle, even though they were unhappy about being ordered to participate in the first place.

After this, Flash settled into the role of new recruit training, as he and several other veteran Joes got new team members up to speed before they served on real missions. He worked in this capacity until the team was disbanded back in '94, at which time he merely got on with his life.

(Historical Divergence)

Flash worked as an electronics industry consultant for a time, though this was not to last, for the Joe team recently reassembled, no thanks to a resurgence in Cobra activity worldwide. Missing former friends, Flash left his cushy corporate job to return to a life of action... with GI Joe!

And he saw plenty of action upon his reactivation. Flash participated in several missions with the revived Joe team, including the second Cobra Island Civil War, during which he and several of his fellows were, sadly, killed in action trying to complete their mission.

2005 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Space Suit: on at least one occasion, Flash has found himself on a mission in outer space. In such instances, he wears a fully functional space suit, which provides him rank value 75 resistance to cold and pressure variance, and an eight hour air supply.


Flash's second uniform, which was featured in 2005 as a 'flashback' ensemble, was essentially a space suit. It was a large, padded white affair that covered his entire body and completely sealed it from outside environs, including vacuum, though it limited his movement somewhat.

2007 Variations


Flash's third GI Joe field uniform was evocative of his first, albeit different. It includes a long-sleeved, olive drab shirt, olive drab trousers, brown leather boots and gloves, a brown leather belt, a green mirrored helmet, and red pads on his chest and lower legs.

Extra Goodies:

Flash 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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