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Issue 14:
The Abduction of Tyrone Jessup

Early in the morning, two movers are hauling a large box up the stairs, and asking where Tyrone Jessup's room is. Thinking it odd, the girl points them in the right direction, but goes to ask Colby Shaw what's going on. After all, being a house for runaways, how could Tyrone afford his very own refrigerator? Finding Tyrone in a 'trance', they quickly scoop his body into the box and sneak away with it...

Downstairs, the others are getting paint donated by a local company to spruce up their rooms a bit, where we see Thomas showing off his suede jacket, one of the few things from his old life he brought with him to Sanctuary. Two jealous jerks then spill paint on it 'by accident', and seeing what was going on, Thomas tackled one of them right off - though he had to stop when he realized he was using his power on the punk unintentionally.

Following him as he stalks off, the others talk to him, only to realize he wasn't trying to use his powers on the jerk who wrecked his jacket - noting they'd all had problems controlling their psionic powers now and then. The conversation quickly turned to Tyrone, who was 'out' looking for Michael to no avail; it seemed the former, explosive member of their crew had managed to disappear without a trace!

As Thomas brooded about how Michael's return might mean he had to leave, the others went outside and continued to talk about it, with Kathy being particularly upset about the group artificially being limited to but five members. Skateboarding around her, Wayne accidentally trips into the path of an oncoming car, and Kathy is forced to save Wayne from becoming a meaty hood ornament.

Just then, Tyrone returns home from his latest search, only to find his body is gone! A note was left on his bed, telling him to come to a specific office immediately. He does so, at which point a monitor clicks on, revealing a masked man, teleconferencing with him from afar. This masked man tells Tyrone he has his body, and will kill it if Tyrone does not spy on a secret meeting he wants the low down on.

An unscrupulous man, this fellow had discovered Tyrone flitting about one night in the park while engaging in illicit activities. Seeking out the source of this strange, ghostly body until he found it to live in Sanctuary - and realized that he could use Tyrone's special power for his own, dangerous purposes. Thinking his scheme air-tight, this guy had no idea what Tyrone's friends were capable of.

Going to said friends while they were in school, Tyrone explained what had happened, and the team came up with a plan. Starting in the building that Tyrone met his captor in - if only by video - Wayne used his powers to figure out who was renting that office, since it wasn't listed on the door... and the door-man wasn't too talkative. Getting that, they found out that its tenant was one Theodore Munson.

Heading to that man's other office, after finding the address the first office, Tyrone found Munson's home address, and the others went to check it out. Meanwhile, Tyrone had to spy on that meeting as directed, just in case, and found out it wasn't a corporate meeting - it was several government officials, planning a delivery route for some nerve gas that was about to be neutralized!

Arriving at Munson's home, the gang interrogated him, only to find he rented the place on behalf of a Mr. Cleveland, his boss. While the others wrangled additional details from Munson, Thomas decided this was his big chance to get on the team's good side, and ran out ahead of them. He then broke into Cleveland's home, mangling his minders and taking his family hostage - at which point he had them call the man.

Demanding Tyrone's body in exchange for his family, Cleveland agreed readily. Once Tyrone was back in his body, Thomas went a bit overboard, demanding Cleveland's family accompany them as insurance... though this ultimately didn't play out, due to the arrival of Cleveland's backup. Dealing with them, Wayne wiped the villains' minds of all this and then he and his pals left.

Of course despite all his efforts, Thomas was made to feel like he'd messed up... yet again...

Issue 15:
Displaced Paranormal

Late at night, in Renner, South Dakota, a young man attempting to break into a convenience store with his psychokinetic powers overdoes it, obliterating the door to the joint when he merely intended to pop the lock. Hurrying in before anyone can come investigate, Michael Crawley is jumped by the owner, who was sleeping upstairs. Detonating his shotgun, Michael injures the man, but patches him up.

When the sheriff arrives, Michael runs off into the night, carrying all the food he can. As he hides in a nearby cave soon after, Michael ruminates on the last few months, particularly how he had to abandon his friends for their own protection. Tired of living on the run, Michael tries to get a legitimate job the next day, but can't get one without a reference, much less a valid social security number.

Not sure what to do next, Michael checks out an ad he found in a Utah newspaper, about a Clinic for Paranormal Research in nearby Wisconsin. Hitching a ride, hoping to eventually head to this clinic to check it out, Michael is picked up by two older men, who give him a sandwich and get to talking for a few minutes, when suddenly several police cars flag the vehicle he's riding in down.

Though the police only wanted to arrest the two men in the car, they grabbed Michael too, since he had no identification on him. Not wanting to get into the system for fear of the CIA and the like, Michael freaked out, and used his powers in a rather precise fashion - detonating the radios, guns, and axles of the police cars - not to mention the handcuffs the police had placed on his new 'friends'.

As they made their escape, one of the men, Bill, told Michael that the cops were after them because they weren't making child support payments - that they were withholding money because their wives wouldn't let them see their kids. Though he doesn't want to stay with them, having to head to this clinic, the men give him a card with their number on it, in case things don't work out for him there.

