Psi-Force Issue Guide #10

Issue 26:
Hard Copy

On March 24th, a few weeks before the Psi-Force's apparent death in Washington DC, Andrew Chaser had finally gained access to the Medusa Web, through their offices in the Pegasus Importing Company. Meeting with Babel, leader of the Medusa Web, Andrew asked him about the Psi-Force teens, though Babel refuses to let Andrew record his conversation regarding the young paranormals.

Babel does talk about them, and why he wanted to recruit them: the Medusa Web was founded back in the 1960s, a group dissatisfied with the superpowers in both the East and the West. Their goal was to unite both against a common foe - the Medusa Web - and they would do so by becoming a threat so great that the world would have to unite against them or face destruction!

Chilled by this, Andrew left, only to see the paranormals he'd been trying to help killed on national television but two weeks later. Still working on angles of his story, Andrew found himself being followed by members of the CIA - or so he thought. In all honesty, he wasn't sure just who was on his tail, but he tried to have his cabbie shake them while he went to meet Selena French for an interview.

It turned out that she'd been placed in charge of the Sanctuary program when Colby Shaw died in the destruction of it's San Francisco house. Since the city deemed the explosion the result of faulty gas mains, the organization was liable for the deaths of everyone within. Her life was now filled with days in and out of court, while she tried to keep Sanctuary alive long enough to continue its work a little longer.

Though he never woke from his coma, Andrew continued to visit Tyrone whenever he could, since the boy's body was still technically alive. You can imagine his surprise in late June when beyond all expectations, Tyrone woke up! Though doctors rushed in to see to the suddenly awake, heavily burned teenager, they were quickly warded off by members of the CIA - members that had been following Andrew for months!

Roughing up Andrew some, they declared that Tyrone, being eighteen years of age, had to register for the Draft. Though he was still badly wounded as a result of the explosion at Sanctuary, there was nothing that Andrew - or anyone else - could do to stop them from carting him off to Fort Benning. And naturally, Tyrone had made many enemies there somewhat recently...

Weeks later, Andrew was back in Washington DC, watching at a distance while construction crews made a token effort of rebuilding all the monuments that had been destroyed in the titanic battle there three months back. Meeting with his CIA contact, the Leaker, Andrew was told that he should drop the story he was working on fast, that forces were rapidly aligning against him... and his mother.

They didn't want the truth to get out because the government was still maintaining some illusion of being in control. The Pitt, and the destruction in DC, these have not helped matters any. He then tried to point Andrew in the direction of Philip Nolan Voight, but before he could 'leak' any further information about the man, the Leaker was shot - in the head!

Fleeing the scene as bullets bounced off the area nearby him, Andrew eventually made it to his mother's home, where he quickly caused a huge disturbance. Covered in blood and raving, his mother tried to talk him down... and eventually managed to do so. He then explained that he was working on a story - a very, very big story - and that going ahead with it could cause them to lose everything.

Realizing that the truth was the most important thing to Andrew - as it was to his father before him - Andrew's mother told him to go ahead and do what he must, no matter the cost. Andrew then hunkered down in a dingy Baltimore hotel and cranked out his book before he could change his mind. Getting it published before the Man could kill him in retaliation, Andrew at least got the Psi-Force's story out.

And he was suddenly so famous that nobody could actually touch him... at least not for the time being...

Issue 27:
the Siberian Project, Part 1: the Emotional Refrigerator!

After their arrival at the Siberian Project, it took time for the four members of Psi-Force brought there by Rodstvow to awaken. The first was of course Thomas Boyd, who quickly got himself back into fighting shape - by draining the energies of two orderlies treating him. Kathy was a close second, though her body had atrophied some while she was laid up for so long.

Upon finding her hair shaved when she woke up, Kathy freaked out, though she was menaced almost immediately by the bestial Shivowtnoeh, who held her down long enough to be drugged into submission. Thomas, meanwhile, was continuing his conditioning, and after a workout he was escorted back to his room by armed guards. On the way, he ran into several burning medical personnel.

