Psi-Force Issue Guide #4

Issue 10:
the Searchers

After searching for weeks, our paranormal heroes have made their way into the Arizona desert. In the Sujaro Diner, just off the highway, they've finally found a hint to what they were looking for: the home of Emmett Proudhawk's grandmother. You see, Emmett talked about her having the wisdom he lacked, and the teens figured that if anyone could help them understand their powers, it'd be her.

The problem was, of course, the locals. While trying to use the bathroom, Kathy was accosted by a man who claimed to know Eugene Proudhawk - and started getting more than a little fresh with her. When Tyrone and Michael's efforts to intervene only escalated things drastically, Kathy was forced to lash out with her powers - it was that or let the man with the happy hands and his buddies have their way with 'em.

As the goons fled from her and Michael's power, Wayne came out of the can himself, too late to 'clean up' by erasing their memories of the fight. He did manage it with the people who worked at the diner, which at least allowed them to finish their lunch in peace. Finishing up, they then 'borrowed' a car and its driver, and had the man take them to the Apache reservation down on Route 4.

Shortly afterwards, our paranormal youths arrived at the reservation, only to witness some sort of ceremony going on. When told to butt out until it was done, the kids cooled their jets, at least until speaking with Emily and Gene Proudhawk afterwards. They introduced themselves, only to have Gene say he wants nothing to do with them, since his brother Emmett died trying to protect them.

Emily is a bit more open to their story, and listens as they explain what happened to Emmett - and themselves - and learn that Emmett himself had changed in the wake of the so-called White Event close to a year ago. She offers to help them, though Gene isn't really happy about this... particularly after the Sheriff came looking for them hours later (thanks to those goons that got away from them earlier).

Wayne dealt with the authorities using his telepathic powers, though this caused trouble when those troublemaking thugs note that the Sheriff wasn't quite acting right. Later, at the Sujaro Diner, Gene is trying to gain guidance from older tribal scrolls when said goons get to talking with him. Realizing that Gene wants to get rid of those kids too, they offer to take care of that for him.

Though Gene meant the kids no harm, he was scared of the danger they brought to his tribe, so he reluctantly agreed to help the goons out. Knowing where they're at, the goons, led by one Bill Holstein, ambushed the teenagers while they had a game of Frisbee on the reservation. They seriously roughed our heroes up, at which point they concentrate in order to summon the Psi-Hawk out of desperation.

The entity is not at its full strength, due to Michael and Wayne being unconscious, but it turns out that the other three give it more than enough raw power to deal with Holstein's goons. It handles with them in short order and sends them packing, removing the memories of the teens in the process. Though victorious, the teens were all seriously injured - and Gene was almost killed by errant gunfire meant for the Psi-Hawk.

Before it dissipates, the Psi-Hawk heals Eugene and looks into his eyes... at which point Eugene saw something he recognized: a strength of character that he'd only seen in his brother, Emmett, before. Leaping up as the psionic construct began to fade, Eugene screamed at it to come back. Almost mesmerized, he came back to reality as his grandmother told Emmett's former charges to leave.

Their positions now reversed, she wanted them gone while Eugene wanted them to stay - the Psi-Hawk's mere presence had that much of an effect on each remaining Proudhawk. However, using all his persuasive ability, Eugene talked her into letting them stay, promising to help the youths that his brother had tried to save find understanding of their powers somehow. Of course, Emily felt that this bode ill for the future...

Issue 11:
A New Life!

Our story begins on the Eagle Canyon reservation in Arizona, where we see the five paranormal teenagers who came here looking for answers instead engaging in physical labor. They were of course helping out during the day, since Eugene couldn't help them day and night, but things go amiss when Wayne has a fall off the top of the building they're currently helping to construct. He'd have died - though Kathy saved him.

She was forced to use her telekinetic power despite hating it, deflecting Wayne enough to keep him in one piece. While everything seems normal after this, with Wayne meeting up for a quick kiss with his new girlfriend, Jenny, it seems someone found the whole mess suspicious. Regardless, our heroes broke for lunch, with Wayne working on Jenny's car while the others had a quick sandwich.

Making a call, our suspicious malcontent gets a hold of the shadowy fellow that has been dogging the paranormals' heels since day one, and we learn he had this guy, John, handy on the reservation in the event that Emmett or his charges had made their way there. He then instructs his tool to kill the teens, promising him one million dollars to do the dirty deed, and naturally John accepts - that's a lot of bread!

As John steals a bundle of dynamite with which to kill the paranormal teens, they meet up with Eugene in a cave out in the desert, where they start practicing the use of their special, psionic abilities. While Wayne is less than willing, not wanting to somehow screw things up with his new girl, Anastasia finds herself wondering how she can practice the use of her power without folks being hurt.

Leaving in a huff, Wayne goes to hang out with Jenny, and while they're at a small drive-in restaurant, a gang of armed hooligans try to rob the place! Wayne considers not doing anything, in order to avoid arousing suspicion in Jenny, but when one of the robbers spots him, he's force to defend himself - and Jenny! Using his telepathic power, Wayne knocks the goon out cold, and then turns on the others.

Rendering them useless, he then takes off with Jenny, trying to explain away the bizarre behavior he inflicted upon those goons as being the result of peyote or something. Nearby, Wayne's friends are continuing to practice the use of their powers, with everyone making a little bit of progress - except for Anastasia, of course. While they take a break, Eugene talks about how Emmett used to always look out for him.

Of course, Emmett also looked out for another friend of the family, a man who was originally his enemy: Derek Shiningstar! This kid tried to steal his grandmother's car, but Emmett trounced him in return. After that the two became close friends somehow, and they (along with Eugene) were almost inseparable - at least, until the others went off to join the CIA Eugene says he would've too, had he not a duty to the tribe.

