Psi-Force Issue Guide #3

Issue 7:
Deadly Piper

Immediately upon their arrival in Seattle, our five wayward paranormals are approached by a rather shifty looking man in a purple suit. Calling himself Mr. Flowers, he offers to help our teenaged friends out, say perhaps with a loan. Of course, he wants to take them to his suite, in order to discuss the terms in... private. Before Michael can agree to this, Wayne chases the man off.

After they're rid of the creep, the kids put their money together only to realize that they've only got $2.38... which is overheard by another nearby youth: Skitz. He promises to lead them somewhere that they can get a bite to eat - and a place to sleep - for the coincidental price of $2.38. Wayne agrees to this, only to get his money back with his powers, at which point he learns that Skitz is talking about Sanctuary.

Not the one they just left, of course, but a different one, here in Seattle. Heading there, the teens meet the manager of this Sanctuary, Mona Freemont, as well as several members of her staff. Kathy immediately falls for the rich-looking Doug Tanner, while Michael in turn is smitten with another runaway there, Jackie Prentiss. Meanwhile, we learn Skitz led our heroes to Sanctuary for his boss, Mr. Flowers!

The next morning, everyone is getting their chores - part of the 'price' for living at the Seattle Sanctuary is to help keep the place in order - and Kathy is griping about having to do the dishes, of course. All the while, she's being subject to Doug's charms, as the man seems to have taken a liking to her. Wayne tries to warn Kathy that he's a tool, but she's not having any of it.

Elsewhere, Michael has joined Jackie on an errand to a local printer, when the two are harassed by some local thugs. Michael tries to warn them off to no avail, and after he's shoved into some bushes, he lashes out with his power before he realizes what he's doing. Having focused on the lead thug, Michael is scared he'll blow the guy up 'like in Scanners', and redirects his power into a nearby hot dog stand.

The man is all 'cooked' inside from Michael's power though, and runs off with his friends. After they get back home, Jackie gives Michael a friendly kiss before hopping in Doug's car, since he was supposed to introduce her to some 'movie producer' friends of his. Before she hops in, Jackie sees Darleen in the car, her being a girl who was formerly at Sanctuary as well - until she left on bad terms.

Later, Michael hears crying out on the Sanctuary's back porch and finds Jackie - in very bad shape. Getting Anastasia's help, her physical pains are taken care of, but she's still quite shaken. Asking her what the heck happened, the teens realize that the 'producers' Doug introduced her to did terrible things to her, and recorded the whole thing. Worse, Kathy had gone off somewhere with him!

Though the others assume she can take care of herself, Michael insists on going after her - and doing something about Doug. Eventually coming around, the others grab the Sanctuary van and pick him up, and drive to Doug Tanner's rather opulent home in no time. Breaking into his house, the paranormals find Kathy bound to a chair, and see Doug's friends pull guns on them!

Thanks to their freaky powers, most of Tanner's goons flee, including Mr. Flowers, but Dough himself runs afoul of Wayne, who roughs him up proper. He then mocks our heroes at this point, asking just what they're going to do - it's not like the law would take their side over his. Realizing he might be right, Michael takes matters into his own hands, detonating the child pornographer's house with his special power.

Leaving him to simmer, the teens returned to the Seattle Sanctuary, only to prepare to leave. Thinking it was high time they settled matters there, they decided to return to their first Sanctuary, and make things right with Colby Shaw. Saying their goodbyes, the teens then make for San Francisco, though Michael was very, very unhappy about having to leave Seattle... and Jackie...

Issue 8:

Things begin with a bang late at night in a seedy San Francisco alleyway. Thomas Boyd has come here looking for a fight... and he's found one! Practically clearing out a bar full of thugs, he takes them all on without breaking a sweat, his advanced martial arts training - and his strange energy leeching power - making it all too easy. It seems he's fully recovered from the beating he received at Sanctuary.

Observed by his mysterious boss, Thomas is given a brand new car, spending money for a night on the town, and a pre-arranged 'date', even. His boss wants him to know that he appreciates Thomas and his efforts so far, though he slips up and calls Thomas' targets 'freaks', which makes Thomas start to wonder if his boss actually cares about him or just considers him a weird tool, too.

Several days later, Thomas' enemies, the five paranormal teenagers gathered by Emmett Proudhawk, are on a boat facing down several heavily armed guards. They're not fighting though; no, they're on their way to a tour of Alcatraz, thanks to free tickets given to them by Colby Shaw. It seems she wanted to get them out of her hair for a bit, so they took her up on her offer and went on the tour.

While the teens alternately enjoy and get woozy on the boat ride, they don't realize that Thomas himself is on the boat, spying on them from the rear. He's in contact with his mysterious handler, letting him know that he'd spotted them. His targets are oblivious to the danger though, and continue on with the tour once their boat makes it to Alcatraz Island. Most of the kids are trying to have fun - except for Wayne, as is usual.

Soon enough, Thomas' cover is blown by a meddling kid, and knowing he's lost the element of surprise, he attacks! He distracts Tyrone while he zaps Wayne with his adrenaline vampirism, and then knocks Anastasia out before she could defeat him like she did last time. Though Stasi is out cold, the other four concentrate and form the Psi-Hawk, who makes sure all the people on tour with them are safe from Thomas' bedlam.

