Psi-Force Issue Guide #1

Issue 1:
Hour of the Wolf!

On the run from KGB operatives, rogue CIA agent Emmett Proudhawk is taking his young charge, Anastasia 'Stasi' Inyushin, to a boat waiting just off the docks of a Mendocino, California harbor. Under the docks, however, Emmett collapses from various wounds inflicted during his flight with Anastasia from the Siberian Project, a secret Soviet facility designed to study paranormal powers.

Using her own unique capabilities, Anastasia heals Emmett enough to get him moving again, though before they can get very far, the KGB manages to catch up to them at last. Led by one Sergei Vladimiroff, the KGB goons cornered Proudhawk and the girl right before they arrived at their destination, and Emmett is forced to use his special telepathic powers to save them both!

However, in his weakened state, Emmett's powers failed him. Luckily for Emmett and the girl, though, two other youngsters in Emmett's care were nearby, and (after eventually realizing what was going on), Tyrone Jessup and Kathy Ling unleashed their own special talents upon the foreign operatives, the end result being their being scattered about when the dock below them exploded!

As the four psionically gifted paranormals made their way to Emmett's current base of operations, the so-called Sanctuary (a home for runaway teens), Anastasia couldn't help but slip into her memories, and relive the chain of events that led up to that moment. How when she was a little girl, she had a way with plants, her life-granting energies being present even back then.

This naturally made the little Russian girl a target for the KGB's plots should they learn of Anastasia's abilities, so her parents smuggled her out of the Soviet Union, and left her in the care of her aunt and uncle, who lived in Kansas. However, they died in a freak accident some time later, and through diplomatic means, Sergei Vladimiroff managed to get Anastasia sent back to the USSR.

Of course, Anastasia's powers didn't become... quite so apparent... until after the White Event, at which point she became a full-blown healer, and of significant interest to the Siberian Project, a Cold War facility set up by the Russians to study and control paranormal abilities. Before they could learn too much, though, Emmett Proudhawk showed up to free her from the Project soon thereafter.

Noticing Anastasia's forlorn quiet, Emmett apologized for getting Stasi into this mess, since the Russians must have learned of her abilities due to a list he'd maintained while working for the CIA. You see, Emmett was charged with the job of being a sort of anti-Siberian Project, working to locate any instances of paranormal oddities in the American populace, and Stasi was one person he'd observed.

However, his list of humans with an exceptionally high ESP quotient was leaked by a CIA sellout, and shortly after the White Event, a bizarre astronomical occurrence that coincided with an extreme enhancement of his own 'persuasiveness', these people started disappearing. People like Stasi, who was nabbed by the KGB, and several others - some of which Emmett found dead.

Feeling responsible for the mess these kids were in (all of the people on Emmett's list were folks who took ESP tests in high school, and thus on his list), Emmett left the Agency to round them up before they could be found and killed by whoever had possession of his list. Emmett indeed rounded up four others besides Stasi, who he hid at the Sanctuary in San Francisco until he had them all safe.

Finishing his tale just as the four paranormals arrived at Sanctuary, Emmett took Stasi inside to meet the others, including Michael Crawley, who could detonate things with his psychokinetic power, and Wayne Tucker, a telepath with powers like Emmett's, only more powerful. Once they had all been introduced, Emmett decided to tell them why he collected them all together - because of a vision he'd had.

It was a dream about five rabbits who, alone, were no match for the wolves who hunted them. While a hawk protected these rabbits, it was eventually slain by the wolves, and the rabbits could only save themselves by gathering together, the sum of their individual essences merging to form a second, vastly more powerful hawk that drove the wolves off. This wasn't received too well by the kids.

At all. They pretty much threw a fit, though they did agree to 'sleep on it' at Emmett's suggestion. All except for Stasi, however, who felt her presence was endangering the rest of the group. Once everybody else went to sleep, she cut out to turn herself in to Vladimiroff, offering to do so once she got ahold of him on the telephone. Vladimiroff wasn't alone, however; he had Siberian Project company.

