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Sgt. Slaughter is like most members of the GI Joe team, lacking super-human powers of any kind - though calling him a normal human is a bit of a stretch. After all, the Sarge is possessed of prodigious strength, and towers over almost everyone he encounters!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Baton: more ceremonial than anything else, this gold-tipped wooden stick is about a foot long. Though it could be used as a weapon, Sgt. Slaughter would likely break it when doing so, which is why he mostly uses it as a prop while acting as GI Joe's drill instructor.

Knife: since you never know when you'll need to cut something (or someone), Sgt. Slaughter always carries a knife in the field. Made from m.v. 40 metals, his blade lets him hack through items of like material value, and allows him to inflict Slashing damage in melee.

Sidearm: though he prefers to dish out damage in hand-to-hand combat by far, Sgt. Slaughter does carry arms. This hand cannon inflicts rank value 6 Piercing damage when firing a single shot, or rank value 10 Piercing damage when firing a small burst of ammunition.




Guns: one of many skills that Sgt. Slaughter picked up in his own boot camp, this talent represents his ability to wield firearms effectively. Whether carrying be a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Sgt. Slaughter may fire it at a +1 RS to his Coordination.

Martial Arts styles B and C: tough as nails, the Sarge can throw down with the best of them. In personal combat, he can attempt unarmed attacks (punches, head butts, etc.), dodges, grapples, and escapes as though the applicable trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Military / United States: the source of all his other talents, this 'background' skill describes Sgt. Slaughter's inherent love for the military life, allowing him an innate understanding of military protocols and procedures, not to mention numerous free military contacts.

Survival: in addition to his supreme abilities as a drill instructor, the Sarge is also a survival instructor. He is capable of assembling enough food, water, and shelter to get by in almost any climate, under any conditions, for as long as is necessary.

Teaching: it may go without saying, but Sgt. Slaughter is the meanest, hardest, and thus one of the best drill instructors on earth. He knows just how to present a lesson in such a manner that, no matter how hard a body may resist, they'll learn something in the process.

Wrestling: in addition to his ability to hit a person, the Sarge is also quite proficient in applying holds. Combined with his other martial skills, he may attempt grappling attacks at a +3 RS to hit, and can inflict +1 RS damage to foes trapped in one of his holds. Not bad, eh?


As the drill sergeant that each member of GI Joe ultimately answers to, Sgt. Slaughter can readily rely upon his fellows for assistance, not that he needs to much. Sure, the Joes may get sore at the Sarge now and then, but they know he's only go their best interests at heart.


Sgt. Slaughter's original GI Joe field uniform consists of a green tank top with 'USA' printed on it in red, white, and blue letters, black stretch fabric trousers, green and black boots, red wrist bands, a white belt, dark sunglasses, and a green 'Smokey the Bear' hat.


As one can guess from the legends surrounding the man, the Sarge is one of the single most toughest men you'll ever meet, bar none. He's hard because he has to be, though, for he takes his responsibility as the trainer of fighting men and women very seriously.

His ultimate goal is to help his charges grow as strong as he, himself is - in character at least, if not in raw, brute strength.

Real Name: Robert Remus, grade E-7
Occupation: drill instructor, survival trainer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Alvin A. Slaughter
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, the Renegades (GI Joe sub-team), Slaughter's Marauders (GI Joe sub-team)

Height: 6' 6"
Hair: brown, balding
Eyes: brown
Weight: 350 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Sarge wears a moustache and dark sunglasses at all times. Also, the man has a jaw that is truly heroic in scope.


The one and only Sgt. Slaughter was born on Parris Island, home of the toughest Marines on earth - and it's as though all their coarse meanness rubbed off on him. There's a litany of rumors and legends surrounding the man, though they're all well-earned... if somewhat hyperbolic.

They say that the Sarge cut his teeth on a bogey wheel, and that his first words were 'Semper Fi.' They say he eats nails and spits out dum-dum bullets. They say he shaves with a blowtorch, brushes his teeth with barbed wire, and combs his hair with a rat-tail file.

'They' say a lot about Sgt. Slaughter. Oh sure, the man likes to march on the backs of his boots when they're doing finger push-ups in the soggy mud, and is known for issuing forth a litany of curses and profanity at the troops when he's training them, but that's just part of the job.

Keeping this in mind, GI Joe recruited him to help them stay on top of their game. After all, more than half of the Joes are qualified to be drill instructors themselves, so who else do you get to keep such people in line, but the single baddest man the Marines have ever produced?