Investigate despite being ordered otherwise, Thomas discovered that the Project guards were trying to beat someone in a fireproof suit into submission. This only worked after they sprayed the fiery youth with a fire hose, though Thomas fought them off in turn. Seeing that he was just a young kid, Thomas asked what the heck was going on, only to discover the youth was autistic.

Later, the heads of the Siberian Project are discussing this, being one of a litany of incidents caused by the pyrokinetic paranormal. The rest of the Project's Red Sun team are agitated both at this and their own situations, which comes to a head as Coojeechiscue has to prevent Sillatochca from using his power to tear items apart with his very mind on Serge Vladimiroff.

They're unaware that while they all bicker over various issues, Thomas has taken matters into his own hands. Breaking out of his secured room, he makes his way to a computer room in order to determine more information about that autistic paranormal he'd found before. Breaking in with his advanced skills, he takes a computer operator hostage, and has him bring up the information he wants.

Under duress, the man does indeed do so, and they both found out that the kid, which the Russians called Dehman Doosha, was scheduled to be lobotomized rather soon. Linking up with their equipment via the computers available to him, Thomas tries to see if they've started yet, when Dehman Doosha ignites his fiery powers, despite being pumped up with enough drugs to 'sedate a cow'.

His powers running amok, the surgeons flee as the place goes up in flames, burning so bright that the kid actually immolates a fire fighter inside his protective suit! At this point, Thomas chose to show his hand, and started talking to the kid over the video monitors in the room. He got the poor youth to actually calm down, just talking to him - as opposed to the brutal treatment the Russians usually used.

Thomas then told the leaders of the Siberian Project that not only was this operation over, but that he was in complete control of the facility, thanks to his mastery of the computers there. He then made the Project leaders a deal: he would take responsibility for the child, which he was now calling Johnny. He wasn't an expert in mental health disorders, but figured he couldn't possibly do worse by the poor kid.

Since Thomas had them over a barrel, the Project heads reluctantly went along with his demands. After all, if he was successful, they'd have an at least partially intelligent pyrokinetic operative on their hands. And if Thomas failed, well...they could just dump 'Johnny' out of a plane over New York City to be rid of him once and for all. Why they never thought of the latter, and the havoc it would cause, nobody knew.

While all this was taking place, Lindsey had finally shook off her own coma, the third of the four Psi-Force youths to do so. Of course she was very very weary from months being bedridden, and quite unable to move very much. Also, despite being ordered not to touch anything, Lindsey touched the tray a nurse was bringing her drugs on, and got impressions of both 'naughty' trysts she had with a doctor, and others.

Including Sillatochca and his family...

Issue 27 (Backup Tale):
Power Play

Atop a barracks at Fort Benning, two members of the Paranormal Platoon are tormenting a new arrival. This fellow, Tyrone Jessup, had hurt a bunch of them when he helped his friend, Thomas Boyd, escape from there months ago. These two, Pitt-Bull and Bazooka, wanted to teach Tyrone a lesson, and were dangling him from the roof in his wheelchair - not caring too much when he fell out of the device.

Caught by Gridlock with his psionic tube-constructs, Tyrone is then delivered up to the roof to get his chair by Metallurge - just in time to see his tormentors get chewed out by Sergeant Haldeman. Escorted downstairs by Blurr, Tyrone is then interviewed by Lt. Zentner (formerly Major Zentner), who 'sniffs' Tyrone out. You see, Tyrone was saying he'd lost his powers, but the Lieutenant thought otherwise.

The Sergeant then used his Weltschmertz power on Tyrone, forcing him to see his greatest fear, that his family would be ostracized for being related to him, a paranormal. Freaking out, Tyrone's powers activated themselves, zapping both the Sergeant and the Lieutenant with a burst of electromagnetic power. Tyrone then admitted he still had his powers but couldn't control them, but the Sergeant believed otherwise...

Issue 28:
the Siberian Project, Part 2: the Smell of Fear!

While Wayne remains in a coma, his power running in overdrive all the while, the Siberian Project is trying to gain control of the various members of Psi-Force. With Kathy, they start by having her spar with the Red Sun team, or at least three of them: Coojeechiscue, Sillatochca, and Shivowtnoeh. While Kathy takes the first two apart with ease, she herself falls apart when the bestial Shivowtnoeh menaces her.

