the Snow Cat

A vast improvement on GI Joe's existing arsenal of cold weather vehicles, the Snow Cat gives the team fire superiority in Arctic and Antarctic environments. This white half-track vehicle has been Frostbite's baby for years, and is equipped with the following features:

Armor Plating (s): the Snow Cat is a sturdy cold weather fighting vehicle, possessing an overall material strength of 12. Furthermore, it offers those within (the driver and one passenger) like (or +3) body armor while they are safely inside its cockpit.

Avalanche Ski Missiles (i): the Snow Cat has one of these missiles mounted on each side. These curious projectiles don't fly at a foe, so much as rocket towards them on the ground thanks to a large ski beneath their thruster. The ski missiles inflict intensity 12 damage. *

Communications Array (i): the Snow Cat is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. It functions at intensity 5, having a 25 mile range, that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Half-Track Drive (a): the Snow Cat has a versatile drive mechanism, in that it has two all-wheel drive tires up front, but is primarily propelled by a large track mechanism in the rear. This allows the Snow Cat to traverse most turf without a significant loss of speed.

HE-27 Shockwave Missiles (i): the primary armament on the Snow Cat, these four projectiles are launched from a rear-mounted, rotational missile turret that can traverse at up to a 45 degree angle. These handy surface-to-surface/air missiles inflict intensity 10 damage. *

Personnel Battle Platforms: the Snow Cat, while it has room for one passenger in addition to its driver, is also equipped with three battle platforms. Each of these external platforms - one on the rear, the other two on each side of the 'Cat - can carry two additional troops each.

Propulsion (a): the Snow Cat has the ability to move relatively slowly, though at a like speed on virtually any terrain. As such, it has this power after a fashion, moving about at approximately sixty miles an hour, which grants it this ability at intensity 3.

Xenon Spotlamps (i): the Snow Cat has two sets of lights, in the event that one is knocked out (or covered in snow). The first set is on the front, while the other is a roof-mounted auxiliary pair. They can produce intensity 8 illumination each, +2 if used in tandem.

* All six of the Snow Cat's missiles, whether they be airborne or ground-based, explode with a splash effect around whatever they strike. They are fragmentary, in other words, inflicting the listed damage to their target as well as everything else within near missile distance.

1988 Variations

the Tiger Cat

The Tiger Cat is a modified Snow Cat, in that this version of the vehicle is intended to traverse extreme desert climes (instead of its original design as an Arctic assault vehicle). Still driven by Frostbite, of course, the Tiger Cat otherwise functions identically to its predecessor.

2003 Variations

The 2003 model Snow Cat features a slight change to the existing brand, replacing the Ski Torpedoes with a large, side-mounted machine gun with a ludicrous amount of ammunition handy. This blue and white, half-track vehicle is equipped with the following new capabilities:

Machine Gun (a): replacing the old Snow Cat's Ski Torpedoes, the new Snow Cat is instead armed with a heavy duty, side-mounted machine gun. This weapon inflicts one's Agility +6 in damage in a short burst of ammunition, raised to their Agility +7 when firing continuously.

2010 Variations

the Wolf Hound

The Wolf Hound is the 2010 version of the GI Joe team's Snow Cat. This model is available in a white and gray camouflage color scheme. Currently White Out's ride, this device is essentially a modernized version of the original 'Cat, and is functionally identical to that vehicle.

2014 Variations

the HAVOC, Mark 2

Instead of completely overhauling their aging fleet of HAVOCs and Sky HAVOCs, GI Joe simply repurposed some of its lingering Wolf Hound units into something resembling a redesign. Save for the grass green coloration, the Mk 2 HAVOC is identical in function to the original Snow Cat.

2015 Variations

the Basilisk

Having been on the receiving end of punishment at the hands of Snow Cats, Tiger Cats, Wolf Hounds, and Mark 2 HAVOCs, Cobra finally stole the design for themselves. The Basilisk is a Cobra-blue variation on this vehicle, but aside from this, is functionally identical to the original.

Extra Goodies:

the Snow Cat Saga System 13 Text File Download

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