Psi-Force Issue Guide #2

Issue 4:
Going Home

Our tale begins with Kathy Ling, fleeing from a rampaging Psi-Hawk with everything she's got. Flinging objects at him left and right, up to and including an entire house, she tries to shake the pursuing apparition, to no avail. Finally cornering her in an alley way, the Psi-Hawk then threatens to punish Kathy for defying him, but before we can see what form his retribution takes, Kathy wakes up.

Seeing her room is a mess, Kathy realizes that she must've lashed out with her powers in her sleep - everything in her room (including roommate Anastasia) was thrown all over. Recovering from this and getting rid of curious onlookers from surrounding rooms, the two clean up and meet their fellow paranormals, who decide to indulge in a relaxing game of - what else - Monopoly.

During the game, the five teenagers discuss their plight, with Wayne angsting about being forced to stay there being his primary contribution. Over the course of this, Kathy decides that she's going to try to succeed where Wayne failed, and return home. Wanting a 'normal' life, she's dead set on doing so, and leaves the Sanctuary early in the morning. Of course, her departure doesn't go unnoticed.

Ambushed by a private detective shortly after leaving, Kathy manhandled him some before he introduces himself. Hired by her parents, Bert Olson simply wanted to find her and bring her home... and since she was headed there anyway, Bert offered her a ride. Accepting, as it definitely beat hitching a ride, Kathy went along with him - though the ride was more than a little eventful.

This was because the Psi-Hawk was acting on her mind from afar, trying to force her to return. Before she could dampen his influence, Kathy was forced to use her powers on the car taking her home, momentarily causing Bert to lose control. He managed to regain it once Kathy resumed control of her own abilities, but the experience weirded him out, and he'd investigate it later.

Nonetheless, Bert took Kathy home, where she had a happy reunion with her family - and her cat, Benjamin. Slipping into her old life again, Kathy returned to school, touched base with old friends, and even got to enjoy a new car her parents bought her. But things seemed amiss, and Kathy started noticing people engaging in rather strange behavior around her... as though they were spying on her.

Soon enough, the Psi-Hawk appeared to her late at night, trying to 'push' her into leaving again. Though she almost fell for it, Kathy recovered her wits at the last minute and told the Psi-Hawk to scram. He did, though soon enough the strange, enigmatic creature adopted a different tactic. Mere hours later, Kathy again found herself heading out, this time to take a 'walk in the park'.

There she saw her fellow paranormals, and quickly realized that Wayne had pushed her into coming. Compelled to ask her to rejoin them, Kathy grew hostile - only to find her friends were even more desperate than she, being rendered anxious and jittery by the Psi-Hawk. When they escalated things with their powers, Kathy returned the favor, and pretty much knocked them all senseless with her own.

Running home, Kathy discovered her parents were not alone, and overheard them talking to Bert. Hearing that he'd been spying on her, Kathy freaked out when he revealed the nature of her strange powers to her parents, throwing Bert into a nearby television and critically injuring him. As her parents panicked, Kathy's friends showed up and not only healed the broken Bert, but calmed her parents down.

Realizing that her 'normal' life was over, Kathy finally relents and returns to the Sanctuary with her fellow paranormals; she wanted to stay but realized that nothing good could come to her friends and parents if she did. Thus, saying her goodbyes to her parents (even if they were out of it thanks to Wayne's powers) and her cat, Kathy left home once again, likely never to return.

Issue 5:
the Touch

Events begin in a mysterious office, one held by the former partner of Emmett Proudstar, the man who sold his list of potentially psionic youths to various interested parties. Of course, the youngster he's talking to, one Thomas Boyd, doesn't know this, believing that the man had rescued him from a fate worse than death in order to employ him as an elite arm of the government.

It seems he wants Thomas to collect Emmett's former charges for his own purposes... or to kill them if necessary. More than happy to display his gratitude, Thomas gets on with a plan to do just that in short order. At that time, the subjects of Thomas' mission are stuck in the auditorium of their high school, listening to a presentation by the visiting researcher, Dr. Wilfred Linden.

He was asked to come by Michael, of course, and for his own reasons agreed to talk to the school. Talking with the biology fan after school, Dr. Linden was struck by a seizure, and while trying to take pills to stop them, he dropped them into a sewer. Asking for her help, Michael convinced Anastasia to heal the man, though she lied about having done so when the man found himself suddenly feeling better at her touch.

Later, the paranormals of Sanctuary are talking about what happened when, after a bit of drama (naturally caused by Wayne's tantrums), we see that Thomas has come to live in Sanctuary as well, posing as a runaway from Cleveland. He doesn't make his move immediately, mind you, simply biding his time and worming his way into the confidence of those he was sent to 'deal with'.

Several days later, Anastasia is approached by Dr. Linden, who was convinced she had some sort of healing power somehow. Begging for her help, as he was a dying man, he asked her to help him finish his work - a cure for the parasitic blood fluke. Reluctantly at first, Anastasia agreed, though in time she began to believe she was truly doing good for the world by helping Dr. Linden finish his research.

