the Steel Marauder

Designed and partially built by Kickstart, something of a robotics genius, the Steel Marauder is a large humanoid vehicle, or mecha. Technology he has pursued his entire life, Kickstart goes so far as to pilot this massive implement of destruction himself against Cobra.

He does this because Cobra stole his mechatech shortly after he built the Steel Marauder, using it to create their Deviants, and hopes to prevent his technology from being used against innocents any more than it already has. The Steel Marauder has these characteristics:

Ability Boost: while tromping around inside a Steel Marauder, its pilot benefits from a different set of traits than normal, all as a function of them being enhanced through the mecha to affect the outside world. While in the cockpit, its pilot has these capabilities:

+2 RS

RV 30
+1 RS

RV 10
+2 RS

RV 20
+3 RS

RV 40

Body Armor: as a hulking, humanoid vehicle, the Steel Marauder features considerable armor plating, both to protect its occupant and its various systems. It and its occupant benefit from rank value 20 protection against physical attack, reduced by -2 RS versus energy assault.

Capture Claw: one of its modular assault systems, the right arm of the Steel Marauder is an oversized, mechanical hand. The mech pilot can use it to grapple others with its full Brawn rating, benefiting from the vehicle's mainly advantageous size factor while doing so.

Chin Guns: mounted on each side of the Steel Marauder's cockpit, these guns can discharge a short burst of ammunition to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage, or be fired continuously to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage. They can be fired together for a +1 RS damage boost.

Communications Gear: the Steel Marauder is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio transceiver. It has rank value 10 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that features rank value 30 signal encryption.

Detachable Parts: the Steel Marauder's upper limbs are designed to be swappable with ease. You can trade one's limbs, or with enough units handy, give an individual mecha two launcher arms (for overwhelming firepower) or two capture claws (to grapple other mechs).

Growth: while the Steel Marauder does not change size, its sheer volume cannot be discounted. Standing at just a bit over twelve feet tall, the Steel Marauder possesses this power at rank value 4, which means it benefits from having a +1 size factor.

In other words, when engaged in combat against normal-sized foes, the Steel Marauder suffers a -1 RS penalty to hit, but benefits from a +1 RS to the damage it inflicts. Conversely, they inflict -1 RS damage against the Steel Marauder, but gain a +1 RS to hit it in the first place.

Launcher Arm: one of its modular assault systems, the left arm of the Steel Marauder is a six-barreled, rotary missile launcher. It can fire from one to all six projectiles at once, adding +1 RS to the listed damage if two hit, and +2 RS if four or more do:

RV 20
RV 50
RV 20
RV 30 Slashing

2010 Variations

the Deviant

As Cobra always does, they stole GI Joe's latest advances in mecha as soon as they could. This time, the theft of GI Joe's Steel Marauder has contributed to the creation of Cobra's Deviants. But for once, the result of Cobra's espionage wasn't a direct copy.

Sure, there's the cosmetic differences, trading in the Steel Marauder's olive drab and black color scheme to a burgundy and gray palette. But the Deviant features two completely different weapon arms, which can actually work with the Steel Marauder! Cobra mods include:

Direct Neural Interface: while its predecessor was exclusively controlled by mundane means, the Deviant can be directly plugged into the brain of someone with a similar interface, like Cobra's Cyber-Vipers. A Deviant adds six (6) to someones Implant Psychosis Statistic.

Grappling Arm: the left arm of the Deviant is one of its modular asault system. It can fire a large grappling hook, with which it can apply rank value 40 force against whatever it hooks. This is often enough to pull weaker structures down in one fell swoop!

Ram Arm: the Deviant's right arm is another modular assault systems. Part of its focus as an urban assault vehicle, the Deviant can smash its way into - or through - almost any edifice with this massive melee implement, which inflicts rank value 40 Bashing damage.

Extra Goodies:

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