2010 Cobra Personnel and Equipment


Alley-Vipers: Cobras who excel in urban combat, Alley-Vipers spearhead that organization's inner-city warfare initiatives. Strong, tough, and brutal, Alley-Vipers are notorious for the heinous crimes they commit while active in high population areas. Availability:

Alley-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Alley-Vipers (4C System)

Alley-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Cyber-Vipers: Doctor Mindbender's personal soldiers, the Cyber-Vipers are intelligent Cobra operatives who he has cybernetially augmented. Now, in addition to being smart enough to help him in his work, they're tough enough to handle its consequences, too! Availability:

Cyber-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Cyber-Vipers (4C System)

Cyber-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Firefly: a true artist of a saboteur, Firefly enjoys destroying all which is supposedly invulnerable. The adopted son of the Koga ninja clan, Firefly also takes great pride in never being seen before, during, or after he demolishes his targets! Availability:

Firefly (MSH Classic)

Firefly (4C System)

Firefly (Marvel Saga)

HISS Drivers: trained in the use of both High Speed Sentries and FANG helicopters, these villains are the cream of Cobra's terroristic crop. Much less expendable than their standard troops, HISS Drivers are highly skilled in all manner of vehicular combat. Availability:

HISS Drivers (MSH Classic)

HISS Drivers (4C System)

HISS Drivers (Marvel Saga)

Interrogator: an international man of mystery, little is known about the background of the Cobra operative called the Interrogator. His frightening ability to pry secrets out of other people is notorious, however, which is why he is feared by friend and foe alike! Availability:

Interrogator (MSH Classic)

Interrogator (4C System)

Interrogator (Marvel Saga)

Storm Shadow: Tommy Arashikage, Cobra's greatest ninja, didn't originally start out with evil aims. Thanks to the machinations of Cobra Commander, however, he was swept into a life of crime and terrorism, one that continually comes back to haunt him! Availability:

Storm Shadow (MSH Classic)

Storm Shadow (4C System)

Storm Shadow (Marvel Saga)


Zartan: a 'zen cosmic biker hitman', the man known only as Zartan is a criminal with astounding powers of camouflage, regeneration, and super-human strength. Though no one really knows why he did so, Zartan is also the founder of the Dreadnoks. Availability:

Zartan (MSH Classic)

Zartan (4C System)

Zartan (Marvel Saga)

Iron Grenadiers:

Destro: the latest in a long line of arms traders, James McCullen Destro XXIV has no problem selling his family's wares to the highest bidder. While personally honorable, he has no qualms about working with the likes of Cobra and other despotic villains. Availability:

Destro (MSH Classic)

Destro (4C System)

Destro (Marvel Saga)

Flashback Figures:

Doctor Venom: this veritable mad scientist is primarily responsible for Cobra's early technological prowess. Devoid of scruples, Doctor Venom will happily build anything Cobra requires of him - as long as they keep funding his increasingly insane (yet effective) projects! Availability:

Doctor Venom (MSH Classic)

Doctor Venom (4C System)

Doctor Venom (Marvel Saga)


the Deviant: GI Joe never learns, failing to secure each iteration of its mechatechnology. This is why Cobra was able to steal the Joes' secrets to build the Deviant, a powerful humanoid vehicle that excels against various foes in urban combat situations! Availability:

the Deviant (MSH Classic)

the Deviant (4C System)

the Deviant (Marvel Saga)

the Fury: an assault vehicle designed by Cobra to aid its conquests of cities, waging urban warfare block by block if necessary. Armed with conventional and directed energy weapons, the Fury is capable of taking down any vehicle, structure, or personnel! Availability:

the Fury (MSH Classic)

the Fury (4C System)

the Fury (Marvel Saga)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 5: having learned numerous lessons from the preceding models of the HISS, the Mark 5 features everything good about its ancestors. Armed with numerous guns and missile launchers, Cobra even perfected the elevating body mechanism! Availability:

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 5 (MSH Classic)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 5 (4C System)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 5 (Marvel Saga)

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