Psi-Force was a group of teens that had, after the mysterious White Event, developed strange psionic powers. These particular teens were all on a list of potential psychics created by Emmett Proudhawk, a CIA operative that was investigating such things to counter similar resarch conducted by the Soviets. This list, however, had been sold by a rogue agent to various corporate and national interests.

Knowing the imminent danger these kids were in because of his work, Emmett himself left the CIA, doing everything he could to save as many of these teens as was possible. He managed to rescue five of 'em before his death, and they stuck together after that, though it was unwillingly at first. Over the years of the team's existence, the following paranormals were a part of Psi-Force:

Healer: Anastasia Inyushin was dragged to the Siberian Project after the 'mysterious' death of her entire family. Liberated by Emmett Proudhawk, she eventually made her way from the USSR to the America, where she joined Psi-force for protection from the KGB. Availability:

Healer (MSH Classic)

Healer (4C System)

Healer (Marvel Saga)

Johnny Do: autistic and dyslexic, Johnny Do was locked up in a Soviet sanitarium for years, even after he developed his parability. After being liberated by Psi-force, Johnny slowly began to recover from years of abuse and joined their paramilitary action. Availability:

Johnny Do (MSH Classic)

Johnny Do (4C System)

Johnny Do (Marvel Saga)

Network: an abused youth who was always charismatic to an extent, Wayne Tucker's influence grew dramaticaly after the White Event. Pursued by various sinister interests, Wayne became the leader of Psi-force after joining them for mutual protection. Availability:

Network (MSH Classic)

Network (4C System)

Network (Marvel Saga)

Overtime: Lindsey Falmon grew up in an empty family life, and was lonely until the day she met Wayne Tucker. Instantly taking a like to this rebel, she wound up joining him and his Psi-Force friends in their efforts to remain free from the government. Availability:

Overtime (MSH Classic)

Overtime (4C System)

Overtime (Marvel Saga)

Psi-Hawk: created by the concentration of at least one of the original psionic paranormals collected by the late Emmett Proudhawk, this spectral gestalt is the ultimate weapon in Psi-Force's arsenal - a combination of all their powers and psyches. Availability:

Psi-Hawk (MSH Classic)

Psi-Hawk (4C System)

Psi-Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Salvo: Michael Crawley was a stereotypical nerd, more interested in science than in people. When the White Event 'blessed' him with the ability to blow things up with his mind, his lack of social skills hindered his ability to mesh with Psi-force for quite a while. Availability:

Salvo (MSH Classic)

Salvo (4C System)

Salvo (Marvel Saga)

Sedara: a young Mujahedin warrior with the parability of teleportation, Sedara Bakut used it to devastating effect against the Soviets. After her own father betrayed her to the enemy, she decided she was done with that war, joining Psi-force instead. Availability:

Sedara (MSH Classic)

Sedara (4C System)

Sedara (Marvel Saga)

Shockwave: Kathy Ling was a spoiled rich girl who felt like a freak after developing her parability. Hating it at first, Kathy eventually grew to revel in her telekinetic might when she'd had enough of being hounded by various interests intent on using her. Availability:

Shockwave (MSH Classic)

Shockwave (4C System)

Shockwave (Marvel Saga)

Syphon: Thomas Boyd was a damaged youth from a bizarre household, one that only grew wierder after he accidentally killed his sister. When his powers manifested, he was shaped into a killer by Derek Shiningstar, but eventually struck out on his own. Availability:

Syphon (MSH Classic)

Syphon (4C System)

Syphon (Marvel Saga)

Voyager: Tyrone Jessup was on the verge of running away before he gained his powers - and quickly left home afterward. This continued for quite some time, since all manner of evil people were out to capture him and his friends to harness their powers. Availability:

Voyager (MSH Classic)

Voyager (4C System)

Voyager (Marvel Saga)

Government Meddlers (American and Otherwise):

Mindwolf: his ambition amplified exponentially after gaining incredible psychic powers, this KGB operative decided only he was fit to run the Soviet Union, and intended to collect all the paranormals he could get his hands on to do his bidding. Availability:

Mindwolf (MSH Classic)

Mindwolf (4C System)

Mindwolf (Marvel Saga)

Emmett Proudhawk: a CIA operative investigating the paranormal, Emmett went rogue after his partner sold his list of psis to various foreign and corporate interests. Emmett did everything he could to protect his charges, which ultimately cost him his life. Availability:

Emmett Proudhawk (MSH Classic)

Emmett Proudhawk (4C System)

Emmett Proudhawk (Marvel Saga)

Michael Proudhawk: Emmett Proudhawk's cousin, Michael followed him and Derek Shiningstar into government service. Like his kin, Michael has powerful telepathic abilities, as well as the power to summon forth an apparent Psi-Hawk, to do his bidding! Availability:

Michael Proudhawk (MSH Classic)

Michael Proudhawk (4C System)

Michael Proudhawk (Marvel Saga)

Derek Shiningstar: a close friend of Emmett Proudhawk's, Derek entered government service with him. Derek subsequently sold Emmett and his work out to the highest bidder to secure a piece of the psi pie for himself, which would ultiamtely prove his undoing. Availability:

Derek Shiningstar (MSH Classic)

Derek Shiningstar (4C System)

Derek Shiningstar (Marvel Saga)

the Skipper: a friend of Emmett Proudhawk and ex-wife of Colby Shaw, it was inevitable that the Skipper became involved in the lives of Proudhawk's psionic charges. Though friendly to them at first, his attitude changed after they got Colby killed. Availability:

the Skipper (MSH Classic)

the Skipper (4C System)

the Skipper (Marvel Saga)

Jake Travest: an unrepentant killer, the mentally imbalanced Jake Travest was nonetheless assigned to be Jenny Swensen's assistant during her time with Codename: Spitfire. When she abruptly quit, Jake was chosen to pilot her armor in her place. Availability:

Jake Travest (MSH Classic)

Jake Travest (4C System)

Jake Travest (Marvel Saga)

Serge Vladimiroff: a KGB operative, Serge has served both at home and on American soil when needed. He's been his government's main point man on paranormal operations, and oversees the Siberian Project and all its troublesome staff and subjects. Availability:

Serge Vladimiroff (MSH Classic)

Serge Vladimiroff (4C System)

Serge Vladimiroff (Marvel Saga)

Last but not Least:

Andrew Chaser: a freelance reporter with several biting non-fiction books under his belt, along with various high profile pieces over the years, Andrew Chaser knows a good story when he sees it - which usually gets him in all kinds of trouble. Availability:

Andrew Chaser (MSH Classic)

Andrew Chaser (4C System)

Andrew Chaser (Marvel Saga)

Other Groups of Note:

the Medusa Web: founded in 1969 by Alexei Ruyanev, this group of subversives is out to achieve a sort of world government, though their plan for doing so is somewhat bizarre; in essence, they wish to unite the world by rallying it against a singular threat - the Medusa Web! Originally working in a standard military sense, the Web has recently augmented their forces with paranormal warriors...

Crasniye Solleetsi (Red Sun): created by the secretive KGB program known only as the Siberian Project, this group of paranormal soldiers was designed to augment Soviet armed forces in the field. Of course, while the group had a competent field leader, it contained the demonic paranormal monstrosity calling itself Rodstvow, so their ultimate fate was never really in doubt.

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