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As are most of his fellow GI Joes, MacArthur is but a normal human. He lacks ascendant powers of any stripe, whether they come from accidents of Science, genetic mutation, sorcerous knowledge, or even psionic talents - he's just a really good martial artist.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Nunchaku: his preferred combat implement, MacArthur can use this to inflict cathartic pain upon the forces of evil - that and it just looks cool, too. In combat, MacArthur can wield this intimidating device to inflict his Brawn value +1 RS in Bashing damage.

Shuriken: when he needs a bit of range, MacArthur breaks out one of the several throwing stars he always keeps ready for just such a contingency. He may fling these sharp, aerodynamic projectiles to inflict his Brawn rank in Thrown Slashing damage to foes.

Sword: when his nunchaku just isn't enough, sometimes MacArthur will make use of his beautifully crafted Oriental sword. He may wield this incredibly sharp blade to inflict his Brawn value +1 RS in Slashing damage, or to cut through items of up to material value 50.




Guns: a standard skill given as a part of modern military training, this talent describes MacArthur's ability to wield most firearms. Though he rarely has cause to, he may fire any standard, semi automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at his Coordination trait +1 RS.

Martial Arts types A, B, C, D and E: the reason he was recruited into the military in the first place, MacArthur has demonstrated an uncanny ability with the martial arts. He receives a +1 RS on all unarmed melee strikes, as well as Dodge, Escape, and Grappling maneuvers.

Furthermore, he receives a +1 modifier to initiative during unarmed melee, and may inflict Pound or Concuss results regardless of his comparative Brawn or Fortitude traits, ignoring body armor with two rounds of study (if he has time to get such study in during a fight).

Military / United States: though he wasn't originally military minded, MacArthur was recruited by very persuasive men to use his skills against the forces of evil in a direct fashion. As such, he's well versed in the Army Way (or in other words, the SOP).

Martial Arts Weapons: MacArthur has been training in the use of various Oriental-style weaponry since he was a little kid - and is very, very skilled in their use. He may wield shuriken, crossbows, sais, and Oriental swords and daggers at the applicable trait +1 RS.


As a member of the elite GI Joe team, MacArthur naturally can rely upon his fellows for assistance should he simply ask, as the group is rather tight-knit despite it's ever-swelling size. Something about facing evil on a daily basis tends to do that to small groups of soldiers.


While in action with GI Joe, MacArthur wears a costume that allows him to best use his martial arts skills. It mainly consists of a pair of black, loose fitting trousers, black wrist bands, a red bandoiler for shuriken, a gray belt with blue pouches, and a white and red headband.


MacArthur is upbeat and despite his somewhat difficult childhood. He enjoys his work on the GI Joe team since it lets him fight real villains, as opposed to those he dealt with on the silver screen. He likes to do random impressions of famous actors for friend and foe alike.

Real Name: MacArthur S. Ito, Grade E-4
Occupation: infantryman, former stunt man
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


MacArthur is the child of Japanese and Korean immigrants, both of whom owned a small grocery store in Watts. Due to his split heritage, MacArthur found himself rejected by both cultures, and turned to martial arts as a support structure (being too short to play basketball).

But he didn't just stop at one style of martial arts, oh no. MacArthur trained heavily in multiple fighting forms, gaining black belts in Goju Ryu, Taekwondo, Southern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, Wing-Chun, and has worked extensively with Tai Chi Sword and Zen Sword.

But what does one do with such skill? Get into show business, naturally! Living near Hollywood, MacArthur worked as a stunt man in various movies, and performed consulting work on martial arts films, quickly becoming somewhat famous for both his skill and his impressions.

Impressed enough with his abilities, someone made the military powers that be aware of MacArthur, and they successfully recruited him onto the GI Joe team. Of course, he had to go through basic military training, and then pass the horribly torturous GI Joe entrance exams first.

Being rather tough and tenacious, MacArthur managed this easily enough, and quickly joined the team. His first mission saw MacArthur deployed to Cobra Island alongside Flint, Alpine, and Spirit to rescue a wayward Ripcord, who went there against orders to find his lost girlfriend.

He was later seen during the invasion of Springfield, Cobra's US Headquarters, and shortly afterwards, when a resurrected Storm Shadow infiltrated the Pit alongside Zartan and his surly siblings. MacArthur attempted to defeat Storm Shadow with his skills, but was outmatched.

One of MacArthur's most infamous adventures was perhaps in the then-communist nation of Borovia, where he was captured along with Snow Job and Stalker on an operation gone wrong. The trio of Joes spent several months in a brutal gulag until their fellows could rescue them.

MacArthur continued to serve with the team for several years, though most of his specific activities have yet to be revealed - or are highly classified Special Missions. However, his final mission would come in the early nineties, in the land of Trucial Abysmia.

A regular hot spot for Cobra activity, the Joes arrived there to break up a ring of Terror Dromes they'd located. The job was going pretty well until MacArthur and his team were captured by Tomax and Xamot. Radioing the Cobra Commander with the news, the two were confounded.

When the Commander told them to 'get rid of' the Joes, the twins thought he meant to kill them, instead of just letting them go in the desert. So, after some wrangling, the villains got one of their SAW-Vipers to do the deed, and he immediately opened up on the captive Joes.

Killing four of them outright, he taunted them until they fought back. Seizing the SAW-Viper's guns, MacArthur gunned down the Cobra forces remaining to watch them after the Crimson Twins had left the scene. With the surviving Joes, he then stole a Cobra Rage and fled the scene.

Having survived their escape, that SAW-Viper was wanting some payback, pursuing the Joes with a large force. Catching up to them, this Cobra destroyed the Rage that the escaped Joes were fleeing on, killing several of them in the process - one of which was MacArthur.

2010 Variations


Uzi 9mm: Quick Kick can use this weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage when firing a single shot, rank value 10 Piercing damage when firing a semi-auto burst, and rank value 20 Piercing damage during continuous fire, minimizing its ruckus with a suppressor.


In a nearby timeline, one where Quick Kick survived Trucial Abysmia, his second uniform included loose fitting black trousers, a black and yellow sleeveless uwagi, a red sash, black leather boots, black and white leather gloves, and a white and red headband.

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Quick Kick 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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