Anastasia Inyushin: Healer (deceased)


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Anastasia is a paranormal, a sort of altered human who gained her powers during the White Event, an incident that set her world apart from our standard reality. Her powers are psionic in nature, and involve the healing of others through applied empathic energies.


Natural Psionics (Empathic Powers):

Regeneration / Self (a) (s): Stasi has shown on at least one occasion that her parability can function even while she's unconscious. This power can help to overcome injuries to her body even when she's not consciously aware of them, functioning at intensity 11.

Healing / Self (t) (s): though her power is primarily directed towards repairing the bodies of other, Anastasia can also direct it towards herself. When used in this fashion, this power helps her to immediately recover from injuries with intensity 13 power.

Healing / Others (s) (s): though she has more potent abilities, this psionic skill is what Anastasia is most famous for. It allows her to almost immediately heal the injuries of another, no matter how severe, with intensity 15 ability.

Cure Disease (s) (s): Anastasia can also cure anyone of disease, either in viral or bacterial form, with intensity 13 ability. This requires an easy difficulty Cure Disease action, against the virulence of the offending infection or disease. This cures a disease, but not any damage it has caused.

Detoxification (s) (s): finally, Anastasia has the ability to remove impurities from the bodies of others, such as drugs or poisons. This psionic skill functions with intensity 13 ability, allowing her to almost always 'clean up' a 'tainted' body in just one turn.

Trained Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Spectral Gestalt (a): Anastasia can merge her psychic essence with the rest of Psi-Force's, to manifest the Psi-Hawk, their combined gestalt form. This entity was seemingly slain by the Russian paranormal known as Rodstvow, but manifested anew several years later.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Limitation Inversion: the extreme use of her healing powers has a stressful effect upon Anastasia's bodily systems. If she has to heal the same person more than once within a twenty-four hour period, the Narrator should apply the result of their aura reading to her.

If the drawing was negative, Anastasia will lose one card of Health (or five Health points, if an NPC at the time). Normally this metabolic overload applies to the target of excessive healing powers, but Anastasia's parabilities are inverted where this penalty is involved.

Naive: Anastasia believes that she had to help others with her healing powers, that this is her responsibility. Several unscrupulous people have managed to take advantage of this personality trait, though she never realized it until it was too late.

In game terms, she makes (and defends against) surprise attacks as if her applicable ability scores were zero.


Languages / English and Russian (i): Anastasia was born in Russia, but was sent to America at an early age until her guardians were killed. As such, she's mastered both languages, being able to read, write and speak in both fluently.


As a member of Psi-Force, Anastasia could have probably relied on any team member for whatever help she could need. Should any of her relatives actually still be alive, she could possibly count on them as reliable contacts as well.


Responsibility of Power: Anastasia dislikes her powers, since they've caused her so much grief. However, she feels that it's her duty to heal folks that need it, even if they were enemies just moments before. Of course, she won't put somebody back together if they're likely to hurt her.


While active with Psi-Force, Anastasia usually didn't wear a specific uniform, but has flirted with such designs in the past. Her 'costume', so to speak, would have included black pants, a black leather jacket with stylized red hawk head on front, and a gray scarf.


When she first arrived in America with Emmett Proudhawk, Anastasia was a shy, introverted wreck. However, she's quickly evolved into a rather resourceful and strong-willed young woman, more than willing to give her very life for the people she cares for (and she did).

Real Name: Anastasia Inyushin
Occupation: vigilante, former test subject
Legal Status: Soviet citizen wanted by most authorities before her death
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Psi-Force

Height: 5' 5"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 115 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Born in the Soviet Union, Anastasia Inyushin always loved plants. At an early age, she seemed to demonstrate a 'green' thumb of sorts, able to make any plant healthy. Her parents feared the KGB would discover this, and sent her to America to protect her.

She lived with her aunt and uncle, but they were mysteriously killed in a car wreck. When she got back to Russia, Anastasia found out that her parents were dead, too. The KGB offered to protect her, though it wasn't really an offer, and they sent her to the Siberian Project.

This facility was used to study paranormal powers, abilities that the people within had to little effect until the White Event, where Anastasia first demonstrated her healing powers. This made her the center of attention there, until Emmett Proudhawk rescued her from the place.

She went with him to America, joining up with Psi-Force soon after. Though Emmett died quickly afterward, he was able to show the kids how to merge their psyches into the Psi-Hawk, a gestalt being made from the combined essences of the five psionic teens.

Anastasia stuck with the group for over a year, though she fell victim to several folks wishing to take advantage of her healing powers and her innate desire to help people with them. This was until Rodstvow blew up Psi-Force's home, splitting the team up.

She fled with both Kathy Ling and Thomas Boyd, who eventually got caught by the Medusa Web, an international paranormal bounty hunter outfit, for the US government. However, the rest of Psi-Force came to her rescue, but were mowed down by Army soldiers right afterward.

Knowing she was dying, Anastasia tried to heal the rest of the team before she did so. To her credit, she managed to patch up the entire team before her death, which occurred right before Psi-Force's part in the veritable destruction of Washington DC.

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