This company, taking the form of the so-called Mindwolf, then hatched a plan to collect all five of Proudhawk's teenage charges, since he was never able to locate the others in the past. Journeying to meet Stasi at the phone booth she called him from, Vladimiroff and Mindwolf found Stasi just as Proudhawk and the other teens he'd gathered did so, which led to a battle between Mindwolf and Emmett.

The Mindwolf proved more powerful than Emmett, however, due to the extreme punishment he went through to save Stasi from the Project in the first place, and Mindwolf's psionic power eventually killed the man. The teens then rallied to fight off the Soviets, but alone their powers weren't enough to take down the Russian psi - even if the foreign intelligence operatives were no match for them.

Remembering what Proudhawk had said, however, Wayne gathered the others around him and had them all concentrate on Emmett's medallion - after which time something incredible happened! You see, their powers combined to form the Psi-Hawk, a sort of psionic energy being that was part Emmett, and part... them. The power of the five youths combined was more than Mindwolf could take.

The villain was defeated rather handily by this construct of theirs, even if they weren't sure how they made it - and though they had absolutely no control over it. As it faded away in a shroud of mystery, the Psi-Hawk left the five psionic youths to fend for themselved; while the KGB agents had fled or had been destroyed, the teens were miles from Sanctuary, and had to carry the dead Hawk home...

Issue 2:

Our tale begins with the late Emmett Proudhawk's charges trapped in the lights of a police cruiser, at a loss to explain why they're carrying a large carpet. The police presumed they were responsible for a break-in at a furniture store nearby, but weren't sure just why until they found out that the kids were carrying Proudhawk's body within it to avoid undue attention.

Already having a problem with police due to his experiences with his own father, Wayne angrily pushes them with his telepathic powers, forcing them to leave them be - and forget all about the body. Meanwhile, Colby Shaw was preparing to be interviewed on television with her secretary, Selena French, regarding her Sanctuary for runaway teenagers, having little clue what the media had in store for her.

Shortly thereafter, as the teens on Proudhawk's list make for Sanctuary, Proudhawk's former friend in the CIA, the Skipper, was trying to find the man when he thought about recent events. How he was told his friend Emmett Proudhawk had gone rogue, and took several troubled teenagers with him. He was also told about the bizarre circumstances surrounding Proudhawk's actions, and ordered to take the man down.

Interviewing the policemen that so recently encountered Proudhawk's charges, the Skipper then reported to his superior what he'd found - though he edited the facts in order to give Emmett some time; though he was supposed to kill his friend, the Skipper wasn't about to without at least talking to him first. Naturally, his supervisor was leery of the Skipper's intel, and had it verified independently.

As the psionic youths continued on their way home, they became momentarily lost, and were quickly waylaid by several other CIA operatives. Sent by Skipper's superior, these thugs tried to bring the kids in, only to be delayed by Wayne's powers. When an operative Wayne didn't see broke his hold on his allies though, things quickly degenerated into chaos!

As the CIA operatives opened fire, Michael tried to ward them off with his psychokinetic powers, only to instead blast the supports of a nearby building under construction, his aim being rather rotten. The thing toppled onto both the CIA goons and Hawk's charges, but thanks to Kathy's telekinetic powers, the kids were at least spared from being buried under tons of rubble.

Digging their way out of what did manage to land on them, the kids made for Sanctuary again, though they were beat there by the Skipper, who confronted Colby Shaw about Hawk and the teens. He tried to talk her into helping him and the kids out, but Shaw was rather wary of this, since she'd just been grilled on television about how 'dangerous' some of her guests can be.

Just then, the youths showed up with Hawk in tow, and were immediately ambushed by the Skipper's pals. They took Emmett's body once they realized who he was, and then demanded to know how the kids were doing just what it was they do. Knowing the CIA goons wanted to kill them anyway, Wayne convinced his cohorts to try and form up the Psi-Hawk again, which they did... after being filled full of government-issue holes.