As the kids begin to ask about Derek, since he worked with Emmett a lot in the CIA, John is just a few feet above them, having rigged explosives all over the place. Before they can get any answers, the cave explodes all around them, tons of rock and rubble literally burying them alive! Seeing this as he drives by, Wayne rushes to the scene, desperately trying to find any of his friends with his power.

Telepathically warding off others who came to help, Wayne sees Jenny beginning to freak out, since he's too busy concentrating on saving everyone to answer her questions about just how he's doing what he is. Despite the risk of losing her, Wayne continues on, coordinating his buried fellows to use their powers to dig themselves out of the smashed up rock covering them before they suffocate - or worse!

He succeeds, but at a horrible price. Thinking Wayne might somehow be controlling her, Jenny flips out - but instead of making her stay with him, Wayne just uses his powers to make her forget him - and his friends. That next morning, fearing that the reservation is no longer safe for them - and worried about Wayne - the paranormal teens then decide to return to Sanctuary once more, in order to plan their next move.

Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Force
An Army of One

Near Tora Bora in Afghanistan, we find several members of the Mujahedin trying to shoot down a Soviet helicopter. Their rocket propelled grenade misses the aircraft by a mile, and it bears down on them in retaliation. Fearing the end is nigh, our freedom fighters beg the American for help, but apparently he already has some - help in the form of a powerful Psi-Hawk, which he uses to demolish the helicopter!

He then tells his Afghan friends to find a new headquarters, for the Soviets will come sniffing around for them... and besides, he has to leave. It seems his cousin, also in the CIA, was running strange unsanctioned operations in the States, and it was up to him to figure out the deal. He then leaves for the States, though it takes him a month or so to get his own operation into effect.

This man starts by reading up on Emmett's files, and seeing he was trying to protect five paranormal teens, he sets his underlings into action. Posing as KGB, they ambush all five of Emmett's former charges in a nearby mall - knocking them out with tranquilizer darts. Anastasia recovers first, thanks to her healing powers working in an unconscious fashion, and she revives the others - at which point they realize they're in a moving van.

Concentrating, they summon forth the Psi-Hawk, who literally explodes out of the vehicle. Using its telekinetic powers to seize the two halves of the sundered vehicle, the Psi-Hawk takes care of the antagonists and telepathically 'pushes' them into leaving in a daze. It then carries its five component paranormals to safety, dropping them off at the Sanctuary before it dissipates into the wind.

Upon their arrival, the teens note that the place is empty, and Colby Shaw tells them that she's shipped everyone else off to the movies. She did this because she wanted them to have some privacy as she introduced them to Michael Proudhawk. Stating that he was Emmett's cousin, Proudhawk has the kids explain what happened the night Emmett died in their own words, and explains that he's keeping tabs on paranormals across the country.

When Wayne says he's just another user, Proudhawk states that he only wants the kids to get proper training in the use of their powers, but then starts to use his own telepathic abilities, similar to Wayne's and his cousin Emmett's, to pour on the persuasion. He talks about them doing their part for their country, and being 'examples' for other American paranormals to follow!

Realizing that telepathy is afoot, Wayne snaps Tyrone out of it with his own abilities, and has him scout outside to see if the man came with backup. Tyrone does so in his astral form, and sure enough he saw that the 'KGB' operatives that hassled the gang earlier were in fact sitting outside in a CIA van, listening in on the proceedings inside. Hurrying back, Tyrone tells everyone what's what.

When Proudhawk tries to pour on the pressure, Kathy flings him out the Sanctuary front window with her powers, at which point he summons his trump card, his very own Psi-Hawk. Amazed that he can do this all by himself, the teens then concentrate in order to summon their Psi-Hawk, and then the two otherworldly psionic beings face off in a titanic trouncing to the terrible end!

While Proudhawk's construct seems more powerful at first, bearing a menacing fiery aura and all, the one generated by Emmett's former charges ultimately proves to be more powerful in the end, having five different people to draw from instead of just one. Summoning all its might, the teens' Psi-Hawk tore Proudhawk's creation apart, utterly defeating the man. Of course, the Psi-Hawk wasn't done with him yet...

That next morning, we find Michael Proudhawk has been hospitalized, and Derek Shiningstar is on hand to interrogate his operatives. Realizing his 'ace in the hole' was comatose and the man's subordinates were mind-wiped, he knew exactly what had happened. He then determined to handle them in some other way, though his 'tools' for the job were rapidly dwindling, one by one...

Note: the exact time that Psi-Force's Untold Tale of the New Universe took place is something of a mystery. The first page mentions that the tale is starting in 1987, and then a few pages later we get a 'one month later...' caption. According to the Official Time Line published Way Back When, the first seven issues took place in 1986. Since Crawley's in this, it has to occur between issue 7 and the annual, then.

Not between issues 3 and 4, like some sources would have you believe.

So why did I put it after issue 11, you ask? That boils down to thematics. In the main series, we don't even know who the sinister jerk who sold Proudhawk's list is until the last page of issue 11. And in the Untold Tale, There's Derek Shiningstar, also on the last page. Since that would break the story 'flow' to have him show up before the big reveal, I chose to place it after the 11th issue.

That narrowed it down to two possible locations: before issue 12 and before the annual.

Since the annual had a lot of CIA business going on, I chose to go with a position between issues 11 and 12. That to at least break up the whole intrigue thing a bit, and to make it work better within the framing of the story as a whole. Mind you, all of this could be a result of the editor not doing his home work, and it was supposed to occur earlier in the Psi-Force time line.

But who knows, really?

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