After this sparring match, during which Kathy demonstrated a greater mastery of her powers than ever before, she talked for a short time with Sillatochca, who was at least trying to be friendly with her. He tried to explain that the reason Shivowtnoeh seemed to hate her so much was the fact that Kathy was everything Shivowtnoeh could never be - a perfectly normal-looking young woman.

After speaking with Kathy, Sillatochca had a run-in with Lindsey, who was going through rehab after awakening from her coma recently. She inadvertently collided with the man, falling off her walker, and overtimed on his shirt. Sensing his family, she also 'leaked' her perceptions into his own mind, though before he could ask her what she had done, Lindsey's orderly had rushed her away.

Kathy, meanwhile, wanted to see Wayne - but various doctors guarding his room wouldn't let her. So of course she threw them about with her telekinesis and broke into his room. Trying to talk to him, to get his advice on what she should do, Kathy was interrupted by Serge and several armed thugs. He then menaced Kathy again with Shivowtnoeh, thinking that Kathy could be controlled that way, with fear.

Elsewhere, Thomas is in a room with his new charge, Johnny Do, and is trying to get him to respond to him somehow. He's reading a simple children's book, but the kid doesn't seem to react to anything he says or does - at least, not until he breaks down over Stasi again. This finally causes some sort of effect in Johnny, who reaches out to the sobbing paranormal... which is good enough for Thomas - for now.

Later that night, Kathy made her way to Serge's room, at which point she told him in no uncertain terms that she was tired of the thug trying to manipulate her. Of lying to her, about Boyd and the others. Storming off after throwing him about with her powers, Kathy had no clue that this would only egg Serge on into a more desperate attempt to control her - and soon!

Before he could put this plan into motion however, Sillatochca broke into Lindsey's room in turn, wanting to hear more of his family. She readily does so with her power, and promises to help reunite him with them - though only if he helps the Psi-Force escape the Siberian Project. Readily agreeing, as much as he hates this place and everything it stands for, Sillatochca puts himself at Lindsey's disposal.

That next morning, Serge had Kathy show up for another sparring match - but only one member of the Red Sun team was present: Shivowtnoeh. Kathy didn't even see Shivowtnoeh before she ambushed her from behind however, slashing her back open quite badly. Freezing with fear momentarily, Kathy was calmed by the telepathic voice of Wayne, who helped her turn her fear into rage - a terrible rage, at that!

Shivowtnoeh cowered at the sudden result of this, being pelted repeatedly by everything in the room. Finding no respite from her assaults, either with remote objects or her own telekinetically enhanced melee strikes, Shivowtnoeh was quickly trounced - the last blow coming from a four hundred pound weight that Kathy pounded the bestial paranormal with as if it were a Q-tip!

Panicking in the control room, Serge was then the next target of Kathy's ire. She levitated him into the sparring room, and then broke his jaw with her mind, followed by every bone in each hand. Leaving him broken, hopefully without the means to speak or write of what she did to him, Kathy walked out of the room, taunting Serge all the while - stating they'd be gone long before he could heal back up.

Not that this wound up being the case...

Issue 28 (Backup Tale):
Passion Play

Due to his 'playing ball' while in basic training at Fort Benning, the Army decided to throw Tyrone a bone, so to speak, and gave him a leave to visit his family - albeit a supervised one. Led to his home by two heavily armed Army goons, Tyrone was more than happy to see his brother and his mother, though his father was more than a little annoyed with the fact that Tyrone was there... much less alive.

Wandering inside, Tyrone saw the family was packing up, and asked why they were moving. To this, his father answered, because of Andrew Chaser's book about him and his 'freak friends'. Thanks to that book, Tyrone's father was fired from his job, and the family had been ostracized - just like Tyrone had feared. This quickly devolved into an argument - one in which Tyrone accidentally unleashed his electromagnetic powers!

Hearing the ruckus, Tyrone's guards came rushing into the houses, their guns drawn. Of course, Tyrone is still getting up from the floor, in no condition to really fight anyone, having fallen from his walker. Seeing the mess he'd caused, Tyrone then promised never to bother them again, though his father repents as Tyrone leaves, offering to start over with him... once they move to a new town.

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