the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL)

The Heavy Artillery Laser, or HAL, is an advanced assault weapon currently being put through its paces by the GI Joe team. It is essentially a twinned, military grade laser cannon mounted on a swivel-based platform, which is towed from location to location as is needed.

Due to the nature of laser weaponry, the HAL cannot be fired while mobile; this would prevent it from applying enough energy to a singular target to annihilate it. As such, the HAL must be disconnected from whatever is towing it and set up properly before being fired.

The weapon itself is an Incredible (40) ranked laser, inflicting like Armor Piercing Energy damage per blast. It has a material strength of Excellent (20), though its sensitive laser generating electronics may be considerably less durable. The HAL benefits from these features:

CRT Sighting and Targeting Computer: this electronic console allows the HAL's operator to acquire his target with ease, increasing his ability to hit an opponent by +1 CS; however, should this component be damaged, the benefit it provides transforms into a -1 CS penalty.

Gear Cases: the HAL has various kits tacked onto it, should some sort of emergency arise. These include a fully stocked tool kit, as well as a small compartment full of field-replaceable components for the sensitive electronics used to both acquire and destroy targets.

Stabilizer Legs: the HAL is fully equipped with hydraulic stabilizer legs, enabling it to be utilized in almost any solid terrain. Deepest desert, darkest jungle, or iciest tundra - it makes no difference, as the HAL can fire the same in any of these terrains.

Extra Goodies:

HAL Universal Heroes Text File Download

GI Joe directories featuring a version of the HAL:


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