Doctor Venom (deceased)

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
In 40
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Gd -10



Though he has invented many a terrifying thing to terrorize the world with, Doctor Venom himself is naught but a normal human, physically speaking. Considering all the high tech things he creates and uses, however, he could be considered a high tech villain.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Brain-Wave Scanner: his crowning achievement, this device can be used to extract audio-visual information from a target's mind, doing so per a Remarkable (30) ranked psychic probe. It causes extreme agony when used on others, but then, that's not Doctor Venom's problem.

The thing to keep in mind is that the Brain-wave Scanner is big. In its original form, it was basically required an entire room to hold all the computers and other gear that powered it, with the scanner atop the 'throne' that it's intended victim is strapped into.

Plague: another highly dangerous thing of Doctor Venom's invention, this disease is a bio-weapon of his own design. It is a plague of Amazing (50) ranked virulence, which would almost certainly cause untold havoc to the world if released as intended.

You see, it was designed to be spread on touch, particularly when people handled US currency. When Cobra failed to spike the DC mint with it, they had Doctor Venom change it to work with a human host, a deadly 'patient zero' who would carry it far and wide throughout the world.

Sidearm: though they should let him engage in his Science uninterrupted, it seems folks are always trying to kill Doctor Venom. That is why he carries this weapon, which he can fire to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, +1 CS when fired semi-auto.




Biology: Doctor Venom has extensively studied biology, both that of humans and of other species. He should receive a +1 CS in such matters, whether they involve biological knowledge or attempts to create, identify, or treat diseases and organic poisons.

Chemistry: similarly, Doctor Venom has studied how chemistry works - particularly in biological spheres. He should also receive a +1 CS in FEATs that involve chemical knowledge, creating, identifying, or treating inorganic poisons, or mixing up all new compounds.

Electronics: Doctor Venom has also worked hard to understand how advanced, electronic devices work. Whether he's attempting to build or repair one, or even trying to figure out just what a mysterious electronic device is doing, he should receive a +1 CS on such efforts.

Guns: though he prefers to stay in the lab most of the time, it's a sad truth that Doctor Venom has to do field work now and then, often amongst those hostile to himself. As such, he learned how to use guns, and can fire any rifle or pistol at his Agility +1 CS.

Psychology: another area that the evil Doctor Venom has mastered is the fine art of psychiatry. Knowing this science from both a physical and mental standpoint, he can add a +1 CS to all FEATs involving the mind - especially when attempting to control it!


As a member of Cobra, Doctor Venom could theoretically rely upon them for assistance should he need it. Of course, if they decide he is either expendable or not worth the effort, they may leave him for dead (which they have, in fact, done on several occasions).


While he is 'on the job', Doctor Venom is all business. He wears a white lab coat atop a white collared, long-sleeved business shirt. He accents this with a solid black tie, black leather shoes, and trousers that were mostly brown, but sometimes of other hues as well.


Doctor Venom is an evil, conniving villain. And really, 'villain' is the best word to describe him, for while he is inquisitive about the nature of the universe, he's willing to experiment on anything - or anyone - to prove his bizarre theories correct.

Real Name: Doctor Archibald Monev
Occupation: Cobra scientist
Legal Status: citizen of the United States, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none know, but presumably many
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Little is known about the origins of the man known to the world only as Doctor Venom. He has an obvious scientific background, and it seems that he was slowly pushed out of the mainstream when funding for his increasingly bizarre and dangerous experiments eventually dried up.

This forced Doctor Venom out of the States for a time, though he simply continued his experiments in less regulated regions. While the evil doctor managed many breakthroughs, in particular with hostile plant life, his experiments were cut short by the so-called Adventure Team.

In the end, only one organization would bother funding the evil Doctor: Cobra. The Commander of that organization saw a mind he could use in Doctor Venom, and thus gave him an unlimited budget and all the test subjects he could possibly ask for - though they weren't volunteers.

With a veritable blank check, assuming that he could continue to produce results, Doctor Venom went to work in Springfield, Cobra's main American headquarters. There he built various things for that organization, though none stood out quite like the Brain-wave Scanner.

This revolutionary technology could be used to analyze the thinking process of a sentient being, and then when that was done, reverse the process to read their mind. The process was excruciating, but this didn't bother Doctor Venom - the fact is it worked... and worked well!

In fact, he used this technology on Springfield's citizens when they would attempt to leave Cobra, and it helped him to 'change their minds', albeit forcibly. For that was another function of the Brain-wave Scanner, to tinker with someone's mind as the operator saw fit.

Doctor Venom also got to use his Brain-wave Scanner on the GI Joe operative known as Snake-Eyes, when that hero (and his allies, Scarlett and Zap) were imprisoned in the town. He learned a lot about the Joe, including the fact that the man was trained in a house of ninjas!

This training helped Snake-Eyes to play dead, and fooled Doctor Venom into unhooking him from the device, at which point he promptly escaped. He got in touch with his allies and fled the town, much to Doctor Venom's dismay, though the Joes couldn't find their way back later.

Doctor Venom was next called on by Cobra to build a devastating plague, with which they would destabilize the United States. Doctor Venom did this, but withheld the vital catalyst in the event that Cobra Commander betrayed him - which he did when he felt the Doctor was expendable.

Surviving an attempt by both the Baroness and Scar-face to bomb him (along with Kwinn the mercenary and Snake-Eyes) to smithereens, Doctor Venom made his way back to Springfield, only to meet an apologetic Cobra Commander. Doctor Venom let this go, at least for a time.

He did this as he was allowed to use Scar-face as a test subject - for a new form of his plague. The original was to be laced upon US currency, not only making it a plague vector but making sure no one in the world would ever want to touch it again. But this time, it was different.

It had to incubate in a volunteer for a time, at which point he would become a carrier to the deadliest virus on earth - though they themselves would be immune to it. Cobra chose this 'volunteer' to be Scar-face. But as it turned out, Scar-face was ready for this.

He had pocketed the antidote to the plague assuming (and rightly so) that Cobra would eventually use it on him somehow. He managed to get to it right before the Joes could capture him, though he revealed what Cobra's plan was - which gave the Joes the ability to ambush Cobra.

Feigning a biological emergency above their headquarters, the Joes lured Cobra out - when they assumed the Joes were suddenly plagued. Doctor Venom participated in this fight, unleashing his new SNAKE suits - with both Kwinn and Snake-Eyes as hapless, dominated pilots inside.

The Brain-wave Scanner technology inside the SNAKE suits was ultimately overcome by their pilots, who then went after Doctor Venom. Kwinn paused at the moment of truth, finding himself unable to murder such a pathetic man... so Doctor Venom killed him instead.

Of course, Kwinn had pulled the pin on the grenade he was going to stuff down Doctor Venom's throat, and as he fell, the explosive landed at his feet. Unable to flee in time, Doctor Venom was killed by the detonating grenade, and buried in an unmarked grave in Potter's field.

2010 Variations


Man-eating Plants: horrible aberrations engineered by the evil Doctor, these creatures are immense plants, the majority of which resemble the maw of a Venus flytrap. Though they lack most ability scores, Venom's floral monstrosities have Typical (6) Strength.

They can use this strength to grapple anything foolish enough to step onto their oversized leaves. For those foes who fight back, large vines beneath their leaves can whip them into submission. These plants can ultimately digest their victims with Feeble (2) strength digestive juices.

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