Though keeping the dying man functional was rapidly draining her own energies, Anastasia continued to help the doctor - especially after talking the situation over with Kathy. While she was out helping Dr. Linden, though, Anastasia suddenly felt an overwhelming compulsion to return to the Sanctuary, and unable to resist, she left Dr. Linden in his office, the man slowly dying without her aid.

Meanwhile, at Sanctuary, Thomas Boyd had decided to make his move, quickly using his paranormal power to sap the strength of Tyrone during a basketball game. He quickly moved on Michael, though the youth was wary of Thomas after the guy sadistically drained the energy of his pet hamster. Lashing out with his psychokinetic powers, Michael almost defeated Thomas - but the trained fighter ultimately won out in the end.

Elsewhere in Sanctuary, Wayne and Kathy were building a new door, having smashed Kathy's old door during a small brawl between the two (caused when a curious Wayne tried to see how Kathy could resist the Psi-Hawk when he couldn't). Completely oblivious to the threat, the two quickly fell to Thomas and his strange, adrenaline leeching ability. Thinking he had everything in the bag, Thomas suddenly saw Anastasia.

Having witnessed his powers in action, she decided she could defeat the man with her own. Tricking him into grabbing her, Anastasia triggered her own, healing abilities as Thomas used his power. Causing a strange 'circuit' to form between the two of them, Anastasia overloaded Thomas' powers and flattened him, and managed to heal the others before her overwhelming exhaustion took its toll, knocking her out.

Waking up in a daze hours later, Anastasia was told about how Thomas managed to escape shortly after she passed out. She also learned that Dr. Linden had died while she was dealing with that villain, and raged at the Psi-Hawk. She fumed, knowing that somehow it knew of the danger and pushed her into responding, despite the good work she was doing for countless others - all ruined thanks to him...!

Issue 6:
...Where the Heart Is

It's Christmas Eve, and naturally, people are being nice to our paranormals in the Sanctuary, because it's Christmas Eve! Well, actually they're being jerks as usual, led by the ever-troublesome Cool and his gang. When Michael and Tyrone try to help decorate the Christmas tree, they're warded off by Cool, despite Colby Shaw telling him to buzz off; seems that Cool killed their holiday spirits.

Heading back to Kathy and Anastasia's room, the two just hang out with the others, despite yet more anger about the whole situation from Wayne. Later on, Tyrone thinks back to a previous Christmas, with his family. At first the memories are good, but then others resurface, at which point Tyrone remembers how bad things were, and how he was considering running away anyway - before Proudhawk forced the issue.

Though the last time he went adventuring in his astral form led to disastrous consequences, Tyrone decided that it was worth it today, and leaving his body at his desk he flew back to Scarsdale, New York. Peeking in through the roof, Tyrone saw his family getting ready for the holiday as usual, though his parents were squabbling over Tyrone and the abrupt nature of his departure from the home.

Furthermore, he saw that things with his brother, Richard, had not improved any. In fact, his parents were pushing him even harder than they pushed Tyrone, wanting him to do something more worthwhile than his 'useless' art. As things escalate, Richard left home in a huff, leaving his parents to stew in their own juices, though Tyrone followed his brother overhead, like some sort of otherworldly guardian angel.

As Tyrone watches Richard talking with his friend Charlie, he realizes that Charlie himself had run away a while back, from his home in Iowa. Charlie is of course all smiles about this while talking to Richard, but doesn't look too happy about it when he had time to think about it all alone. Continuing to follow his brother, Tyrone misses the party back at Sanctuary - in more ways than one.

While Anastasia, Kathy and Wayne live it up, poor Michael has fallen victim to heavily spiked punch, and of course Cool has once again managed to find Tyrone's inert body - ripe for the picking. Watching as his brother has a final fight with his father, Tyrone spies him preparing to run away himself, and is so intent on the situation that he doesn't realize the danger that he's now in.

In San Francisco, Cool and his goons decorate Tyrone's limp body like an eerie Santa Claus, and a drunken Michael stumbles onto the scene. Lashing out in a drunken haze, he detonates several things in Tyrone and Wayne's room, causing a ruckus until Wayne finally calms him down. A brawl erupts at this point, between the paranormals and Sanctuary's other, Cool-led residents!

Suddenly feeling a powerful impulse to return, Tyrone fights it off long enough to confront his brother. Explaining that he didn't choose to run away - having done so to protect himself and others from his freaky abilities - he eventually convinces Richard to return home. Of course, he couldn't linger to talk, for the pressure to return to Sanctuary was quickly becoming overwhelming.

By the time he returns, Tyrone sees that chaos has erupted in his room, and that his friends have been laid low by Cool. Reuniting his astral form with his body, Tyrone then surprises Cool, who by now had a knife to his throat. When Colby Shaw ended the brawl, Wayne erased everyone's memories, but the damage had been done; due to yet another incident with their powers, she asked them to leave after Christmas.

Having second thoughts, she returned to tell the paranormals that she'd changed her mind, but they were already gone; they and their things had vanished. While riding in the back of a truck on its way to Seattle, Tyrone had his friends keep an eye on him as he projected back home one more time, only to find that Richard did indeed return home - and made a first step towards making peace with his parents!

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