The problem though is that the Psi-Hawk is weaker than usual - and not just because Anastasia is out of it. With Wayne zoned out from Thomas' attack, his powers aren't working for the Psi-Hawk either, and Thomas decides to take advantage. Realizing what's going on, Michael lashes out at Thomas with his psychokinetic ability to help the Psi-Hawk, but he accidentally drops a ton of rubble on himself and his friends.

With his component minds threatened, the Psi-Hawk rushes to save them... but Thomas takes advantage again, and saps the Psi-Hawk until he dissipates. Victorious, Thomas radios his boss to let him know what happened, and the man sends several men to 'assist' Thomas in the clean-up. As his boss arranges things, Thomas binds his foes and waits for aid, taunting Tyrone and Anastasia when they come to.

They try to convince him to let them go, that his boss was only using him. Thomas isn't having any of that though... at least, not until his 'help' arrives. His boss' men show up and accidentally let it slip that they're going to kill the paranormals, not just take them in like Thomas was told. Asking his boss why, Thomas gets an answer he doesn't like... which doesn't help when one of the men threatens him.

When Tyrone and Anastasia try to summon the Psi-Hawk with only the two of them backing it, they don't get very far... and it looks like it's the end for them. Until Thomas finally connects the dots and realizes he's just as much a 'freak' as the others, and tries to help them. Concentrating on Emmett's amulet, Thomas actually manages to lend his power to the being, who quickly cleans house.

Leaving to sort things out once he burned his bridges with his boss, Thomas leaves our paranormal heroes to their own devices. They clean up the mess that they and Thomas managed to make of things, and make sure both the innocent bystanders and the assassins who came for them remember none of what happened this day. Hopping on the tour boat, they then make for Sanctuary before anything else can go wrong.

Issue 9:
Pushed Too Far

Atop the Golden Gate Bridge, Alan Moran looks down at the assembled policemen and reporters below him, marveling at how it took such a drastic action for people to finally notice him. Of course Alan decides to take full advantage of this opportunity, and promises to make an impression on those below that they'll never forget. As he jumps to his demise, Alan doesn't realize that the police see this all too often...

At the Sanctuary, Colby Shaw gets a call from the police, informing her of Alan's demise. As some of the kids overhear the phone call, news of his suicide rapidly spreads throughout the building, and before you know it Kathy is telling Wayne about it. He freaks out upon hearing this, though Wayne doesn't say why, and Kathy just assumes that he's just throwing another one of his (many) temper tantrums.

While they all talk about Alan (much to Tyrone's chagrin), Wayne stomps off, ultimately winding up at the Fort Point Lookout, where he is lost in thought. Watching the Golden Gate Bridge from afar, Wayne finds himself thinking about Alan's self-inflicted death, and finds his attention diverted to an old hot dog salesman - one with what sounds like an almost terminal cough.

Wayne asks why the man doesn't go see a doctor about it, and when he gets a rather silly answer, he decides to be a bit more... persuasive. Walking away, Wayne hopes he's actually done a bit of good with his power - for once. Later that night, Michael slips into Wayne's room in order to talk to him about Alan, thinking there was something to why Wayne got so worked up over the kid's death.

Realizing that Michael knows something about the situation, Wayne probes his mind, only to see what he feared was true - that he'd had a conversation with Alan just a few hours before his death, wishing he'd just 'disappear over the Bay'. Freaking out over this, Wayne shoves Michael out of his room, at which point the clumsy youth falls down a flight of stairs, possibly breaking several bones.

This naturally leads to a confrontation with the others, after Anastasia heals Michael back up. First Tyrone, then Kathy give Wayne what for, before he finally storms out in a huff (though not before Kathy telekinetically flings him around a bit). Following him, Tyrone finds that Wayne simply went back to Fort Point Lookout again, and loses time as he watches the young telepath brood... until dawn sneaks up on him.

Before heading back to Sanctuary himself (Tyrone having done so a bit ago), Wayne saw that his hot dog vendor 'friend' had indeed went to the doctor at his 'urging', and is all better now. Happy that he did some good for a change, Wayne returned home only to meet Alan's parents, who were collecting his stuff. This naturally set him off again, as he was still feeling bad about the guy killing himself.

Running off, Wayne went downtown, and started using his powers to help people, or so he thought. Eavesdropping on countless people, Wayne was 'pushing' them to help them out in one way or another, until his powers overloaded and he passed out. Later, he found out that one of the people he pushed went and robbed a bank - having gone there at his urging... though Wayne didn't intend him to attempt what he did.

When he didn't come home that night, Wayne's friends came looking for him, though it was Michael that found Wayne, standing at the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. Thinking he was going to jump, Michael tackled him, which led to a short scuffle between the two, during which Michael tried to convince Wayne that, despite what he thought, he wasn't responsible for Alan killing himself.

His 'pushes' never take hours to kick in, after all. Wayne had finally figured this out himself as well, since he'd used his powers on Michael to stop him from blowing him to bits, and realized that he can feel a 'tickle' when his powers are working. He may've been a jerk to Alan, but he never actually forced him to jump. He then headed home with Michael, and apologized for being a jerk (more than usual) the last few days.

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