The Psi-Hawk then proceeded to wreck the place up, throwing the vehicles and equipment of the CIA operatives all around. Explosions abound, and those government operatives not flattened by the detritus are then mind-wiped by the Psi-Hawk. It goes to the effort of blanking the memories of everyone that witnessed the events in front of Sanctuary - except for Colby Shaw and the Skipper.

Dissipating after healing up its constituent psis, the Psi-Hawk then left them to their own devices. The Skipper feels special for having been left his memories of this night, and starts to offer to train the kids his former friend was protecting - but is abruptly cut off by Colby, who says it's too late for such silliness, and to come back later... after the kids have gotten some rest.

Issue 3:

We begin early in the morning over the San Francisco Bay, where we find Tyrone exulting in the use of his psionic ability. Enjoying his flight over - and under - the bay, Tyrone loses track of time. Making his way back to Sanctuary, he finds a small crowd has built up around his bed, with the obnoxious thug Cool mocking him and his weird 'coma'. Soon enough, things escalate when Cool pulls a knife on Michael.

Diffusing things, Colby Shaw then chewed the two out for using their powers in Sanctuary - something she'd expressly forbidden them to do. Later that day, most of the paranormals from Sanctuary were trying to integrate themselves into the local school system. Tyrone was trying to make it onto the basketball team, Michael was nerding it up in his science class, and Kathy was trying to find new friends to gossip with.

Things weren't all good, though, for Cool and his gang were Hell-bent on giving them a bad day. Ambushing Michael after his science class (which they were in), Cool and fellow goon Stig threw him and his books around, despite the protestations of Kathy and Anastasia. When Michael was about to lose his cool and use his powers on the thug, it once again fell onto Wayne to ward the goons off, thanks to his telepathic abilities.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the Skipper was being debriefed about recent events in San Francisco. He told the man everything he felt he could, though he naturally omitted details about the Psi-Hawk and having found Proudhawk's young psionic charges. His superior bought it despite the rather fantastic details involved, and then the Skipper was left to continue his other works.

Later that night, the teens were talking about how they'd all run away from home, and started to smell a rat; it seemed like they'd all ran away at about the same time, and all coincidentally had decided to head to San Francisco. Deciding that Proudhawk had 'pushed' them all into running away, Wayne became more convinced than ever that it was high time he left, but the others weren't so sure yet.

Dwelling on this later, Tyrone decided to talk to the Skipper about this - what with his offer to help the kids out and all. Having Kathy watch over his dormant body (against her better judgment), Tyrone then projected his mind across the country. Eventually finding the CIA building, he tried to pull up information by himself, but once he recalled that he was immaterial, he talked the Skipper as originally planned.

Checking out Proudhawk's itinerary, the two discovered that he was in fact in or near all of their towns within days of their running away from home. Heading back to Sanctuary, Tyrone told everyone what he'd found, at which point they decided to ask the Psi-Hawk just what was going on. Heading out to a nearby park, they indeed summoned the enigmatic being... though he only gave them a cryptic answer to their questions.

Heading home frustrated, the teens headed home - without Wayne, of course, who'd simply had enough at this point. Little did they know that Cool had seen all of this, having followed them to the park, and was utterly creeped out. After school that next day, the psionic teens were ambushed by Cool and his gang, who wanted to 'teach them a lesson'... and his cronies proceeded to beat the tar out of his victims.

At least, until Wayne returned. As it turned out, a few hours after he'd left the group, he was compelled - hard - to return. Unable to resist, Wayne had 'pushed' a nearby driver to pick him up and bring him back to San Francisco. Of course, using his powers, he had an inkling what Cool was up to, what with all the powerful negative thoughts he and his goons were putting out, and decided to save the others from their fate.

Again. Not that he was happy about it. Zapping Cool's entire gang with one blast of his power, he lashed out at his fellow paranormals when they gushed their thanks at him. Infuriated that the Psi-Hawk seemed intent on forcing him to stay, he wasn't about to say anything nice to them, much less be minimally civil. He then went on a tirade about their loss of freedom before eventually accompanying them back to Sanctuary.

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