After Michael leaves them, Bill and his pal Glenn ditch their car - though only after they grab the kilo of pure 'smack' that was hidden under the frame. Oblivious to this, Michael makes his way to the Clinic, where he is interviewed by Tanis Newhouse and Juris Zeigler. He gets some bad vibes off of them thanks to their sheer exhaustion, but demonstrates his powers for them regardless.

Hooking him up to a cat scan device, Zeigler then locks the room to administer the test, but Michael's paranoia gets the best of them at this point. Freeing himself with a new application of his power, Michael then blows his way out of the place, also wrecking the cat scan device as well - thinking it some sort of sinister machine; were he calmer, he'd have possibly known better, due to his extensive biological knowledge.

As he tries to flee, Michael is immediately beset by two paranormals: Mastodon and Skuzz. They both use their powers to try and stop him, but Michael returns fire, blasting a huge pit between himself and them with his psionic ability, and flees into the night. He seeks out his new friends for help at this point, who then talk him into using his power to blow up an 'empty' house for a quickie insurance scam.

Having found him thanks to Randy O'Brien's so-called Antibodies, Blurr stops him from doing so at the last minute, and one of the Antibodies shows him why. The house isn't empty, a family is currently occupying it - a family including the man whose testimony put them in jail for a few years! Bill and Glenn take this opportunity to pull guns on the assembled paranormals at this point, causing them to fight back.

Scuzz disarms one while Blurr disarms another, and Michael returns in time to vent his rage at them on their car, blowing it to bits! Shortly afterwards, on the open road, Randy O'Brien and company explain what was going on at the Clinic when Michael was there, and convince him to try it out again - this time, on more friendly terms. Tired of living on the run, Michael does just that!

Issue 16:

In the conference room of Foundations, Inc., we meet Dr. Emilio Licciardo. He's telling everyone present about a house in Seattle that detonated with no apparent explosives. About serious damage done to the Soviet consulate in San Francisco. A smashed up pier in the same city, littered with KGB issue bullet casings. But the same thing was common in all instances - these catastrophes were caused by teenagers.

Having worked for the CIA previously, geneticist Emilio Licciardo had access to Emmett Proudhawk's files, and knew that the teens they were written about weren't causing all this devastation with dynamite or guns - they were doing so with strange, paranormal powers. Powers he proposed that Foundations study, for the purposes of making great strides in genetic research. Or simply duplicating them.

With board approval, he contacted the teens in Proudhawk's files, the so-called Psi-Force, days later. Of course, they'd had a rough night the night before, starting with a date gone wrong that Kathy had experienced, culminating in a sort-of fight between her friends as Wayne tried to use his powers to get to the bottom of just what happened. With all this in mind, they were more than a bit surly at first.

Proposing to help them understand their powers better, if not rid the teens of them if they so desired, Emilio managed to sell them on the idea of a scientific study, at which point he bussed them to the Foundations compound outside of Denver. Once there, he gave them the five cent tour of the building, and then - once the teens were settled in - began a preliminary study of their powers.

This led to more advanced work, where it was shown how each member of the Psi-Force's powers functioned. Wayne's thalamus emitted neural signals, which allowed him to read the minds of others - and impose his own signals upon them. Kathy's cerebral cortex 'clicks', and causes objects to move directly. Thomas and Anastasia both had an extra gland which caused their powers to work, if in the opposite fashions.

They couldn't quite see what caused Tyrone to give off his astral form, but determined there was nothing astral about it; it had form, substance and mobility. Either way, the teens were enjoying their 'vacation' at Foundations, and had generally let their guard down. Tyrone had taken to wandering about at random in his 'astral' form though, and overheard a sinister conversation between Licciardo and his boss.

Racing back to the others, Tyrone told them what he'd heard. While Wayne couldn't help but say 'I told you so' - about twenty times, since he was wary about coming in the first place - Thomas managed to calm him down. He suggested the team take it easy and gather information for themselves first, not immediately going ballistic on their ersatz benefactors. Reluctantly, the others agreed to this.

That next morning, while they were all being interviewed and such, Wayne stepped out and zapped one of the Foundations technicians with his powers, and had him print out everything they had on the Psi-Force - including future plans. Sure enough, Wayne saw they were intending to escalate into surgical procedures soon, and he made sure he told everyone of this immediately. At which point Kathy freaked out.

When she confronted the Foundations scientists, their security shot Wayne with a tranquilizer gun, and held the others at gunpoint. Kathy then went even more ballistic, giving off a concussion wave with her telekinesis. While everyone was staggering to their feet, the others took the initiative and began to fight their way out of the building, quickly and easily making it to the Foundations lobby.

Causing a veritable explosion of glass, Kathy floored all of the security goons outside, allowing the Psi-Force to make their way to a van parked outside. Before they fled however, Wayne waited for Licciardo to show his face, at which point he trounced the man's mind with his telepathy - in a sort of permanent fashion. The teens then made their getaway from Foundations, though their situation would only escalate after this.

You can't trash very many large-scale corporations without people starting to take notice...

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