While he does put the Joes through their paces, it is the job of the Sarge to reign in and make somewhat 'coarse' GI Joe operatives the best they can be. This is something he did with the Renegades, a trio of misfits he personally hand-picked to be a sort of GI Joe 'dirty tricks' squad.

These three ultra-violent maniacs weren't Joe material, much less fit for regular society, until the Sarge got through with 'em. Now, the Renegades are the hardest bunch of men to work under GI Joe's direction, doing all the dangerous stuff that the Joes can't officially touch.

Once he was happy with the Renegades, Sgt. Slaughter took it upon himself to forge a squad of already-competent Joes into the single toughest combat unit on the planet, bar none. The result of this challenge is the special GI Joe unit known as Slaughter's Marauders!

While he was in direct action with the Joes for a time, Sgt. Slaughter eventually settled into his primary role as a drill instructor, and did his level best to help Duke screen out all but the absolute toughest, most skilled of new recruits who wanted to join GI Joe.

Sgt. Slaughter filled this role until GI Joe itself was disbanded in '94. After this point, the man began a very successful professional wrestling career. Hey, why not? Of course, should the Joes need the Sarge to smash some more Cobras, all they really have to do is ask the man!

1986 Variations


Triple-T Tank: after being on the GI Joe team for a short while, Sgt. Slaughter was given his very own mini-tank with which to fight Cobra - which is why he doesn't carry all that much personal weaponry on him, really. This vehicle is described in its own equipment entry.


Sgt. Slaughter's second uniform is a slight variation on his first. It is comprised of green camouflage trousers, black spit-shined leather boots, a dark green leather belt, black wrist bands, a black tank top, silvered sunglasses, and a green 'Smokey the Bear' hat.

1988 Variations


Warthog AIFV: for various reasons, the Sarge dropped his Triple-T Tank a few years after he first received it, replacing it with this incredibly large, armored infantry fighting vehicle. As is his Triple-T, the Warthog is also covered in its very own equipment description.


Sgt. Slaughter's third uniform is all original, and includes light brown trousers, a dark brown vest, brown leather boots, brown leather fingerless gloves, a green leather belt, brown web gear to hold ammunition and a knife sheath, dark sunglasses, and a green 'Smokey the Bear' hat.

1989 Variations


The Sarge's Marauders uniform is another variation on his first. It consists of a blue tank top, brown, light green, and dark green trousers, a black leather belt, black leather boots, khakis wrist bands, blue-tinted sunglasses, and Sgt. Slaughter's trademark, green 'Smokey the Bear' hat.

2006 Variations


M-16: Sgt. Slaughter can fire a single shot with his new toy to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, a short burst of ammunition to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage, or a continuous rain of lead to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage.

This firearm is augmented by an underslung, M-203 grenade launcher. The Sarge can bloop a grenade anywhere within three sectors with this weapon, each inflicting rank value 30 Slashing damage to all uncovered targets in their detonation sector upon exploding.

Grenade: in the event that his M-203 just isn't enough, Sgt. Slaughter carries an additional grenade, in a bandana wrapped around his right bicep. This device detonates to inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage to all uncovered targets in its detonation sector.

Renegades' Warthog AIFV: upon reuniting, the Renegades adopted the use of Sgt. Slaughter's old Warthog AIFV, naming this armored infantry fighting vehicle after themselves. As are his other vehicles, the Renegades' Warthog AIFV is expanded upon in its own description.


Sgt. Slaughter's fifth uniform is vaguely like his third, including a tan sleeveless, collared shirt, white and brown camouflage trousers, black leather gloves, brown leather boots, a brown leather belt, a brown sidearm holster, and a brown 'Smokey the Bear' hat.

2010 Variations


M-60 (v2): much more powerful than his previous firearm, this weapon can fire a single shot to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage, a short burst of ammunition to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage, or a continuous rain of lead to inflict rank value 30 Piercing damage.


Sgt. Slaughter's sixth uniform is virtually identical to his original. However, this time around he has changed his green 'Smokey the Bear' hat to brown, and began wearing his wrestling championship belt around while on the job. He earned that belt fair and square, so why not?

His seventh, on the other hand, is practically the same as his second. Aside from adding some Army green leather gloves, not to mention having changed his brown 'Smokey the Bear' hat back to green again, the only other change is the aforementioned championship belt.

Extra Goodies:

Sgt. Slaughter 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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* Note: 2010 saw two versions of the Sarge (Versions 6 and 7).

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